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Tsukikagerou Review

This is one of those VNs where everything starts out as slice of life with only the occasional bit of plot foreshadowing. The setting is a Shinto shrine in the Taisho era (a welcome change of pace), the atmosphere is nice and relaxing (the calming tracks of the OST are quite good), and the pacing is just fast enough that it's never in any risk of crossing the line from relaxing to boring. As you soon learn, the family living at that shrine has a rather complicated and unfortunate history, and thankfully there is genuine, believable character development in each route, so there's enough going on to keep things interesting up until the end. Some of the comedy is more cliche than actually funny, but that doesn't harm the rest of the VN in any meaningful way.

The only big problem I had was that when you get to the point in a route where the more serious plot kicks in, you're already almost at the ending. The non-slice of life parts of the routes simply don't last long enough to really draw you in before the credits roll. On the other hand, all the endings are meaningfully different and even unpredictable despite drawing from the same backstory and resolving the same conflicts. The slightly odd result is that the most interesting aspect of the plot is comparing and contrasting all the different endings you can find, and there are quite a few. It also helps that the plot itself is perfectly coherent and everyone's actions make perfect sense, so there really isn't anything wrong with these parts other than brevity. I also like how it seems to retain its sense of mystery even after you know what's going on.

So in the end nothing about Tsukikagerou amazed me, but despite that it always made me want to see what happened differently in the next route or ending.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: (+0.5/-1)

Not a lot to say here. The only specific thing worth mentioning is that Futaba's route is kinda half-assed and retcon-y, so be warned if little side routes like that matter to you (personally I didn't care).

Routes/Endings Played: All 12 endings across all 5 routes.

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  1. Muy buena serie la verdad. Y mira que a mi no me guastn para nada este estilo de series pero a partir del 3 capitulo empieza a cambiar lentamente y cada vez se va volviendo mas oscura.Lo que mas rescato es el arte de los laberintos y las brujas; y la banda sonora. Ambos son excelentes.Lo que no me termino de convencer fueron, como dijiste, los personajes. Sobretodo Madoka, la serie tiene su nombre y es el peor personaje de la serie xD.

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