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Guide to Purchasing VNs From NetRide

This is a draft of a guide to purchasing digital versions of various visual novels (in particular, some of Liarsoft's) through a digital VN distribution site called NetRide. Visual novels that are affordable and potentially worth buying from this site include but are not limited to:

from Liarsoft's NetRide page:
 ・Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People- for 2,800 yen (about 35 USD)
  Amaterasu's translation patch works on this version
 ・Forest for 2,800 yen (about 35 USD)
  Amaterasu's translation patch works on this version
 ・Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~ for 2,800 yen (about 35 USD)
 ・Souten No Celenaria ~What a Beautiful World~ for 2,800 yen (about 35 USD)
from age's NetRide page:
 ・Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ~Latest Edition~ for 4,980 yen (about 60 USD)
from Xuse's NetRide page:
 ・Saihate no Ima - Full Voice Edition [with Soft Denchi] for 2,680 yen (about 33 USD)
from Nitro+'s NetRide page:
 ・Steins;Gate Nitro The Best! Vol. 5 - Download Edition [with Soft Denchi] for 3,150 yen (about 38 USD)
 ・Chaos;Head Nitro The Best! Vol.4 [with Soft Denchi] for 3,150 yen (about 38 USD)
 ・Zanmataisei Demonbane Nitro The Best! Vol.3 [with Soft Denchi] for 3,150 yen (about 38 USD)
 ・Saya no Uta Nitro The Best! Vol.2 [with Soft Denchi] for 3,150 yen (about 38 USD)
 ・Phantom Integration Nitro The Best! Vol.1 [with Soft Denchi] for 3,150 yen (about 38 USD)

If you see an affordable and worthwhile VN on NetRide that I have not listed, please tell me so I can add it.
For those VNs listed above which have translation patches, please tell me whether or not the patches work on NetRide's download versions so I can add that information as well.

You will need a debit or credit card from Visa or Mastercard to make any of these purchases using the method detailed in this guide. Note that NetRide works best with Internet Explorer, though at the moment it seems to work fine for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as well.

If you choose to buy a VN from this site, please leave a comment telling us what you bought. Knowing how many of you are willing to pay real money for VNs is crucial if we ever want the official translation business to improve.

Buying a Visual Novel from NetRide

First, open the appropriate company's NetRide page (links are in the list at the top) in your favorite browser. I'll be using Google Chrome. You should see a page like this, possibly with a different company logo at the top:

Click the button I circled in red to start making a new user account. You should see this page:

Scroll down until you see this:

Click on the radio button I circled in red to agree to the various terms and conditions. Scroll further down until you see this:

The fields I boxed in red are:
In the top left: Username (6-12 alphanumeric characters)
In the top right: Password and Confirm Password (6-12 alphanumeric characters)
On the bottom: E-mail Address (enter it in both boxes)
Also make sure you click the right-hand radio button at the bottom to stop them from sending you a newsletter.

The radio buttons I boxed in green are, from top to bottom: NetRideCash, Credit Card (VISA or Mastercard) and Bitcash EX. I am going to assume that, like me, you want to use a (Visa or Mastercard) credit card for this, so be sure to click that radio button.

Click the button I've circled in red to tell NetRide you want a guest account. In this case "guest account" does not mean temporary account--you'll always be able to log back in with it and get at the download links for what you bought. It just means an account with less personal information that can't use as many different payment methods. You will be sent to this confirmation screen:

Scroll down:

Click the button I've circled in red to confirm you want to create this guest account.

Now it's time to actually buy the VN. I will be purchasing Sekien no Inganock. First, reopen the company's NetRide page. Obviously, you should see something like this again:

If you want to buy Sekien no Inganock, click the button I've circled in red. If you want to buy a different VN, scroll down until you see the one you do want and click on a similar button next to it. You should see a screen like this:

Click the button I've circled in red to proceed to payment. It will send you to this login screen:

Enter your username in the top textbox and your password in the bottom textbox, then click the button I circled in red. It might send you to the page from the previous screenshot, in which case click the circled button in the previous screenshot again. You should see this page:

Scroll down:

Click the button I circled in red. Your current window will go back to NetRide's main page (where it asks if you're over 18 or not) while a new window appears on the side. When I tried doing this a few years ago, the new window never appeared, but somehow it works now! If it doesn't appear, retry using Internet Explorer instead. The new window should look like this:

Now, finally, we're at the part where you enter credit card information.

The fields I boxed in red are:
Card Number (put four digits in each of the four boxes)
Expiration Date (month then year)
Family Name in English Letters (WARNING: you must enter this in all caps)
Given Name in English Letters (WARNING: you must enter this in all caps)
CVC Code (this is the three digit security code on the back of the card)

Once you've filled this all in, click the button I circled in red to make the actual payment. If it doesn't work, the page you end up on will have the same gray background color but far less text. You'll have to go back (do this by scrolling down and clicking on the left-hand button) and try to guess what went wrong. If it does work, you'll see a page like this:

If your payment was successful, all that's left now is to actually download the VN to your computer. As mentioned earlier, your main browser window goes back to NetRide's main page during the payment process (for some reason), so it should look something like this:

Click the button I circled in red to go to your download page. Only one more step!

Click the pink "download" button I circled in red to finally start the actual download.

If the VN does not use Soft Denchi (see next section if it does), your browser should begin downloading a file called "downloadfile.lzh". For me it takes forever to download VNs from this site, so prepare to have this download going on in the background for a while. Once it's done, use WinRAR or some other archive software to extract the VN from the .lzh archive. You should now be able to run it by simply double clicking on the extracted .exe. You can redownload the .lzh whenever you want, and there should be no DRM.

Downloading and Running a VN with Soft Denchi DRM

If you buy a VN with Soft Denchi, the download page will look more like this:

Again, click the pink "download" button I circled in red to start the actual download. In this case, your browser should begin downloading a file called "downloadfile.exe". This download should also take forever to finish. Obviously, run the .exe when it finishes downloading. It will start the installer, which like most Japanese installers you should be able to guess your way through without much trouble.

In order to actually run this VN, you need to use what I will call the authorization code (which I circled in green above) on Soft Denchi. First, go to this page, click the giant blue Download button to get "sdrt4285j.exe" and run it to install the Soft Denchi client. Locate a new program in your Programs menu called ソフト電池メーター and run it. It should look like this:

In this screenshot you can see I've already authorized my copy of Saihate no Ima. To do this yourself, choose "File", then "Charge by the number", then type in the authorization code on your NetRide download page (I circled in it green earlier) and click "charge". You should now be able to run the VN you bought.



Please post a comment telling us what you bought. Also tell us if some part of this guide doesn't work, or is needlessly confusing, or if the site appears to behave differently for your favorite browser.

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  1. Inganock purchase succeeded with MasterCard credit card. There’s additional step after “Enter your username in the top textbox and your password in the bottom textbox, then click the button I circled in red. You should see this page:” where I get to see this page instead and I just need to click the right button to land to the next step in the guide.

  2. Updated guide to mention that.

  3. I am not the intended audience for this guide but as someone who has bought several games from Liarsoft’s DL service in the past I figured I’d chime in. Specifically, I think it should be noted that there are no differences between the original package editions and download versions for any game except Kusarihime, which was upgraded to 800×600 (and with non-CDDA music, thank god) for the DL version. In other words, though Inganock and Celenaria have now been rereleased with full voice, the DL versions are the same as the originals in that regard.

    Of course, that’s probably implied by the statement that the Inganock patch works on the DL version, but you can never be too careful.

    Also as a personal suggestion, I would hold off on buying Inganock DL version and wait until Ammy here releases a patch for Fullvoice Reborn, assuming they have plans to at any time soon – I guess Ixrec can clarify that. It is a bit pricier (3900 MSRP as opposed to 2800) and requires actually importing a box, but it is totally worth the wait and steeper expense. (I say this having purchased both the DL edition and FV Reborn boxed set myself.)

    As for Forest, hope you guys can get a patch working for the DL version of that soon, since that’s sure as hell never being rereleased. :( Wouldn’t mind some touched up CGs and voice for Akeru and the fairy tale creatures in that myself.

  4. (oops, you can’t edit comments here it seems)
    Oh yeah you misspelled Valusia up at the top there. Fun fact, the term Valusia was not invented by Lovecraft himself; it came from his friend and close correspondent, Robert Howard’s short story, The Shadow Kingdom. So yeah, the guy who wrote Conan the Barbarian ended up having stuff from his stories canonized into the Mythos. Pretty cool eh.

  5. Fixed.

    The short version is we are trying to do something FVR-related very soon. I’ll avoid mentioning details until we’ve actually done it.

  6. Bought Forest. Haven’t even read it yet, just felt like doing it. ;-) It’s even cheaper in Euro anyway. I’ll be waiting for FVR to get around to the WAB series, though.

    Used FireFox and bought from Europe, no issues. Downloading using a download manager (Orbit), so the site seems to be compatible with them.

    Just one thing… even though it’s implicit in the procedure and sorta stated at the end, I think the guide should still be more explicit in stating what that site means by ‘guest’ account. Usually, guest accounts don’t allow logging back in to download games after the provided links expire, this is true even for DLSite.

    If I understand correctly, it’s a “guest” account because it doesn’t have private information like e.g. name and address, so you can’t buy from kombini and the like?

  7. That’s my understanding as well. And good idea, I’ll clarify that. Clarification added.

  8. Thanks for the guide, Ixrec. I just bought Forest.

    I didn’t bother with Inganock since I already have the FVR version of it (along with Sharnoth’s).

  9. The most appealing part to buying a game for me is having the case to just look at and collect. Still, this is a cheaper way to show supportand any at all is a great thing in my book, so good job on the guide.

  10. Thanks for this tip, specially no DRM part makes it really easy to wanna buy it :)

  11. While I haven’t bought any Liarsoft VNs from that DDL site, I did buy the Fullvoice Reborn box set (which was worth every single penny) and Shiei no Sona-Nyl from and had it delivered through Tenso. Though a bit expensive, it’s another efficient way in getting Liarsoft VNs (or VNs in general).
    Good job on the guide, though.

  12. Thanks. I’m also planning on making an amazon guide at some point (including mention of Tenso).

  13. For some definition of “worthwhile” (it has an English patch), Noir’s NetRide page has Imouto Ijime:

  14. I was under the impression Imouto Ijime was just a nukige.

  15. It is, and not a particularly good one. It’s only anywhere near interesting because it has an English patch. Eh, I guess a passing mention here in the comments is all it deserves.

  16. This site also has VNs, particularly Remember 11, Never 7, and 12 Riven, for 500 yen (6 dollars a piece) until April 8th! Take advantage while it is around!

  17. I had already purchased Saihate no Ima in the past from that site (or a similar one), but I thought it worth mentioning here for the purposes of adding my voice.

    Now strongly considering a Forest/WAB purchase as soon as I clear my backlog more/have a ton of spare cash. Considering the fractured time periods I have available for reading and the fact that the backlog includes the Terra route in Rewrite, and most of Oretsuba R/the aforementioned Saihate no Ima, that might take a while.

  18. Considering the non-sale prices are only 1500 yen (which is still ridiculously cheap by VN standards) I think I’ll wait until the sale ends and buy E17 then.

  19. Just wanted to say that I would be very interested in guides for purchasing VNs from so I can grab Remember11.

    Also would love a guide to grab the FVR version of Inganock. Oh, Ati’s voice~ Nya!

    Thanks muchly for the guide, Ixrec! Might just have to cancel my Saya no Uta pre-order with J-List and buy the original Japanese version. I love Saya no Uta and want to support it, but JAST USA has just handled it so poorly that I no longer want to purchase it from them.

  20. Thanks. Still might make one if I can find the time.

    So, what did they do wrong with Saya? (most of what I’ve heard about JAST/Nitro+ is about Demonbane)

  21. What did they do wrong with Saya? Still hasn’t been released yet and still no release date announced. I’ve had it pre-ordered for since July ’11. I think it was originally slated for fall of ’11? Don’t quote me on that.

    Plus, they originally had it packed with Hanachirasu for $30. Then after accepting pre-orders they decided to split it up so that Saya no Uta costs $25 and Hanachirasu costs $20.


  22. I vaguely remember the split up being something Nitro+ told them to do, but yeah I see your point.

    Edit: Actually I’m pretty sure both of those complaints are more Nitro+’s fault than they are JAST’s (lol). Though it’s still valid to be fed up with it.

  23. Well, all I have to say is this: If this is how Nitro+ handles official localizations of their products, then I say let fan translators handle translation and screw official English releases.

    That being said, JAST still holds some blame. It WOULD be nice if JAST could, you know, give some updates once in a while. Plus, I’m a little upset at J-List too: JAST posted about splitting up the games on Decemer 28th, and I didn’t get an e-mail from J-List asking me what I wanted to do with my pre-order until January 9th.


  24. Thanks for the guide. I bought Forest and the guide worked perfectly, the credit card information just popped up in a new tab in Firefox for me rather than a window.

  25. Thanks for buying it!

  26. I found MOON as well (although the price is kind of high considering its age): (NSFW!)

    It’s probably available on other sites as well if it’s available there but I didn’t bother to check.

    I didn’t buy it because I already have the DVD version but I wonder if the patch would work with that version.

  27. Interesting. I might add something on these sites when I get around to doing more of this.

  28. Bought KimiNozo and Saihate no Ima, and I got a couple additions to the guide:

    * Either download links expire, or I don’t know where to look, because I can no longer download Forest which I bought when this guide was posted. I back everything up, so it’s no big deal for me, but unless I’m missing something people better be warned. No idea if this is different for SoftDenchi protected games.

    * It seems like it’s impossible to make a single order across different developers. Carts won’t combine.

    * If you use form and search history, the stupid NetRide form memorizes your credit card number! You’ll want to erase form history after buying. In FireFox it’s
    Tools->Options->Privacy->Clear your recent history
    Leave only ‘form & search history’ check. (If you do it immediately after buying, you can just erase from last hour or so; otherwise you’ll have to erase from longer. I had to erase all my form history since I bought Forest in March).

    IOW: lovely late 90s interface you got there, NetRide.

    Also, KimiNozo comes with “Another Episode” (Kanashimi wa Kaze no Youni), which should be the First Edition bonus from what I’ve found. Worth mentioning perhaps.

    Looking forwards to more guides, well, I know enough Japanese now to figure out most of the interfaces, but I’m not sure which sites accept foreign credit cards like NetRide.

  29. I would think getting back to the download page just involves repeating the last few steps of the guide. I honestly don’t know if there is a download “link” of any description (and I would hope there isn’t because that just screams “no security whatsoever”). I have actually tried re-downloading a VN or two myself because I wanted to be able to say if it allows that or not, and I had no trouble with it at all.

  30. I can get to my account’s downloads page just fine, and the download links are there (why wouldn’t they be?); it’s just that only KimiNozo and SnI are there currently, and I can’t figure out why Forest (which I bought months ago) is not.

  31. Okay, that is pretty weird. I never had that experience when I was testing.

    Did you use multiple accounts or something? I ended up doing that so I could get the pictures of making a new account, so my purchases are under separate accounts.

  32. Rechecked the e-mail I got with my order of Forest and realized there’s this notice:


    If I understand correctly, there’s a week of unlimited downloads, then that’s it.
    I checked and the notice is on the other orders, too.

  33. Somehow I have never seen that. Thank you for pointing it out.

  34. Just got a mail stating that Net-Ride got hacked. :-(
    They are forcing a password reset on all users.
    Since CC information isn’t saved for guests, this shouldn’t seriously affect anyone who’s used it here.

  35. I use Google for my store. :P

  36. Purchased Sekien no Inganock.

  37. Just bought Forest. I’m a fan of mind-screws and deep stories, so I thought I’d give it a try. Thanks a lot for making this guide.

  38. Bought Saya No Uta from JAST actually. Not really sure why people are bitching about them. Fantastic visual novel for $25, the translation is solid as far as I have seen, and they even decensored it.

  39. Preordered Irotoridori no Sekai World’s end complete version from Softmap. Also found Rewrite Harvest festa! for 4690 yen in Really cheap in my opinion. Even though I have already played through it, but still going to play it again after translation patch :)

  40. I purchased Sekien no Inganock like many others. Thank you for the guide. I feel so much better actually purchasing the product from the producers than finding a skeevy download from the vast recesses of the internet.

  41. As I understand, not all games are download editions. For those that are not, in what countries do they ship? Thank you.

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