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Rewrite Complete Patch Released

Download the patch from the usual place.

Everything is now translated (except for the credits). This includes the Friends/Monsters/Quests images in the Memory section.

As far as we can tell the subtitles do work as long as you have a proper codec pack like CCCP.

There will be a "final patch" later containing fixes for any errors people report with this patch.

Also, once you're done reading it, consider submitting something to the Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project.

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  1. You guys are fantastic! I’ve been looking forward to Moon/Terra for a long time.
    Thank you for all the hard effort put into this. I wish you luck on future projects. :D

  2. Thank you so much for your effort. It was fun to pratice translating the moon route with my friend and compare it to your translation. Now back to reading :)

  3. oh wow it’s done. And I thought I’d sail the “there’s no translated VN lately” boat for more weeks. Great news.

  4. Thanks so much. I just want to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading along with your patch progress and anticipating the next patch. So it’s great to see your hard work come to its culmination. (If only more VN engines didn’t kill saves with partial patches…)

    Anyway, I’m almost done reading Akane’s route. I don’t know if that makes me late or just on time. XD Regardless, thanks folks,

  5. thank you so much for your hard work

  6. Thanks for your works. By the way, I want to ask something. I already installed CCCP, but the subtitle still not played when op in the game. Can you help me?

  7. i’ve made a guide of sorts for rewrite thats WIP. mind if i share what i have so far?

  8. Thank you for your work.

  9. Thank you so much for translating this VN! Let’s see how far I could go without looking at walkthrough. XD

  10. >As far as we can tell the subtitles do work as long as you have a proper codec pack like CCCP.


    Anyway, good job guys.

  11. So far we haven’t had anyone complain about subs not working who also claimed to actually have CCCP installed. The only exceptions were people who’d done custom stuff with their codecs.

  12. How do I fix the “this game is Japan only” error?

  13. By installing the patch?

  14. Yeah you’re right. Should NOT have used the nodvd patch.

  15. After I installed the patch, my images all turned blurry and low-res. I must have done something wrong. Could having used previous no-dvds or gaijinhacks be the cause? :/

  16. NVM, I fixed it. turns out my resolution settings reset themselves somehow. Ignore the above post. Thanks for the patch anyway!

  17. Hi guys, first thanks for all the hard work you’ve done :)

    I wanted to ask if it’s ok to apply this patch over the game with the character patched installed.
    I mean, I will have any problem? This replaced all the old files, right?
    I ask because when I opened the readme file, it still says “Rewrite Character Routes Translation Patch
    by Amaterasu Translations”

  18. Sorry, I meant “I wanted to ask if it’s ok to apply this patch over the game with the character routes patch installed.”*

  19. Hi, sorry to post a third time. But I’ve tried fresh reinstalls and I get the same result. The patch causes the game to not render the images properly, instead showing them blurred. :/ Even the notice at the start is blurry.

    I figure I must be doing something wrong, but I have no idea what…

  20. Thank you very much, guys. I will install it tonight and post if it was OK or not OK.

  21. @overmage Honestly, I have no idea why that would happen.

    @Nahuel? Yes it’s ok.

  22. Thank you so much, you guys are awesome!

  23. Has anyone managed to run Rewrite on Windows 8? I’ve tried all language/region settings in Japanese, and all the alternate binaries specified in the readme. I had to make an install of Windows 7 to play the character routes, but it would be nice not having to reboot to play moon and terra. Any ideas?

    And thanks for the patch Lxrec, you machine <3

  24. @overmage If the images are blurred you may have to change your video card configuration. I had the same problem, and my card is a Intel HD 3000. Go to the settings of your video card and change the graphics settings to medium or high.

    @Ripdog I installed the game on Windows 8 without a problem and ran it only a few minutes ago, in fact. It didn’t gave me any problem.

  25. I’ve heard quite a few reports of random VNs simply refusing to work in Windows 8. So far I haven’t heard of any fixes for such things.

  26. It’s kinda random whether Rewrite works on Windows 8 or not. Some people say it does, others can’t get it to install at all, and some have weird bugs. I recommend installing Win7 on VMware and playing it that way, or converting back to Win7 permentantly if you’re gonna be playing lots of VNs.

  27. Yeah, I’m not touching Windows 8 at all until I hear about those issues being fixed. Too bad it’s not working out for you.

  28. Thanks for all your hard work guys. I’ve finished reading Chihaya’s route a few weeks ago and put off reading the rest until the complete patch was released. I’ll have something to do after my final exam on Wednesday. :)

  29. Can’t wait to read this. Tanaka Romeo is a god and Ixrec is basically a saint and prophet. It’s awesome that you chose to translate something so huge, and that your choices for translation have been so consistently great/surprising. This isn’t as unconventional as Forest (masterpiece) or the Beautiful World series, but if it’s anything like Cross Channel it will be just as interesting.

  30. Thanks Ixrec and team.
    We really appreciate your hard work on this project.

  31. Thanks for translating this! Also, this may be a strange question, but is there a Yoshino route in Rewrite (you know, like how Clannad had the Sunohara end and LB had Muscle Sensation)?

  32. @Sunface1 Gotta do something conventional once in a while, lol. MuvLuv Alternative is probably the most popular thing I’ve ever done by a long shot, though Rewrite might finally give it some competition.

    @nobody No. And you should be consulting the walkthrough for questions like that.

  33. For Linux users: Other than the opening movie which doesn’t load at all (even with the usual workarounds), this game works quite well with Wine. The mpegs can be played directly with MPlayer at least, subtitles work fine as well. Check in the “mov” subdirectory.

  34. Hello,
    I would like some help, I am playing and I read your walkthrough and my question is about this:

    Second, complete Quest #29 (i.e., get all bad ends)
    Is this REQUIRED?
    I mean you HAVE to get all the bad ends? I cannot avoid all them?

  35. I think the Oppai ending is supposed to be the Rewrite equivalent of the Muscle/Sunohara ends.

    Anyways, thanks very much for the translation, Terra was awesome.

  36. @Sheeta

    Thanks for the advice. I definately tried that before making a new installation, but it was simply too laggy for a fancy VN like rewrite. Works fine with older VNs though.

    Although perhaps it was because I was using VirtualBox.. maybe VMWare would be faster?

  37. I already install it and it’s working perfectly. It can be a bother for you to say this too much, but deal with it: Thank you guys :)

  38. Yay! Maybe I can smell an amazing weekend coming up! Thank you guys for all your work! <3 <3 :))

  39. Thanks for all the hard work! XD

  40. @AnalBag Um…yes? Why would I say it was required if it wasn’t? Also that’s probably one of the easier ones to get since it’s mostly loading a nearby save and ctrling.

  41. Really thanks for your hard work, we really appreciate it.

  42. Hmm…
    Well thanks.

  43. Bleh, I can’t get this thing to run no matter what I try. Changing locale, different .exes, messing with the compatibility settings in W7… Doesn’t even pop up a “this program crashed” window like it did with the r2 patch. Tch. Eh, oh well. I mean it’s obviously on my end, so I’m gonna just reinstall Windows and see if that fixes it. I *have* abused it pretty badly…

  44. thanks so much for your work. :)

  45. There is no need to install the whole CCCP pack for movie subtitles to show, only xy-VSFilter is enough →
    CCCP just happens to contain this thingy among other stuff (you most likely don’t need).

  46. Thanks for your work!

  47. ixrec, recently im changing my os, and my savedata of rewrite both in the game folder and in my document is still there, but when i start it (the game) after removing “reg.ini” file so i can play again without reinstalling it, all of my save are not detected and my progress that should be in moon route now also gone, any ideas?

  48. Katsukasa, thanks!!! You fixed it. Strangely enough, the game used my 3d mipmap detail settings. O__O

    No matter, it’s all good now. :D

  49. Thank you all for a job well done.

    I honestly had niggling fears that the Final Patch wouldn’t be any time soon. It’s most enjoyable to be wrong ^_^

    Just finished Terra and to keep my thoughts of the entire Novel brief and spoiler free. Beautiful, Painful, Sweet

    It was inevitable with such a stacked deck. But it hurts none the less.

    I’ll have to look into your other completed projects once I’ve recovered the ability to feel.

  50. Omedetou Gozaimasu! Congratulations for the successful translation of the project =D
    I’m looking forward to the success of your future projects =D

  51. I love you guys, thank you for another translation


    You manage to translate this hella long VN in less than 12 months (10 months exactly). That’s fast, imo.

    I’ll wait for your next work include Harvest Fiesta

  53. I lolled when I read a few comments made by people who already finished the five routes, saying how Moon is problematic/disappointing because it was too damn short, that the ending isn’t like what they thought it would be.

    Expectations are both hilarious and dangerous. People finished partial patch and trying to anticipate what’s Moon and Terra would be like. And then, the full patch was released, and of course, it wasn’t like what they imagined it to be. Heh.

  54. A warning to many:

    Don’t ever click the memory section. It contains lots of spoilers.

  55. For one, Arata’s name shows up in memory when you saw the guy on the alley.

  56. Strange, the subtitles aren’t loaded automatically despite using CCCP? They work fine if you load them automatically, though. Anyone have any clue to fix it?

  57. I mean if you load them manually. Silly me. =_=”

  58. And I actually found the solution and it was quite silly. For anyone who has same problem with me, try to check Options>>Playback and tick the box beside “Auto-Load Subtitles”. It should work fine after doing this.

    Seriously, I’m ashamed with myself right now… and also, sorry for triple posting. =_=;

  59. Thanks so much to your whole team. It means a lot. Great work.

  60. WOW amazing timing i just finished Akane route!
    You guys are the fastest VN translation group i’ve ever heard of!
    I expect to see great results in future projects!

  61. This is amazing. Really, really great work. Thank you for pushing through all the struggles and difficulties of a project like this, and making it happen.

    Thank you so much!

  62. Thank you so much for this! You guys are awesome! ^^

  63. I tried your patch for Cross Channel while I was at it, but the installer doesn’t detect my Cross Channel disc even though it’s in the drive, and refuses to install the patch. :-/

  64. You’re supposed to install a VN before patching it.

  65. Thanks so much for the patch :]

  66. Can I somehow convince you guys to translate Harvest Festa for the next project. After finishing the game, I BADLY want to play the fan disk now!

  67. @Duma
    Send me £1,000,000 and we’ll consider it.

  68. At least there are plans for it at all, Duma. Just wait patiently.

  69. @Ixrec
    I did. Didn’t help. I have the original Japanese version of the game installed, and I have the disc in the drive, but the patch detects neither, and keeps asking me to insert Disc 1 into the drive when I try to install it…

  70. If you have the reprint edition, the patch won’t work period : P. It’s an entirely different engine.

  71. The patch should not be asking you to insert a disc…I’m going with some random name’s theory that you’re using the Reprint Edition and not the original.

  72. Ah, crap, you’re right. That would explain why I have only one disc…So this patch is for the original version only? Is there any extra content in the Reprint Edition that is not in the original, or is it just the engine?

  73. Oh wait, VNDB says the original only has one disc as well (though it’s a CD instead of a DVD)…But then why when I try installing the game through the patch (there is an option to do so if I don’t have the game pre-installed, and since the patch doesn’t detect my game, it asks me about this) does it say that “both discs are required”. :-/ This is really weird…

  74. Thank you guys. Really appreciate what you’ve done for us all :D

  75. Great job on the translations. It’s great to know that you guys are going to translate the fandisk.

    What had happened to Hoshizora’s fandisk left me butthurt :(

  76. Great patch and works amazingly, thanks guys!

    Just some feedback about the patch, it seems to make all text skip irregardless whether I set it to skip read/all text. I even wiped the system save data in the documents folder to make sure.

  77. @Noze: Well that hasn’t happened to us so I don’t know what to tell you.

  78. 清水’s reading is Shimizu, not Kiyomizu. There is a voiced line spoken by Esaka in Terra to that effect.

  79. Thanks guys! Appreciate the work you guys have done! :D

  80. @Shen: It’s been reported. It’ll be fixed.

  81. Where do I download the game “Rewrite”?

  82. Like every other VN, readers are expected to find it themselves. It’s usually very easy to google torrents for anything translated.

  83. Is there any way I can contact the review writer/editor of this site?

  84. This translation is awesome, but I should let you know there’s a line in the Common Route where Kotori gives Kotarou a drum roll (during the beginning of the “Cohabitation with ghosts for no money down” quest, and you wrote it as “drum roll and symbols,” when it should be “drum roll and cymbals.” The error won’t be noticed by anyone not familiar with musical instruments, but it is an error, unless Key meant it to be spelled incorrectly.

    ~ A Concerned Percussionist

  85. I hope I’m not being very stupid by asking this, but where is the walkthrough text file?

  86. In your Rewrite folder.

  87. The extra content in the reprint edition is simply a resolution upgrade and some UI changes. Nothing else is different. However, the engine and system is completely different so it’d require a lot of effort to redo the patch (I think I saw either in the forums or the blog that the only way this would be done was if Ixrec decided to re-translate the whole thing).

    I don’t have the original either but looking at pictures of the original, you can easily tell you have the reprint edition if it has a blue DVD case. (it’s also the only PC version you can currently buy for a reasonable price – though I suspect its release will make used copies of the old version much cheaper – and the only one listed on J-List)

  88. First, the forum administrators banned Guest without setting an expiry date.

    There is no issue how Siglus can be used for Bob's Game II.

  89. I don’t know who you people are or where you came from, in fact I haven’t heard about your works until i came across your translation of Rewrite, a game that I believed would never have hoped to play, but I thank you and hope to come once more.

  90. thank you for your hard work !! well done !! Y(^_^)Y

  91. I am wondering where the walkthrough is. Says it was extacted to rewrite folder but I do not see it anywhere so I was wondering if someone can upload maybe or just tell me why it says its extracting and am not getting it.

  92. to Ixrec, just wanted to wish you good luck on Comyu since it’s next in line, and from my attempt to play it know how long winded its writing is. Hope it’s less of a nightmare for someone as fluent you are.

  93. Um, I had a problem with opening the game AFTER I played through a few routes and the variations of the siglus engine didn’t help and neither did re installing, I located the problem to be something like the “global.sav” in my rewrite saves file, and the game works fine if i delete that, but the problem is that my game practically resets so i have to replay the routes again (i still have the old save files though). Is there anyway to fix this or has it been fixed cause I haven’t played for a while due to this. Thanks in advance.

  94. @Copter: I’ve never heard of anything like that, but ctrling through a couple routes doesn’t take very long.

  95. Thank you for all your hard work on this project! But I was wondering if someone could help me. When I ran the game after installing, it crashed. I tried replacing it with the backup files through the links provided in the read me, but they didn’t work. Is there something I am doing wrong?

  96. after i finished all the character route.. i tried moon.. but its not translated.. have i download the wrong patch? i downloaded this patch again will it erase my saved data? how can i preserve my save data if i’m patching this again?

  97. oh i just fixed it.. haha

  98. Thanks for translating the Vn, but i’ve got a problem: the tex is confused/amalgamated anything i can do to fix it?

  99. If you want to report a problem you have to give enough detail that we can actually figure out what’s going wrong. Also use the error report thread.

  100. Thank you very much! Almost finishing Terra Route… Rewrite is amazing, and the translation is perfect :D

  101. Can’t really express how grateful I am that this was translated but now that I’ve finally finished, it just goes to show how important fan translations are to be able to read such amazing stories. Really nice work, thank you very much.

  102. Thank you for the amazing work, i am really surprised at how fast this was translated considering the quality.

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