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Rewrite Project Announcement

In our neverending quest to provide the optimal reading experience for Western visual novel fans, we have now decided to cater to the fans with a more discriminating palette for moeblob art. By that we mean the vocal minority that considers the art in Key games to be eye-meltingly bad. If you are one of those very, very few people, then we have good news! You will have the option to censor all the facial artwork in Rewrite so you don't have to spend weeks telling the rest of us how terrible you think it is. Here are some samples:

And don't worry, we've done this to all of the sprites as well as the GCs, so normal Rewrite gameplay will now look something like this:

Look forward to the patch!

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  1. Thank you very much for this! Eventually the world will see that stick figures are the highest form of art, and reject anything more complex.

  2. Somehow I find this to be faintly disturbing… Whenever I see censored faces like that my mind immediately processes it as gore underneath the mosaics.

  3. Fuck yes! Take my money!

  4. F***ing lol’d. You win.

  5. Take my money, ALL OF IT!!!

  6. I was looking through the posts tagged April Fool’s, and then found last year’s post…that and this Rewrite thing cracked me up.

    Thanks to the Ammy TL team for all you guys do!

  7. You need several more “very”s.

  8. That was just the best…Keep up the great work :D As I will continue to stalk the progress lol

  9. If it is about censoring genital parts, I still can approve it. But censoring these face….. LMAO :-D

  10. Lol. Nice April fool’s joke. Censored faces xD

  11. Somehow, i still don’t understand how VNs work. Where to obtain the translated Rewrite game just like the presented samples from the above? Where exactly? Is it free from charge? Well, from what i know, you guys only translate the patches…..

  12. We create the patches that translate the game. There are no “patches to translate”.

    To get a VN, either you have to legally import a physical copy through a site like for some ridiculous price (usually over $100) which only Japanese consumers are willing to pay. Most of us resort to pirating the image file via a torrent (or multi-part direct download from a file-sharing site) and mounting it via Daemon Tools. In rare cases, you can get the VN for a reasonable price on a Japanese digital download site.

    Once you have the VN itself installed, then you download and execute our patch to change it from Japanese to English.

    I’m actually planning to post a guide on how to do this at some point, but that’s one of those side projects that I simply haven’t gotten around to yet. However I did get around to writing a guide for a Japanese digital download site called NetRide, so check that out (no it doesn’t have Rewrite).

  13. ah this clears up my doubt. Thanks alot, Ixrec :) hmm thank goodness i’m not clasified as a Japanese consumer since i don’t import those things and its logically insane to purchase those at a unreasonable price but yet people still purchase online. Can’t be help. Despite my attitude of searching for free VN softwares, i ended up found out some that are totally free. Yeah free-of-charge. Sometimes i really prefer to search rather than buying the officially autorised VNs.

  14. Planning to create a guide? That’s wonderful and will come in handy when needed :) i’ll check the site later, thanks

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