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Sekien no Inganock Webnovels

All eight webnovels are now available in English.


Sekien no Inganock Complete Patch Released

Yes, we're finally done with it. Enjoy.

Also, I am going to translate the webnovels during my break, probably about one every week.


MuvLuv Alternative Review

Best mech anything ever.
That should suffice for an intro.

First, MuvLuv Alternative's most obvious and consistent way of amazing you is its unparalleled production values. Normally, when you read a VN, there are always a handful of moments where you think "they really should have used another sprite for this line/character" or "that would've been just a bit awesomer if they'd used another event cg there." In MLA, you will never find such a moment, no matter how hard you might look.

Of course, graphics mean nothing if the plot can't match them, but MLA's plot is no less amazing. The first 5-10 hours are effectively just more of Unlimited, but once the coup d'etat arc begins it rapidly gets awesome, and barring a few short lapses it never stops being awesome. Though the initial premise of fighting off aliens with mechs to save the world is nothing new, there is plenty of detail put into the aliens, the mechs, the history of the war, each of the Alternative plans, the relevant theories on multiverse physics, and all of humanity's backroom politics on those subjects, not to mention the dozens of genuinely moving speeches about what everyone is fighting for. As a result, every single plot twist is immensely plausible, and often potentially heartbreaking.

While the graphics and plot detail work together to produce a great sense of scale and build up to a sublime conclusion, there are some flaws. First, some scenes (especially protag monologues) are needlessly lengthy or redundant. Second, although the biggest reveals are impossible to predict, a lot of the death scenes and smaller twists can be easily seen coming if you're paying attention. Third, as you probably know, you have to play through Extra, Unlimited, and the early part of Alternative in order to get the full experience.

Score: 9.5/10

Polarization: Low (+/-1)

Although the extreme detail is great, some may feel that watching the characters talk about stuff for hours on end takes too much time away from actual combat and plot development. But that's the only subjective issue. I really don't think it's possible to dislike this VN.

Routes/Endings Played: Linear

See this post for my opinions of some of the fandiscs.


Inganock Update

Partial patch for ch1-8 is out. The usual link: