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Comyu Update

I'm finally done with the bulk of the translation I wanted to do for the key15th project, so now that I'll start going full speed on Comyu an update seems appropriate.

The first partial will be common route and Benio route (which you have to read first), the second partial will add the Hisoka, Mayuki and Ayaya routes (can be read in any order), and the complete patch will add the Kagome route (which you have to read last).

There are far fewer images in Comyu than the last few long VNs we've done, so the majority of them are already translated, which means you shouldn't be seeing any Japanese at all in the partials until you hit the untranslated route(s).

It's also worth giving an update on my real life situation now, for those of you who care.

Some of you may recall I originally planned to study abroad in Japan during my fourth year of university. I eventually had to pull out of that due to the stunningly incompetent way the program was being handled. While graduating university after that was no problem, it took a very long time to figure out what I'd do after graduating. For those who weren't aware, Sheeta is my real life girlfriend and she lives in Britain, so that complicated things. What eventually happened is I successfully applied for a job in London and will be moving there later this year to start it.

The main reason I'm bothering to explain this is because I now know for a fact I will be working full time starting in November, and that may very well affect my translation speed in the future. However, it is likely that Comyu will be completely finished before then, so that project at least shouldn't be affected.

EDIT: Since my laptop broke and it took over a month to get it replaced, it is no longer clear whether I'll have Comyu finished by November or not.

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