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Rewrite Progress Announcement

I started translating Rewrite yesterday. The stats are already up for it, so you can start stalking them in the usual place: As usual, it can't take half-finished scripts into account so when I'm on rather long scripts the stats will tend to lag behind a couple days.

We're hoping to have a lot of the images, especially for the settings menu, done in time for the common route partial patch. But the text in the Friends/Monster/Quest lists turned out to be all in images, so don't expect that to get translated for some time (it's not that useful until you're going for 100% completion anyway). And yes, at some point I will translate and/or write a thorough walkthrough.

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  1. Awesome !

  2. Wish you a good luck…
    Go and make it happen, sir.

  3. Yeah, that’s so cool ! I’m looking forward, ganbatte ne ! ;)

  4. Quick question, is there any news on the Liarsoft full voice patches? Would it be safe to assume that they would come after Rewrite? I apologize if it is a rude question to ask, but I’m wondering whether it would be worth waiting for the patch before playing the two games or just playing them. Thank you in advance.

  5. Good luck! Thanks for all your hard work ;)

  6. Good luck! Thanks for working on this project. Can’t wait to play it :)

  7. The full voice patches haven’t gotten much of anywhere yet since, after Forest, when I was originally planning to do them, basically everyone I needed to do stuff for it was busy on other projects. And I kind of expected that to happen, which is why I kept refusing to make it a priority in the first place. We might try again sometime during or after Rewrite, but it’s still going to depend on when people finish their other projects.

    Honestly, it seems like every competent non-translator working on VN translation projects overcommits themselves.

  8. yeah. ^^

  9. You are my hero

  10. Thanks alot. You guys are awesome!

  11. Good luck on translating Rewrite :)

  12. Awesome! Can’t wait to play this game. Good luck translating.

  13. I love you guys. There is simply no other words to express my gratitude to you. You have earned a place in my heart :’D

  14. I went and bought Rewrite a few weeks ago after hearing you were planning to TL it. Glad to see it’s now definately happening. Thank you very much for your time and efforts :D

  15. Just wondering, will the translation be also included with cracked .exe? I heard Rewrite uses SiglusEngine that cannot be played if we don’t use Japanese Windows. If not, will the translation work if I use RSLE loader? I don’t really know anything about it, though. It seems like Applocale or something…

    Sorry for being annoying. It’s just I’m quite curious. Better ask now than ended screwing up later. O_o

    Thanks in advance!

  16. I have absolutely no idea what RSLE loader is so I would assume it doesn’t work (we know for a fact that Applocale doesn’t work at all on lots of VNs). But yes our translation patch will insert the cracked exe for you; it kinda has to anyway since the exe requires additional modification for wordwrapping.

    FYI, the actual method of last resort for running VNs that don’t work on gaijin systems is to get some VM software, pirate a Japanese version of Windows and run the VN inside of that (I actually had to do this for Yume Miru Kusuri for some reason; slowness aside it actually worked quite well).

  17. RLSE Loader makes SiglusEngine think that the DLLs it checks for are from a Japanese system. It works for RealLive as well, hence “RLSE”. All you have to do is pick the SiglusEngine/RealLive EXE you want to run – it’ll keep a log file and from then on it’s just like launching the game normally. Haven’t had a single issue with it and theoretically most people shouldn’t. It’s obviously not optimal, especially for a patch, but for me it was easier than finding the correct “SiglusEngine-gaijinhack.exe”.

    As for the VM thing you can kind of legally/easily do that if you have certain versions of Windows 7 because it has XP mode – just pick the Japanese language option when you download the OS image. Although Rewrite was nigh unplayable under a VM, IIRC. (I can’t remember if I even got it working).

  18. Ixrec 最高!!!

  19. Good luckz! Your site should be more famous, faster translations than this other site I know

  20. Ixrec was EXTREMELY accurate on the project duration. I took the value of completed KB over the past 25 days and multiplied ahead to see how long the process would take at this rate. 7 months around September-October, ignoring the half-script lagging. Wouldnt be suprised if they finished faster though, these people are capable of something special. Just my two cents for those who are curious.

  21. I was also on vacation in Yosemite from the 25th to the 29th (today), so if you did the math today than the average speed you got probably is a little lower than the true average.

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