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Future Projects Announcement

We will be translating these VNs after we finish Rewrite, in this order:

Dra†Koi [0.13 MB]
Coμ -Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku- [2.61 MB]
Rewrite: Harvest festa! [0.68 MB]
Hikari no Valusia ~What a Beautiful Hopes~ [1.48 MB]
Shi'ei no Sona-Nyl ~what a beautiful memories~ [0.99 MB]
(for comparison, Rewrite is 3.56 MB)

Since I just graduated university and am now in an awkward transition phase where I need to start looking for work and don't know when I'll get it or where I'll end up, there will probably be a steady stream of seemingly arbitrary delays for the forseeable future, so I'm not going to attempt to estimate how long it'll take me to do any portion of this. The script sizes should give you some idea though, so I added them to the list for you.

As far as I know the only thing that could conceivably make me change this plan is an official licensing deal for some other VN suddenly becoming likely.

To save you some time, I will not be answering any questions about what projects look likely after all of these or whether we'll use public input for future selections, because I don't know myself yet.

Edit: Now that Moogy has unexpectedly revived his DraKoi project clearly we won't be doing that anymore.

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Rewrite Character Routes Partial Patch

Download it from the usual place:

In addition to the common route, the Kotori, Chihaya, Lucia, Shizuru and Akane routes are now all translated.

This time the patch contains an extremely thorough walkthrough, so you should have no trouble getting on all the routes (which is pretty easy anyway) as well as completing all the sidequests in the common route, if you want to do that before the complete patch.

As before, there are subtitles for the videos, but be aware that none of the route endings (except Terra) have an actual video, so don't expect subtitles to appear there. And again, if you don't see subtitles on the opening video, we're pretty sure that installing CCCP with the default settings is all it will take to make them work.

If anyone wants an "official" route order recommendation: Kotori first, Akane last, the rest up to you.

Also, for the common route patch the number one cause of technical problems was people installing the patch in the wrong folder. So please check that before reporting errors.

Edit: If you're a Windows 8 user, Rewrite may not run properly. We've heard reports from some Win8 users who had no trouble at all, others who had bizarre problems like the resolution falling after patching, and some who couldn't get it to run at all. Some of these problems have been fixed by simply reinstalling.

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