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Okay, today we have a serious post.

First a quick obligatory statement on the leak. It was a complete accident, we did not want that to happen, even the guy responsible didn't mean for it to happen, but he has been kicked from the group for the reckless choice that made it possible in the first place. Also be aware that the leaked patch is, unlike a real release from us, very buggy and has no translated images.

Second, the part most of you actually care about. After all the drama surrounding the licensing, the leak, and other past incidents involving this project, we've decided to "go silent" for a short while. What that means is, even though we will be working on stuff, we will not tell anyone outside the group what it is, when it starts or ends, how far we are at any given time, etc. By "a short while" we probably mean a few months, possibly longer, but it will be temporary.

And since we literally mean "silent", that's all there is to say.


Project #3.2 Progress Announcement 3

Brace yourselves for this one:

We are currently negotiating an officially licensed release with âge.

Unfortunately, almost nothing is set in stone yet so I have no details to give out, other than:
-There will be no partial Sadogashima patch, or any other unofficial patches
-All ML/MLA patch download links have been disabled
-We won't be asking for any money in exchange for the translation

I'll add more once the process really gets going and I have more to say.


Project #3.2 Progress Announcement 2

A partial patch for the Coup d'etat Arc of Muv-Luv Alternative has been released.

Download at the usual place:

Just about every single image we plan on having translated for this arc has already been edited and inserted (and ofc editing and such are caught up as usual) so you may assume what's here is effectively the final product for this portion of the game. Remember that we have no access to images inside mech HUDs, but just about every other image is either tled or deliberately left untled (some of those decisions may be controversial, feel free to comment on it in the forums).

And as usual, make very sure you have the exact version of MLA specified in the readme, are using real Japanese local (applocale does not count), and are mounting the image with Daemon Tools, or we cannot guarantee anything will work.


Project #3.2 Progress Announcement

It's .2 since ML and MLA are separate games and only the same "project" by technicality.

Today marks the second day I translated a full (actually slightly over!) 20 kilobytes of MuvLuv Alternative, so it's now safe to officially say the project is well underway.

Enjoy this teaser pic:

Also, image editing is already in progress, so expect to see a lot of that in English even for partials. To prevent future complaints/confusion now: we only have access to maybe half of the texted images. The ones we do not have access to are most often little minimaps and battle plans appearing inside mech HUDs. However, we do have all of the minimaps and battle plans appearing in slideshows, which I am very grateful for.


Project #3 Progress Announcement

The progress is, we're done. All of MuvLuv is in English. Download the patch nao.

And be sure to read the readme and/or forum threads before reporting anything.


Project #3 Progress Announcement 3

Partial patch for MuvLuv Unlimited is out.

Apply this patch to MuvLuv to translate all of Extra and most of the first half of Unlimited (end of the Evaluation felt like a good stopping point, but be warned this is right before the mech stuff gets going).

This time, virtually every single image is translated, except for ones used in the untranslated half of Unlimited or ones we just don't feel are worth the trouble. (edit: turns out some images got fucked up, but none that affect the plot so just ignore the occasional garbled blur)


Project #3 Progress Announcement 2

Full patch for MuvLuv Extra released.

You know this link by now:


Project #3 Progress Announcement

Partial patch for the main routes of MuvLuv Extra has been released. as always


Project #3 Announcement

To the surprise of absolutely no one, we're doing MuvLuv and MuvLuv Alternative.

To clarify: this does mean the entire text of MuvLuv (all routes of Extra and all endings of Unlimited) as well as the entirety of MuvLuv Alternative will be translated into English.

I will be starting on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010. For now, I will aim for a speed of at least 20 kb per day. Depending on how easy/hard this project and my college classes are, it may very well be increased later.

Edits: We're doing 18+ versions of everything. Fandiscs will not happen.

There appears to be a deluge of misinformation going around regarding the nature of this project. Please correct people or link them to posts like this whenever you can.


Sekien no Inganock Webnovels

All eight webnovels are now available in English.