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Project #3.2 Progress Announcement

It's .2 since ML and MLA are separate games and only the same "project" by technicality.

Today marks the second day I translated a full (actually slightly over!) 20 kilobytes of MuvLuv Alternative, so it's now safe to officially say the project is well underway.

Enjoy this teaser pic:

Also, image editing is already in progress, so expect to see a lot of that in English even for partials. To prevent future complaints/confusion now: we only have access to maybe half of the texted images. The ones we do not have access to are most often little minimaps and battle plans appearing inside mech HUDs. However, we do have all of the minimaps and battle plans appearing in slideshows, which I am very grateful for.


Shikkoku no Sharnoth -What a beautiful tomorrow- Review

Here we go back into the realm of deadly fantasies, heterochromia heroines, impeccable tabloids and rumors, noble wishes, and profound locution spam. And the good news is, it's almost as great as it was last time.

The setting provides a very interesting blend of accurate historical facts (including a certain fictional history) with a rich steampunk-slash-fantasy mythos. On top of that are the art, characters, writing style and plot which all compliment each other flawlessly. The resulting atmosphere is so engaging that you almost don't care if anything really happens (even though something usually is), so long as you can "be" there for another hundred lines or so. There are even several parts where you could easily stop and spend several minutes googling whatever just got referenced or thinking about the latest hint.

The writer's love of stylish repetition is back, and I'm pretty sure there's more of it, but due to greater variation, the aforementioned atmosphere and a surprisingly well-thought out minigame (as if the immersion needed another boost), it never comes close to being irritating, and if anything gets cooler with time. Behind all that is an interesting story which demands significant effort on the reader's part to put together.

And that brings us to the problems. The story reveals things (or gives major hints) at a rather meager pace, which produces a slight sense of impatience. It helps that this is justified by the characters, and by the end more than enough was clear to leave me satisfied, but there remain a number of important questions I wish had gotten a more concrete answer. Also, what should have been the last and best climactic scene lost some momentum by repeating known facts instead of revealing or adding a few interesting details (which it could have easily done). Far from deal breakers, but notable disappointments nonetheless.

Score: 8.5/10

Polarization: Mild (+1/-2)

If the repetition or the less-than-explicit answers bother you more than they did me, this could be a total flop. On the other hand, if you're here just for the incredible setting then you might not care at all. Also, since this game is partly based on a real-world setting, some scenes and characters might feel more "ordinary" than they should given all the illusions and fantasies.

Routes/Endings Played: Linear (also read the webnovels)