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Projects #6 and #7 Announcement

As of today I've started translating Forest. Based on the stats we have now, it will probably take about two months for me to finish it.

Also, we ended up talking amongst ourselves to select the next few projects. I've decided that the first VN I'll translate after Forest is Rewrite. We won't announce any of the others just yet in case I change my mind.

That is all.

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  1. I am SO excited to see a group translating Rewrite! I just stumbled upon your group, and have yet to play any of your games yet, but I definitely intend to do so soon. Thank you so much for your hard work! :)

  2. AWESOME!! now to buy the game :)

  3. >Rewrite
    May god have mercy, on us all.

  4. Rewrite, you say… Interesting choice, I suppose… Do you mind if I ask why? Please note that this is not a criticism, nor is it back-seat driving. I’m genuinely interested in your thought process.
    What drove you to prioritize Rewrite over the various other titles you’ve reviewed more highly in recent years (particularly Saihate no Ima)?
    If I had to guess, my first thought would be recency. Rewrite is a pretty new game, all things considered, so if you translate it in the next few months, it will certainly be one of the newest, most technologically up-to-date VNs available in English.
    Or, possibly, you’ve selected it because of its daunting script size? Rewrite is one of the longest games you’ve reviewed, and you are often hailed as the only translator in the scene who would’ve even attempted to translate the entire MuvLuv saga, just for the sake of Alternative. Hence, perhaps you’ve chosen Rewrite because you believe you are the only translator that will ever have any hope of completing it? (It’s a shame–you may be right. LoSs’s assembla shows a rather substantial amount of text translated from the trial–in the tens of thousands of lines–but he has, of course, long since abandoned that project).

    I’ve presumed to be able to fathom your thought process, here, and I’m sure I’ve not done it justice. Nevertheless, I’d love to read what you actually think: what motivated you to give primacy to Rewrite over “better” games?

  5. @Doku
    Some theories on the thought process:

    because sheeta has him by the balls

    the entire thought process behind Rewrite for Ixrec was like
    “Okay, for my next project, I think I should tl something that truly deserves it. A game that I believe is one of the best in the entire industry and that everyone will appreciate.”
    then five minutes later
    “Fuck it. Let’s do a Key game, that should get a lot of attention from /jp/”

  6. First, keep in mind Rewrite is still pretty highly-rated out of the VNs that don’t have a translation (if we exclude the remaining WABs too I think it’s the 5th highest overall). And yes I did want to do a long game (I’ll probably still do short ones once in a while, but just looking at my reviews, it’s obvious I need to focus primarily on long ones from now on).

    There are two reasons I put Rewrite first instead of one of the other long but very good VNs. 1) I wanted to do something easy after Forest, and before I moved on to the harder long games, and Rewrite is definitely the easiest of the top 5 or so untranslated games I’ve read. 2) Because it’s a Key game, Rewrite is the only VN on my short list with any significant probability of getting an AIR-tier “translation” project, which would be undesirable. Though this was more of a tie breaker than anything else, so focus on that first reason.

    Incidentally, “because you believe you are the only translator that will ever have any hope of completing it” applies to several of the VNs I want to do. There still aren’t very many translators out there.

  7. If I had Ixrec by the balls, we’d be doing nothing but shiny slice of life moege and BL stuff for all eternity. Ahh, what a lovely future that would be…

    But alas, nothing works on him :(

  8. You got your precious Rewrite. Be happy.

  9. Lol Sheeta….

  10. >You got your precious Rewrite.
    Hmm, so it’s all true…
    Somehow, I’m just not sure how to feel about all this.
    Well, at least I can take this as confirmation of the real reasoning behind it all…

  11. (in case you actually can’t tell, that was a joke)

  12. Ixrec, I want this game next: Make it happen or no sexytime for a month.

  13. Oh gods, my eyes!!! Sheeta, you @#$%&, do you want us to go blind? Who will read Rewrite then if that happens? Take responsibility…


    warning to a ll those valuing their sanity do not click that link without a large suply of brain bleach at hand T_T

  15. from Sheeta: or no sexytime for a month.

    Why did I suddenly thought of a random H-scene when I read this?


  17. I love you Ixrec

  18. Best news I’ve heard all day. Thanks, guys.

  19. Rewrite looks good, glad to see that you’re translating it. I’m curious though, you seem to regard Baldr Sky pretty highly; is this because it’s (allegedly) being worked on already, or do other projects interest you more?

  20. Err, excuse my brain fart. Probably obvious but I meant to ask whether the reason you don’t have any public plans to translate Baldr Sky was because of the fact that it apparently has (or had) a translation or some other reason.

  21. Awesome news! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to finally read rewrite =D

  22. @anon

    I attempted to check on the progress of that alleged project before making this decision. Although it still exists, it has made so little progress that for all intents and purposes it really should be treated as dead. So no that had no effect on the decision.

  23. Well, let’s hope the Baldr Sky franchise still has hopes getting translated, eventually.

  24. Can we be expecting partial patches since the game is HUGE?

  25. There will definitely be some partial patches for Rewrite.

    My initial thought is one for common route, one for the five character routes, then a last one for Moon/Terra. I’ll make the actual decision once Forest is done and I’ve gotten around to looking at Rewrite’s script sizes.

  26. Finally someone translating Rewrite!
    I looked almost every day for a translation to Rewrite, your’e so awesome for translating it ^-^
    I wanted to ask, if you don’t mind, how much time will it take for you to translate Rewrite?
    Thank you very much, you made my day :D
    and keep up your hard work~

  27. Probably 6-7 months once I start.

  28. Nice to see you’re back to translating, as long as it’s something you enjoy.
    So yeah, good luck. That is all.
    : : :

    Actually, I’ll say this: Go translate slave island, fuck me, just play it, go on, go ooooooooon just do it come on goonggon,djsnkse;


  29. >My initial thought is one for common route, one for the five character routes, then a last one for Moon/Terra.
    Is that one single patch translating all five routes, or is it one patch per route?

  30. @Above
    One patch for all the character routes. So one single patch

  31. I was asking Ixrec, I don’t trust trolls.

  32. You’re free to look at the context of his post.

  33. I thought it was obvious so I didn’t bother confirming it before, but yes fuji read my sentence correctly.

  34. Any plans to makes use of the ~10k lines in the common route that were previously translated?

  35. This can help you with Forest translation.
    Some uncompiled scripts from codeX Rscript engine with RsCompile.dll and some instructions.

  36. Umm…thanks, but we’ve had working script insertion for months.

  37. do you/anyone have a line count (or other semi objective way of gauging leanght) for rewrite? kind of interested in how big “huge” is. how does it compare to ex mla, your current longest game?

  38. We use the kb/mb sizes of the scenario text as a way of gauging game sizes. So here we go (Taken from tlwiki’s script sizes page):

    Rewrite [3.56MB]
    MuvLuv Alternative [2.73MB]
    Sekien no Inganock [1.10MB]
    Sono Yokogao wo Mitsumeteshimau ~a profile~ [0.73MB]

    Ixrec’s speed is about 0.5MB a month. Hope this helps.

  39. YES! Forest! And later… Rewrite! Oh, I luv you, dude <3

  40. Hmm…

    For a future reference and out of pure curiosity, what of “Soukou Akki Muramasa”? It would seem to be of rather high quality and not to lose to many in it’s length. Yet no efforts (that I am aware of) are being made in order to bring it to a wider audience…


  41. Makoto says hi!

  42. Muramasa’s being translated by Makoto, so don’t worry :P

  43. Will we ever get to vote again? It was sooo much fun!

  44. Probably. Though it’ll be a very long while from now and it will definitely not have the same format for obvious reasons.

  45. I see, thank you for the info.

    Although I personally do not really mind, be it either way, since it should be available for me skillwise in a few months or so in the native language (not to say that this is of any relevance to anything).


  46. Hello,I’m a Chinese boy,thank you for your hard working!Although I have learned a little Japanese,I think that English is much better for me to read.

  47. I said yes.

    But it felt like it was worth saying again.


  48. Holy cow O.O Rewrite
    <3 Ixrec

  49. good to see Rewrite being picked up.Now if only anybody could pick up and finish Air already,we would have all Key main games translated…

  50. @pg. Air was already been translated but Visual Arts took it down…

  51. That was quite some time ago though.

  52. OMG you guys are translating rewrite? imma go buy the game right now!

  53. Rewrite??!?!?! I can’t wait for it ;)
    Good luck you guys ;)

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