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Comyu -Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku- Review

A random group of misfits and the uber-powerful dragon they can summon team up nothing in particular. And it's awesome.

Coμ uses (and sometimes lampshades) everything that's good about typical shonen action, and either averts or subverts (or even explicitly mocks) several of the common pitfalls. The former means that all the battles are cool, and some are downright epic. The latter means that, among other things: there is a lot of disagreement and infighting among the protagonists, there is often no identifiable villain to defeat or objective to complete, it is often unclear what if anything would be morally right, and the protagonists are powerless to stop most (but not all) of the tragic events.

Fundamentally, everything is character-driven, and the characters are excellent. They all have different opinions and motivations which can and do clash, none of them are useless, and none of them are idiots (in a bad way). Also, they're all capable of being funny, especially when grouped together, which is important given all the slice of life scenes.

There are no dull moments in Coμ; literally every scene is entertaining. But the game is not flawless. Most of the truly awesome events are in the final route, so a couple routes never get very far above "entertaining". There is also a mild degree of predictability throughout. And some of the choices are stupidly misleading. But that's it.

Score: 9/10

Polarization: (+0.5/-1)

The predictability might be a non-issue for some of you. On the other hand, there are a handful of tropes which are played perfectly straight that some people might find annoying, and there are a few others which some may find underwhelming (though that last one ends up completely justified). Finally, some of the dialogue and narration can sound pretentious.

Routes/Endings Played: All five routes and all bad endings.

P.S.: Might as well include an explicit comparison to RuiTomo. The plot is very good this time, and it was flat out bad last time, so that's most of it right there. I would have to say Coμ isn't as funny as RuiTomo, but only because plot keeps happening; the actual characters and writing are just as good.


Project #4 Progress Announcement

We finally got around to doing the Sharnoth webnovel.


But, don't expect this webnovel to "provide closure" the way the Inganock webnovels did for many people. It's very much a side story. We recommended it primarily to those who loved Sharnoth.

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Project #4 and #5 Progress Announcement

a profile is finished. We have now released a complete patch for it. As usual, go here.

We also updated the Sharnoth patch to fix a hundred or so typos.

P.S. Just in case someone doesn't know, by "a profile" we mean the remake titled "Sono Yokogao wo Mitsumeteshimau ~a profile kanzenban~", not the original game.

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