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Aiyoku no Eustia Review

This is how you do low fantasy.

The setting is fairly original and well-thought out, with several large and interesting parts of it getting explored. The plot does an excellent job of producing plausible, detailed conflicts and investing you in the outcome, and quite a few of the twists are genuinely shocking. The writing is thankfully devoid of unnecessary text, and although the pacing isn't very fast you quickly realize that the time it's spending developing the world and the people in it is completely worth it. Even things that appear overly convenient at first always seem to get a good explanation later.

In fact, the characters are probably the best part. Some of my favorite scenes in this VN were when two characters who strongly disagreed on something tried to explain themselves to each other. The result is lots of meaningful, believable development for most of the major characters. When combined with the good story and setting, that was more than enough to get me excited at every fight, happy at every triumph and sad at every loss. Once I even shed a tear for the death of spriteless minor character. The ending in particular is just about perfect, giving a completely satisfying resolution to everything that had built up to it.

My only serious complaints are that some of the major twists in the first half were pretty easy to predict, and in many chapters there's often a nagging sense that you're just waiting for lots of little things to finally add up to a certain big event you know has to happen eventually.

Score: 9/10

Polarization: (+0.5/-1)

Not a lot to dislike here honestly. I think the biggest problem you might have is feeling that some of the character development happens implausibly fast.

Routes/Endings Played: All, including the omake stories.

P.S. The non-true endings and omakes are all very short, typically five minutes of fluff and an h-scene, so at first I'd recommend ignoring them all and focusing on the main story. It is good fluff though, so don't hesitate to read some or all of them afterward.


Tenshi no Hane wo Fumanaide Review

The ojou-sama of the family is off to study at a stunningly gorgeous all-girls academy, so as her servant and close friend you decide to dress like a girl so you can be of assistance to her there. Also, this academy is special because every year God chooses a single girl--referred to as μ--from among the student body and grants her one wish.

Much like its premise, this VN's quality is a mixed bag for the first couple routes. At its worst it's using lazy cliches to cram in fanservice/sex/rape scenes. At its best it's giving the interesting characters opportunity to develop in a fairly engaging way. Often it's somewhere in between, since the plot develops at a nice pace and the setting is cool, but it's a bit too forced or predictable to have any real tension and leaves a few too many nagging questions to be thoroughly satisfying.

The two true routes are a step above, since they lack the lazy cliches, actually succeed at creating dramatic tension, and have significantly more character development. In addition to that, the final route's revelations answer some of the nagging questions from earlier and provide a very intriguing take on the theological implications of a μ (and God in general), making the VN briefly verge on awesomeness. Even these routes leave some annoying questions, but overall they're far more satisfying.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: (+/-0.5)

There's no denying this VN has a mix of good and bad parts, so it'll probably depend on how good you are at ignoring the bad and focusing on enjoying the good. Also, the optional Ikoi route is the worst by far (it ends up being little more than a jumble of events from Hanene's route and some new things that never go anywhere) so skipping that should help.

Routes/Endings Played: All of them, including the YODAngel/むしろもっと踏んでっ bonus patch (that's also worth skipping imo).