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Hoshi no Oujo Review

Apparently this is a classic otomege, so I was looking forward to trying and get myself emotionally involved with romantic issues from a female point of view. That did happen once in a while, but unfortunately the overall experience was closer to a cliche storm.

It's hard to explain exactly why, since the characters aren't that bad, the conflicts are legitimate and many events were reasonably clever. Probably the best way to express it is that almost none of the good ideas were utilized as well as they should have been. Some twists that should have surprised or moved me felt arbitrary because no justification was given. Some scenes simply lacked the detail needed to make me react emotionally. Some endings were so sudden I just felt baffled. Sometimes an event was too cliche for me to care. There's a very long list of little problems like this which, as a whole, makes the story feel like a very rough first draft. Even the art contributes to this feeling, since some images are completely unnecessary, some don't match the rest of the art, and some are just badly drawn.

The only thing the VN did consistently well was the choices. They were numerous, they felt meaningful, and often it wasn't obvious what they did (this was possible in part because most of them ask how you feel, not what you'll do). The amount of wasted potential is especially striking in the middle of the lawyer's route, since in that part there's genuine uncertainty as to how he feels about you, which was both plausible and engaging. Sadly, this was short-lived.

Score: 6.5/10

Polarization: (+1/-1.5)

This VN has a habit of transitioning instantaneously from scene to scene without any warning whatsoever. Although I got used to it pretty quickly, some readers will probably find it jarring the whole way through.
Also, the side characters' routes are just flimsy excuses to cram in a (somewhat creepy) sex scene. I usually ignore routes like this, but they might bother you more.

Routes/Endings Played: All

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  1. Alright Ixrec, get back to the good VNs.

  2. Don’t worry. Only one more random pick before I get back to stuff everyone says is awesome.

  3. a have a question. How 0.57 lines were traduced?? It is not a natural number and the lines are natural

  4. But it’s boring if he reads nothing but good VNs :(

  5. Just don’t pick WAY too random. But maybe, there are some jewels in the rough out there that we have yet known…

  6. What does “too random” mean? I’m not using vndb’s random button.

  7. Since that has nothing to do with my reviews please ask such things on the forums (and spell check before posting). The reason is that the stats calculation going on behind the projects page doesn’t use a number of lines I finished, but rather a number from 0 to 1 indicating how much of the script is complete (until recently it was only 0 or 1, I only just added partial completion). At the moment I’ve told it I’m about 23% done with the one Kotori route script, and that just happens to produce a .15 when it uses that to estimate the completed line count.

  8. I thought you used that button, lol. Sometimes I use it when I’m bored. It’s hit-and-miss, but more miss than hit. That button leads me to Rewrite and Sharin no Kuni, though.

  9. I wish vndb had a random button for wishlists. That’d be great when you can’t decide what VN to read next… Hmm, maybe I should suggest that at some point…

  10. Sturgeon’s Law, etc.

    What I actually did was ask random people I knew for VNs they’d heard of that might be interesting, so the list that resulted was sort of random but filled with things that had some legitimate reason to be worth checking out. I’m probably going to continue adding to it whenever I stumble across interesting-looking VNs. For instance, I added Hoshi no Oujo 2 recently because I suspect a lot of the problems I had with Hoshi no Oujo might be easily fixed if the devs had a second chance at it.

  11. @Sheeta:
    Just use

    That’s actually what I used to pick this round of four random VNs out of the full random list.

  12. Yeah but *effort*

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