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Comyu -Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku- Review

A random group of misfits and the uber-powerful dragon they can summon team up nothing in particular. And it's awesome.

Coμ uses (and sometimes lampshades) everything that's good about typical shonen action, and either averts or subverts (or even explicitly mocks) several of the common pitfalls. The former means that all the battles are cool, and some are downright epic. The latter means that, among other things: there is a lot of disagreement and infighting among the protagonists, there is often no identifiable villain to defeat or objective to complete, it is often unclear what if anything would be morally right, and the protagonists are powerless to stop most (but not all) of the tragic events.

Fundamentally, everything is character-driven, and the characters are excellent. They all have different opinions and motivations which can and do clash, none of them are useless, and none of them are idiots (in a bad way). Also, they're all capable of being funny, especially when grouped together, which is important given all the slice of life scenes.

There are no dull moments in Coμ; literally every scene is entertaining. But the game is not flawless. Most of the truly awesome events are in the final route, so a couple routes never get very far above "entertaining". There is also a mild degree of predictability throughout. And some of the choices are stupidly misleading. But that's it.

Score: 9/10

Polarization: (+0.5/-1)

The predictability might be a non-issue for some of you. On the other hand, there are a handful of tropes which are played perfectly straight that some people might find annoying, and there are a few others which some may find underwhelming (though that last one ends up completely justified). Finally, some of the dialogue and narration can sound pretentious.

Routes/Endings Played: All five routes and all bad endings.

P.S.: Might as well include an explicit comparison to RuiTomo. The plot is very good this time, and it was flat out bad last time, so that's most of it right there. I would have to say Coμ isn't as funny as RuiTomo, but only because plot keeps happening; the actual characters and writing are just as good.

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  1. On the contrary, I think Hisoka’s route, while not outright dull, is pretty low quality compared to the rest of the game (the tournament shit should have been merged into Benio’s route or just dropped completely and the rest of the route feels vaguely unfinished – it was really hard to care about the character herself since she doesn’t show up until the route begins, basically, too) and Ayaya’s route is just outright pointless and pretty dumb. I mean Ayaya’s route has the first scene where Akihito really talks about his relationship with Kagome and some neat stuff about his motivation in general, but that could have been easily implemented into some other route.

    For the most part, though, yes, Comyu is very entertaining from start to finish and there are no real periods of downtime. From the start of the game until the end of Benio’s route there is basically nothing boring or slow at all which is really impressive if you ask me. I just really wasn’t feeling Hisoka and Ayaya’s routes compared to the rest, I guess.

    It also bears mentioning that there is a rather large plot twist on the last route (Kagome’s) and that it might turn some people off. I was honestly pretty surprised by it myself and I’m usually good at figuring out where stories are going, so yeah… I don’t have a problem with it but the “relevance” of what is going on is really different after that reveal, for better or worse.

    Comyu is a better game from an objective standpoint than Ruitomo in almost every way, but in retrospect I can’t help but like Ruitomo more. I absolutely loved Comyu right after I finished it, but as time has gone on and I’ve been able to look back on both of the games, there are some problems I have with the overall structure of Comyu that I really don’t have with Ruitomo. Gasai’s entire character is really underused for example, if you ask me the game as a whole would be way more badass if they replaced Hisoka’s route with a route where you team up with Gasai and shit. And in general I think Ruitomo did more with its central theme throughout, Comyu ends up a little weak in that regard since it’s really a lot more shounen than it wants to think it is, lol.

    Well, either way, Comyu and Ruitomo are both fantastic games, I just think they both have their strong and weak points and I prefer the strong points in Ruitomo. Here’s hoping that ‘&’ will kick ass too.

  2. Oh yes, Benio is a really wonderful heroine full of life and energy and she’s probably one of my favorite eroge characters. I can’t really say that about anyone in Ruitomo since well Tomo is a better character than any of the heroines so that’s another plus for Comyu I suppose!

  3. This sounds good.

    Filler before next REAL DEAL MASTERPIECE?

  4. hmm… this is a title I never gave much attention but now I’m interested.

  5. Moogy, might I ask you on the off chance if you ever desire to translate Ruitomo in the future?

  6. A while back he said that not only would he probably never translate something by Hino, but he also said that you’d have to be crazy to want to translate something by Hino. So, uh, there’s your answer.

  7. Oh well, I can always continue searching elsewhere in the meantime

    or invest more time in actually learning the language since that seems like the more viable solution at present

  8. Ah, Comyu the only eroge besides Sengoku Rance that I rage quit, in this case because the writer for that game is one of the most long winded writers I have ever encountered; not just in games but possibly even in literature. You can only take sifting through walls of text in which the narrator describes everything in the scene down to the last speck of dust in the room before rage quitting.

  9. “A random group of misfits and the uber-powerful dragon they can summon team up to……do nothing in particular. And it’s awesome.”

    Hah, I’m not sure why, but I have to see this…

  10. Is it just me or does Babylon look alot like the Red Eyes Black Dragon of Yugioh?

  11. ^^^ I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that!

  12. For the record, there was very little excess scenery description. The arguably unnecessary text walls were all pondering the meanings of death and justice and whatnot and restating the “gentle kingdom” metaphor for the millionth time.

  13. So a chance for a Comyu translation is quite small?

    Well… damn.

  14. I said chances for a RuiTomo translation are quite small because Comyu is superior in every way. If anything that implies Comyu has good odds.

  15. Does the maid (Kasukabe Haru) have a route? I mean she is a main character right and controls the robot too? why doesn’t it seem like she has a route? I hate it when older characters don’t get routes just because.. does she get sex scenes with the mc at least? or am i wrong and she has a route?

  16. There are sex scenes, but no route. You’ll see when you read the game that she’s a very honest and upfront character without any real secrets to be revealed or problems to be dealt with on a route, so it made sense to me.

  17. That kinda sucks, its just always the cool older characters that get no route. ill read it regardless i guess. So im guessing no romance happens with her and the mc because no route?

  18. She’s not the romantic type. She’s the casual sex type.

  19. May I ask if the story will still be coherent and make thematic sense, if you auto-skip every route to get to Kagome’s?

    I confess that none of the other heroines seem terribly interesting, but I also find that doing multiple playthroughs diminish the impact of the later routes. I found this to be the case in Rewrite – in later routes, the plot no longer seemed as interesting or as novel.

    Is that the case for comyu as well? Or does comyu’s routes build on each other, without any emotional jarring?

  20. >May I ask if the story will still be coherent and make thematic sense, if you auto-skip every route to get to Kagome’s?

    Like Rewrite and the vast majority of other VNs with true routes, the answer is “maybe, and if so only by the skin of its teeth”.

    >Or does comyu’s routes build on each other, without any emotional jarring?

    I can’t think of a way to interpret this question that isn’t purely subjective.

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