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Really? Really! Review

As the sequel to Kaede's route in Shuffle!, you all basically know what to expect from this. Most of what I said in the Shuffle! review applies to this game as well.

RR will definitely not disappoint fans of Shuffle!, as it tells a lot of anecdotes from Kaede and Rin's past, and has a fun system where you have to correct Kaede's memories of those events. If you like all the characters, these events will definitely interest you (even the false ones), if not make you literally rofl and squee a few dozen times. Also the new characters that get added (or get developed further through false subplots) are on par with the rest of the Shuffle! cast. Of course, if you didn't like the original game, this will all feel pointless.

The only huge differences in quality are that: 1) basically nothing happens in the ending (both in the plot sense and the moe sense), which was quite underwhelming, but since I wasn't reading it for plot I got over it pretty fast. 2) some of the false memories are justifiably forced, and some of the less popular characters get developed, so if you don't like the character they're focusing on at any given time it's probably best to ctrl through a scene or two.

Score:  6.5/10

Polarization: Low to Mild (+2/-1.5)

If you're jaded (or in your own words, "have good taste"), this is a 5/10. If you're a moefag like me, this is an 8.5/10. As with Shuffle!, that's probably all you really needed to know.

Routes/Endings Played: All

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  1. I enjoy moe games just as much as I enjoy VNs with good story. I hate when people try to convince me that shuffle games are bad because all it has is crappy plot and good art. Sometimes all you need is moe characters to fully enjoy a VN. RR was impossible to disappoint for me because it had Mayumi Thyme. Yes, I am a moefag. Nice review btw.

  2. Thank you, it’s nice to know this approach to reviewing moefests is actually working as I’d hoped.

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