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Project #3 Progress Announcement 3

Partial patch for MuvLuv Unlimited is out.

Apply this patch to MuvLuv to translate all of Extra and most of the first half of Unlimited (end of the Evaluation felt like a good stopping point, but be warned this is right before the mech stuff gets going).

This time, virtually every single image is translated, except for ones used in the untranslated half of Unlimited or ones we just don't feel are worth the trouble. (edit: turns out some images got fucked up, but none that affect the plot so just ignore the occasional garbled blur)


Parfait ~Chocolat Second Brew~ Review

Meido cafes are serious business.

They also make for an incredibly enjoyable mix of slice-of-life and romance. Characterization is extremely consistent, and multi-dimensional, and leans toward certain popular archetypes without ever feeling unrealistic. It's also very nice to see character art that's nowhere near as exaggerated as the usual moeblob designs. Obviously, this should be why you want to play this game.

The plot also manages to avoid all of the all-too-infamous pitfalls of being primarily slice-of-life. There is always something interesting going on, and no scene drags on longer than it should. This is probably helped by the fact that you get a constant stream of choices regarding which characters to interact with on any given day. Once you finish the common route and begin to go down a specific heroine route, this format is replaced with more or less what you'd expect: a romantic subplot focusing on a small portion of the cast and without any further choices. Again the pitfall is avoided; all of these subplots are actually well-written, interesting, plausible for the given heroine, and even have a few genuine surprises.

The only real issue with Parfait is that, at heart, it's an ordinary moege. It is extremely well done, makes no mistakes and has a lot of clever touches, but nothing about it quite manages to be incredible or earth-shattering.

Score: 8.5/10

Polarization: (+1/-1.5) Low to Mild

How much you personally like or dislike moe/slice-of-life/romance is a big factor.

Routes/Endings Played: Asuka, Yui, Ema and Rikako true ends, Yui and Rikako normal ends.