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Future Project Announcement: Parfait ~Chocolat Second Brew~

First and foremost, this is currently not an Amaterasu announcement. I'm not even Ixrec, for that matter. Of course, the logical next question would be "What is this even doing here, then?". The answer to that is because it might, at some point in the future, become one. With that out of the way, let me introduce myself. I'm Futsuu, currently translating some obscure VN with Amaterasu's help. While said obscure VN remains my highest priority, I do have other games I'm interested in translating after I'm done with it, Parfait being one of them.

Now that doesn't mean I was planning to make an announcement this early. But a certain other translator expressed some interest in picking it up as a backup in case he couldn't get his hands on tools for his primary translation candidate. Upon speaking with him however, it was discovered that he was fine with not working on it as long as he was given sufficient reassurances that Parfait would be done - this announcement, basically. So yeah, I will be translating Parfait after I'm done with my current project, and in the unlikely event that I don't manage to complete it, Ixrec will because he's interested in working on the game as well.

tl;dr - Futsuu will do Parfait next, and if he doesn't complete it because he gets run over by a bus, Ixrec will pick it up. Either way, Parfait will get translated.

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  1. More VNs getting translated? Always good news.

    But, if I may ask, why Parfait? From a cursory look on vndb, the art is rubbish and the story is a bit generic. Well, I suppose that summary could spawn something good… but it also sounds like something I’ve heard before but just can’t place…

  2. What’s wrong with translating a generic nukige? Don’t hate.

  3. Try looking up actual reviews if you want to know about the quality. Plot summaries and art usually have very little to do with the overall quality of a VN (and the art is fine anyway). Also it doesn’t have nearly enough porn to be a nukige.

    Most people who’ve read it consider it an excellent moege, which is mostly about having entertaining slice-of-life (and the usual pacing/characterization/etc) rather than clever/original plots.

  4. Getting run over by a bus must be a common threat in this line of work. Anyways, from initial impressions it doesn’t sound too interesting but it seems to be pretty well received (Takajun also reviewed it and gave it a 9.5/10) so I’ll definitely give it a shot.

  5. Can’t wait. Game looks great.

  6. Looking forward.

  7. i swear i seen this one been in process of translation do you have anything to do with Aroduc?

  8. Nope, we have nothing to do with aroduc and are completely unaware of any preexisting projects.

  9. maybe you want to talk with them seams both doing same translation, is ok if you don’t wanna. anyway good luck with the project

  10. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what this “obscure VN” that Futsuu’s translating is?

  11. That was a sarcastic reference to the fact that he’s translating Baldr Sky.


  13. This is a great news! I played this game along with Maid Cafe Curio and its fan disc. I loved all aspects of this game. Scenario is written by Maruto Fumiaki who also wrote VNs such as Dame Koi and White Album 2.

    I recommend checking this game out, if it’s fully translated in the future.

  14. Can’t wait to play this VN. Looking forward to the translation.

  15. I’m looking forward this game and does the translation make a progress? I checked vntls and the last update is planning

  16. Hope this one won’t be forgotten :D

  17. Parfait

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