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Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ Review

SubaHibi takes the all-time record for utterly and completely betraying my expectations. But in a good way.

While I can't say exactly how, since it's all spoilers, suffice it to say there are more red herrings than you would dare suspect, and all the real answers are seamlessly hidden where you would never think to look (or do, but can't discern any meaning from). By the end of the game, the sheer volume of things you thought you knew but didn't created something rare for me: an irresistible urge to replay earlier chapters.

At the very beginning, the characters feel almost trite, but once things get going everyone is complex and engaging, and of course a little incomprehensible until near the end of the game. They also succeed at making most of the slice-of-life scenes between plot points entertaining, either comically or intellectually. A few of them are hard to call believable or human, but that's mostly because plot screwed them over. Also, even those trope links stop applying to those characters once you know the truth.

Unfortunately, this game is in serious need of pruning. The infamous bullying scenes in particular should be half their current length if not shorter, and there seems to be a constant supply of dialogues which are interesting but just long-winded enough to get annoying. There are also several times when you're forced to rewatch a scene from another character's perspective, and either nothing new is added or it was already quite obvious to me what would be different. Finally, one part of the game got no explanation at all despite very thorough explanations for everything else.

Good news is, all of the truly severe cases of bloat are easy enough to identify that you can just ctrl them without hesitation and get back to the good stuff. In the end most of the above was more of a huge nuisance than a fatal flaw, and the story was never in danger of completely losing its momentum or intrigue.

Score: 8.5/10

Polarization: (+1/-0.5)

Depends how irritated you get when a game switches back and forth between epic cliffhanging twists and slightly-too-long comedy/slice-of-life filler. It's also likely some people will be more liberal with ctrl than I was or fail to figure out quite as much in advance, making them immune to some of the aforementioned problems.

Routes/Endings Played: All Endings.

P.S.: There is almost no philosophy whatsoever in the entirety of the story, and the book quotes are sparse after the prologue, acting primarily as something for characters to talk about once in a long while between more important subplots. You need not understand nor have read any of the books SubaHibi references in order to understand the entirety of SubaHibi.



Okay, today we have a serious post.

First a quick obligatory statement on the leak. It was a complete accident, we did not want that to happen, even the guy responsible didn't mean for it to happen, but he has been kicked from the group for the reckless choice that made it possible in the first place. Also be aware that the leaked patch is, unlike a real release from us, very buggy and has no translated images.

Second, the part most of you actually care about. After all the drama surrounding the licensing, the leak, and other past incidents involving this project, we've decided to "go silent" for a short while. What that means is, even though we will be working on stuff, we will not tell anyone outside the group what it is, when it starts or ends, how far we are at any given time, etc. By "a short while" we probably mean a few months, possibly longer, but it will be temporary.

And since we literally mean "silent", that's all there is to say.


Project #4 Announcement

Good news! age didn't mind the leak at all, but in order to make up for lost sales on MLA they've asked us to do another of their games!

And so we are pleased to announce that Amaterasu Translations has partnered with JAST to begin the process of bringing you the insanely popular title "Rumbling Hearts."

This time we actually have some interesting details to mention.

1) In order to make the game appropriate for an American audience, certain scenes will be modified. Such alterations are normally a cause for concern, and this concern is justified, but we assure you the changes will not harm the product but rather enhance your enjoyment thereof. Some examples are offered in the sneak preview below.

2) Certain names will be altered in the initial release. It has already been confirmed that Takayuki Narumi will be called Theodore Nelson, Mitsuki Hayase will be Melissa Harding, Haruka Suzumiya will be Henrietta Sterling, and Akane Suzumiya will be Anna Sterling. If there are over 9000 preorders, we may also create a separate weeaboo version which keeps the names (along with words such as 'suki' and 'desu') romanized instead of localized.

3) Certain voices will be rerecorded in English. The quality of the voice acting will be superior to that of the anime dub. Also, the aforementioned weeaboo version would use the original Japanese voices instead of these new ones. Confirmed voice actors include Kevin M. Connolly as Theodore Nelson, Colleen Clinkenbeard as Melissa Harding, Carrie Savage as Henrietta Sterling, and Leah Clark as Anna Sterling.

Look forward to it sometime this fall.

Sample image edits:

As you can see, the insertion of ice cream has made these scenes much less offensive. And it's barely even noticable.

Full size: