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Rewrite Project Announcement

I will probably start translating Rewrite on or around March 2nd.

The reason is, I applied to study abroad in Japan my senior year, my university accepted it, so a few days ago I got e-mailed a huge amount of information regarding what I have to do next. For the most part, the tasks revolve around me having to apply to Osaka U directly, and I have to have that application done by March 1st.

So up until March 1st I'll basically be focusing on everything I have to/want to do other than translation, like schoolwork, registering for spring classes, the Osaka U application, reading more VNs, and some coding/gaming on the side. Most of that should be done by then so hopefully I'll be able to spend a ridiculous number of hours on Rewrite once March 2nd rolls around.

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Ayakashibito Review

Time for a typical but well-executed action VN. The initial premise is simple: lots of people start being born with inexplicable superpowers (mostly based on youkai), and for various reasons these superpeople or "ayakashibito" must have epic fights.

The VN's biggest problems are pretty typical ones: First, almost every scene would benefit from some trimming. Second, there's quite a bit of predictability throughout. Fortunately, there are enough clever details in the story and legitimately badass moves in the fights that Ayakashibito is still very easy to enjoy from start to end. Even the slice-of-life content is often funny even when you can see the jokes coming. Sometimes nailing the execution is more important than being original.

Oddly enough, almost all of the action is concentrated in the first half of the common route and the second halves of the character routes (not that it's a bad thing; protag's goals justify it). The good news is that the school life/comedy stuff in the middle is actually the same quality as the fight scenes, and for most of the same reasons. The real quality gap is that, for some reason, all the flaws get significantly milder around the time you exit the common route. Finally, it is well-worth getting all the routes and endings, since most of them have very little overlap and they're all equally interesting.

Score: 8/10

Polarization: (+0.5/-1)

Nothing in particular to explain here.

Routes/Endings Played: All