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MYTH Review

A very ambitious doujin mind screw with mixed results.

The story is complicated. It is confusing. At times it seems to be completely lacking in structure, and then it suddenly isn't. You will waste a great deal of brainpower trying to figure out what the hell is going on and have a hell of a lot of fun doing so. This is all largely due to the incredible pace at which new not-quite-incomprehensible events get thrown at you. Other minor pluses include: all the characters are smart enough to never be useless, there's an impressively large number of images (mostly bgs, but cgs and sprites are plentiful too), and the game as a whole succeeds in having a very unique style (partly because of those images and a few memorable bgms).

The main problem is that the answers at the end of the game are only answers in the most general sense. They are reasonable and conclusive, but they're also annoyingly insufficient to explain away dozens of smaller driving questions that are so deeply entangled with each other it's hard to even grasp their full extent. Usually I don't mind making the reader figure stuff out for themselves, but in MYTH's case you know so little for certain that you don't even have a place to begin guessing. The first ten days are also rather slow, lacking most of the pros listed above, but they are quite important and far from unpleasant to read. A few other parts could probably be trimmed too.

However that doesn't mean that trying to understand all of MYTH is unrewarding or impossible. It's just that if you try, don't expect to feel any sort of certainty in your theory. But as long as you can keep yourself focused on the big picture, the ending will be gripping and satisfying.

Score: 8/10

Polarization: (+1.5/-1.5)

Comes down to how much you demand a story explain itself after casting doubt on the truth of anything. Some will see the unexplained parts as utterly irrelevant while others will feel the overall story is a complete mess.

Routes/Endings Played: Linear