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Suiheisen Made Nan Mairu? – Review

Typical premise: the protagonist's club is in danger of being disbanded, so they have to do something productive for once to save their club. For various reasons, that something is competing in a battery-powered glider tournament, but this VN is still primarily about the slice of life and character interaction, as you would expect.

First, the plots are usually very predictable, sometimes even contrived, to the point where there's almost no tension at all even near the climaxes of the routes. Fortunately, this isn't what the VN is trying to focus on, so a lot of it can be ignored.

The big selling point here is the presentation. Even to me, the artwork is consistently gorgeous, and it gets all the poses and facial expressions just right. This matters because it makes the characters more cute/attractive and certain scenes more romantic. The music is also unique and atmospheric. Partly because of all that, the dialogue with the characters is always entertaining or soothing or whatever other positive emotion the VN's aiming for, so the overall experience is satisfying.

However, the problem that keeps Suiheisen from being extraordinary is that most of those characters simply don't have enough depth. Long before you finish a heroine's route, you've already seen everything there is to them, so the appeal tends to shift from genuine interest in the character to a shallow curiosity about how the route will end. Not that that's bad, but it's far from amazing.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: (+1/-0.5)

Obviously, depends how you value plot vs character vs presentation.

Routes/Endings Played: All 5 routes.

P.S.: Since Sheeta and I were curious, I also read the yaoi route in the fandisc. The first half of it was hilarious, though the second half was kind of a cop-out.

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  1. Another VN that I couldn’t enjoy as the translator is MIA.

    God, seems like finding a translator who has a stable life with a very high will to translate VNs is harder than making fire from water.

  2. It’d be nice if more VNs had bisexual protagonists. Or, if we must have segregation, at least for less of the yaoi ones to be so forehead-slappingly overwrought. At least bara and yuri are still chill on average. /derail

    Genius, don’t complain, it’s pretty damn miraculous that ANYONE is willing to translate these giant textblocks in their free time. Plus, in this world packed with books, movies, games and music, the number of things you can’t enjoy is irrelevant, as those you can already exceed what you’re going to get to in this life time. (tl;dr Cheer up bro!)

  3. For the record, the protagonist is not bisexual. The yaoi route was not entirely consensual.

  4. Uuu, seriously? I’m getting pretty sick of scenes involving a gay or transgendered character “preying” on straight dudes for laughs. Hopefully it’s just a phase visual novels will outgrow, like the whole “pervert with a heart of gold” schtick from the 90s~

  5. The fact that the legitimately homosexual content was entirely in the fandisc prevented me from having any similar frustration with it. It also helps that the character in question was actually funny; the preying gay types I remember seeing in anime tended to be obnoxious in every sense of the word (visually, aurally, needlessly clashing with the setting, etc) while Uemura just has a typical male friend role of spouting entertaining nonsense (which he does very well).

  6. I was kinda disappointed it wasn’t a serious yaoi route too, but oh well. I for one would like more bisexual protags too…

    Though the CGs in the route had some delicious ship tease. Here, have some examples (NSFW):,,

  7. @Walrus

    You’ve got the point there. Still, I’m really disappointed about it. I guess I should learn Japanese more seriously, then. Not sure If I could memorize 100 kanjis, though…

  8. The kanji aren’t really that intimidating, especially if you start out using source material with furigana (as everyone should). It’s not really any worse than learning a decent vocabulary in any other foreign language, which is going to take forever no matter how easy/hard said language is.

    (also feel free to ask for help with learning Japanese if you get serious about it)

  9. I agree about the art. The style reminds me of Ushi Mirai a bit which is also exceptionally attractive.

  10. “I agree about the art. The style reminds me of Ushi Mirai a bit which is also exceptionally attractive.”

    That’ll be because it’s the same artist :P

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