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BALDR SKY Dive2 “Recordare” Review

It's almost exactly what we wanted it to be.

Most of what I said about Dive 1 applies to Dive 2, so let's review. Amazingly fast pacing. Gameplay seamlessly integrated into the story. Nice and complicated plot with plenty of clever twists. Routes build on each other perfectly. All characters are significant and memorable and entertaining. Sufficiently troperiffic that it occasionally becomes a bit predictable but is usually executed too well for you to care.

Now for some differences. Let's start with the good ones. They can pretty much all be summed up by saying this: Dive 2 answers everything. Also the ultimate conclusion to the series is quite satisfying. For many of you, that's all you really needed to know right there.

Now the two bad differences. First, some of the biggest reveals were made annoyingly obvious before they actually got revealed (one of them has been obvious since Dive 1). Second, Sora's route takes a bizzare and inexplicable nosedive in quality of execution around the 2/3 mark (seriously, what the hell happened there), but it does mostly recover after a chapter or two so it's not a huge problem.

Despite those nuisances, I still found the game consistently addicting and satisfying throughout. The good differences definitely outweigh the bad ones.

Score: 9/10

Polarization: Low (+0.5/-1)

Same as with Dive 1.

Routes/Endings Played: All

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  1. Now, if only someone finally translated them both…

  2. See?
    Baldr Sky is awesome.

  3. Ahh, Baldr Sky, the cause of the worst case of post-VN withdrawal I’ve ever had.

    Why must you be so painfully amazing?

  4. Saw some gameplay on youtube. Gunna check this one out once its been translated.

  5. You imply a translation

  6. Think he was refering to se7en’s comment of “Gunna check this one out once its been translated.”

  7. Yeah, I was referring to se7en’s post

  8. No Tv Tropes?

  9. I’ve published at least 3 reviews now with no links. Sometimes there’s just no good place to put any (or I don’t feel like it).

  10. How does this hold up against Muv luv alt story-wise? Or are they too different to be compared?

  11. They have a lot of significant thematic elements in common, and on all the points that really matter the quality is about even. The tradeoff comes down to this: 1) Baldr Sky has much more consistent pacing than MuvLuv. Consistent does not mean better; I only mean that the ratio of infodump, slice of life and action is about the same in all parts of Baldr whereas MuvLuv tends to concentrate on one of those three at a time. I loved both styles; many will prefer one or the other. 2) Dive 2’s minor flaws are significantly more problematic than MLA’s minor flaws (see both reviews for what I mean here). 3) Baldr’s first installment is way better than MuvLuv’s first installment.

  12. I wouldn’t say that ML or BS have anything too significant in common (biggest common point is probably the change between ordinary life and more chaotic battle filled life). sure there are some more surface similarities in them, but at core they are quite different kind of stories and have greatly different approach to their stories. And I would say that the minor flaws are much worse in ML than BS or those flaws in ML could already be considered major flaws to some. not going to ramble too much, so going to just say this, it’s completely up to personal taste and what person finds annoying which one will end up prefering over other. both are some of the best VNs around where the biggest differenting point is if one prefers fast paced action gameplay or movie like production values.
    Personaly I think BS is better

  13. @Metarail

    Annoyingly I can’t really respond to the first and most important part without listing all the major spoilers they have in common. To give you a hint, compare just Sora’s route to just Alternative.

    What I can say is that you’re right about those issues in MLA being subjectively more problematic than the corresponding issues in Baldr Sky, but if we restrict ourselves to rational reactions (i.e. nothing silly like MLA’s final scene ruining the entire series) then overall both games are probably equally polarizing.

  14. @Ixrecs
    yes I agree that Soras route is the most similar in most cases and see what you mean. But as I said, they share some common plot elements, but how the both stories use those similar plot elements is quite different. For me even is something has similar plot elements but use them differently makes stories a lot different. This is usually how I look things that I try to look below the surface rather than just the surface.

    As for polarization, I might be slightly biased or looking things too subjectively. But even when I try to look things as objectively as possible I still see ML more polarizing than BS (ML being way too “top heavy” instead of “balanced” story is the biggest issue probably). ofcourse this could be because I different standards on how we look on things and what we consider to be polarizing and where the line is drawn.

  15. Incidentally, when I originally said they were similar, it was in response to “are they too different to be compared?” and I think we can all agree MLA and Baldr are similar enough that there is a point to comparing their quality (unlike with, say, Narcissu and Extravaganza or some other ridiculous pairing). And I’m definitely not claiming they’re the same story or anything, they do do a lot of things differently, but the things they have in common are undeniably significant because they’re at the core of the metaplot in both games (and imo they are “below the surface” things; on the surface Baldr and MLA have little in common besides badass heroines and mechs).

    And since everything in any review is subjective anyway (though I can at least claim my opinions are based on objective facts) there probably isn’t a lot else to discuss. As I said in my original comment, some people will very strongly prefer Baldr’s pacing over MLA’s, which you clearly do. My claim is simply that Baldr’s is not objectively better (unless the need to read MLE/U first counts as part of MLA’s pacing) since I felt MLA consistently rewarded us for all the buildup with superlatively awesome and complex battles which probably would not have worked as well without all that prior explanation and characterization.

  16. @Ixrecs
    Well yeah I guess you can compare them in that sense. still disagree that they have “significant” ammount in common, but still enough common points to compare them storywise.

    still don’t agree that ML and BS are objectively looking around same polarization. I could write why I think so but I suck at making arguments and expressing my toughs in written form so I probably would make things more confusing. and this just so minor issue that can’t be bothered to even write right now walls of texts about it. but the mainpoint why I see ML polarizing is the execution how it tells its story and how it uses some of its elements. And when I speak of ML ofcourse I mean the whole trilogy, as there’s no point to compare half-stories that are not complete, just like you don’t split LOTR in 3 parts when you speak of it.

    this is overally just so minor thing and lot’s of personal opinions and views matter on this, but hey this is BS related and when it comes to BS I just love to nitpick about somethings. I wouldn’t be me if I couldn’t nitpicks about things that relate to my all-time favorite eroge after all.

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