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Chu x Chu Idol – The idol is a Vampire!? Review

The subtitle conveniently explains the premise for me.

This is very much a moege, in that most of the time is spent hanging out with your chosen heroine. Sadly, the characters are not exceptionally moe, so what you end up with is a lot of mildly amusing slice-of-life punctuated with the occasional bit of something vaguely resembling a plot. The slice-of-life isn't bad, since there's no glut of unnecessary text and none of the scenes/gags ever get recycled, but it's also painfully ordinary (even when they're doing their daily idol work).

Each of the routes has a plot of some kind, but unfortunately they never establish very much tension or immersion. To generalize all the little problems: almost every single event feels completely arbitrary or enforced by plot, rather than something that would naturally happen (a rare but notable exception is the clever twist about ChuChu's mom). This feeling is nigh omnipresent because so much of what does happen is predictable or cliche. Also, because of magic, certain characters can do basically whatever the writers feel like. On the other hand, there are no gaping plot holes or character breaks or unresolved conflicts, so it wouldn't be fair to call the story "bad". It's just mediocre.

Score: 6/10

Polarization: (+1.5/-1)

Maybe you'll find the heroines more moe than I did, or maybe all the lazy writing will infuriate you.

Routes/Endings Played: All 4 routes

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  1. It sounds like you’re starting to scrap the bottom of the barrel with these last couple of reviews, but there’s still tons of good VN left to review. What’s the the matter?

  2. I was getting sick of playing nothing but VNs that everyone already knew were amazing, since almost all of my reviews ended up being super-positive, so I wanted to start reading some stuff that no one knew the quality of and eventually get some reviews of mediocre or maybe even bad VNs plus good ones that no one knew were good before. Doing it that way is just better for all of my objectives here (finding stuff to translate someday, giving people information to base their reading decisions on, etc.).

  3. What about trying to translate Walkure Ramanze?

  4. How about reviewing Axanael? Nothing special, not that famous but seems to be quite entertaining?

  5. There’s a long list of Nitro+ games I need to read, so it may or may not end up in there when I get around to tackling that.

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