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Inganock and Sharnoth Fullvoice ReBORN Patch Announcement

Yes, we finally finished these patches! Download them from the usual place.

These patches are only designed to work on the Fullvoice ReBORN versions of Inganock and Sharnoth, not the original versions.


Since many of you probably want to know what the differences are without rereading all of Inganock and Sharnoth yourself, I'll summarize them here.

First, as you probably know, everyone is voiced in all chapters now in both VNs. That includes minor characters (e.g., Eralee, Stanislaw) who had no voices before. Plus, Gii has voices for all lines now.

Second, the options menu has been improved. In particular:
- "Silent Mode" lets you choose whether the VN will continue playing music or not when you deselect the window.
- When you start a new game, you're given the option to skip the minigames (in both Inganock and Sharnoth) if you want. Though this is still a very bad idea for first playthroughs, since parts of the story are in there, it should be handy for replays and anyone who has difficulty beating them.
- You can change the font now too, but we can't guarantee the English text will be properly formatted in any font other than the default, so we don't recommend using this.

Third, there were a lot of minor changes to the scripts. Most of them are completely inconsequential, but some of them are legitimately interesting to fans of the series, so I've listed them here.

New lines are in bold. The non-bold lines around them are provided to indicate where these lines were added.

【Man with Watch】Looking back on it, I wasted a lot of time. It took me a few years to fulfill my wish, to regain the duty I desired.
【Man with Watch】Even after my entire body was replaced by Crack Engines, I couldn't wipe away the guilt of shirking my duty.
【Man with Watch】Even after hearing the whispering voice, I couldn't wipe away the guilt of shirking my duty.
【Man with Watch】......completion of the Phenomenon Equation. ......the records say that was my duty.

「A fairy tale from over ten years ago.」
「A very long time ago, in a green forest loved by a white giant.」
「The people born from the green trees had small quarrels at first.」
「Among them was a boy......」

【Iru】Who are you?
【Iru】Not you, you. Who in the world are you, gazing so silently?
【Iru】Although I may know what you are, I don't know who you're trying to be.
【Iru】You are no illusion. Who are you?

【Randolph】You've listened to what he had to say, Gii. That's bound to be a more difficult dig than keeping the water square intact with the golden triangle.
【Randolph】Are you living like the fearsome warrior of lightning under a far-off sky? Or are you imitating the boundless twilight which ridicules everything through its mask?
【Randolph】It seems you really are insane. Even more so than Randolph, who desires the silver key and the Silver Engine. He who holds the lantern and digs his great holes.

Sharnoth had a lot more changes overall than Inganock did, but the vast majority were extremely minor (e.g., changing the kanji a word was written with, changing the tense or person of a few isolated lines).

All mentions of "Diogenes" in Sherlock Holmes' dialogue are changed to "the Club". They are untouched in narration and everyone else's dialogue.

A few references to M as an "old man" in the final chapter are changed to "lone king".

The one line mentioning the "Ottoman Empire" is changed to "Ottoman Engine Empire."

As before, the new lines are in bold.

──For the first time, I see your form. ──I heard your name several times in the seance.
──The things which cry out in the darkness. ──A human very similar to them.
──I believe, yes. ──You call yourself "M" now.

【Professor】I decided to grant him my body. To the final king of the illusions which disappeared when humanity attained civilisation.
【Professor】The king of illusions. More precisely, a deity from a distant land──
【Professor】My body was most useful. Though I had to offer him every last cell.

【Holmes】However, here you are. And you're talking to me.

The scene where M gives Sharnoth to Mary has a lot of new lines. This is not the only scene that was extended this way, but it is the most interesting one, and none of the extensions contained any new hints or references so there's no point showing more than one.

The man looked at the girl's golden eye. An eye which saw through everything. An eye said to see things which shouldn't be visible.
Could the girl see it? The fact that the man had an expression?
A faint one──
As if looking at something bright──
【M】I'll give it to you. Mary Clarissa Christie.
A single voice rang out──
At that moment...
Space twisted.
There was a hand in front of her eyes. A dark, dark, black hand.
The man sitting in his black throne, who had only been looking down at her from far away. That man held out his black "hand".
Toward the girl. Toward the girl's face. Toward the girl's eye.
The man's "hand" twisted all worlds at will.
The man's "hand" rewrote all worlds as it saw fit.
Distance. Time. They meant nothing to him.
But── The girl didn't understand that.
Which is why── She was at the mercy of that "hand".
It covered her vision. Her eyes, her voice had no time to react.
Almost as if──
To block her eyes──
The darkness shunned all light──
And covered her up──
「I give this to you.」
「To you and no one else.」
A voice──
Leaks out of her lips──

──Because you didn't give up──
──It's a fitting reward──

Fourth, a number of new CGs were added to both Inganock and Sharnoth. There are between half a dozen and a dozen new ones in each VN, not counting variations. You can very easily find them on your own (unlike spotting individual lines of text that weren't there before), but just to show how cool they are, here's my personal favorite:

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Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai R – Under the Innocent Sky Review

Just as godly as everyone said it was.

The story follows multiple protagonists (the exact number is a spoiler) through their seemingly ordinary but very unique, colorful and entertaining lives. Oddly enough, the vast majority of the time is spent on comedy and/or slice-of-life, but it's consistently laugh-out-loud funny in just about every single scene that isn't meant to be serious (and some that are), which is extremely impressive. This is partly because there are a lot of characters, every single one of them is memorable and unique (often the very way they talk is bizarre enough to be instantly recognizable), and each one comes with plenty of depth and character development, which even plays out differently in different routes, so the VN simply never runs out of material. This also results in you getting emotionally attached to just about all of them over time, even the ones who seemed completely intolerable, one-dimensional or psychopathic at first. It helps that the heroines are still just as moe as you'd expect from Navel.

The plot tying all the protagonists (and a few other characters) together is also quite intriguing. There's a steady supply of hints and reveals about various parts of it all the way from the first few scenes to the climax of the final route, and the resolution of the major conflict (and the heroine-specific conflicts) is satisfying and plausible in all routes. Admittedly, the vast majority of the time nothing really happens to advance this plot, and often I found myself wondering when something would, but the comedy was just too good for that to bother me at all. And because you spend so much time getting attached to the characters, when stuff does start happening to the protagonists later on, it hits hard.

The only real problem I had was that the writing, partly as a result of its complexity and eloquence, doesn't flow quite as well as it should, so it's easy to feel bogged down and have scenes start to drag on too long.

Score: 9.5/10

Polarization: (+0.5/-1)

Technically, the way the plot develops in most routes is somewhat predictable. Personally, I felt it was the good kind of predictable (where you find yourself hoping for or dreading a scene precisely because you know it's coming), but some will disagree. This is especially true in the final route, where the climax isn't so much about new revelations as it is about emotional closure, imo.
And of course, some people may simply be annoyed by the rather huge comedy-to-plot ratio.

Routes/Endings Played: 100% completion, including the new route unique to the all-ages edition.

P.S.: Don't go into this expecting a fantasy story. That's a much smaller part of it than the plot summaries imply.