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Rewrite Common Route Patch

Download it from the usual place:

All parts of the common route that are reachable on a first playthrough have been translated, so you shouldn't reach any Japanese text until you enter a specific heroine's route (and it will be very obvious when this happens). But keep in mind that the Shizuru and Akane routes themselves are not available on a first playthrough, so most scenes unique to them are unreachable and untranslated (that's why the stats page says I haven't finished 100% of the common route yet).

All of the images with text that appear in the common route and menus have been translated with the exception of the Memory (Friends/Monsters/Quests) section. The handful of submenus built into the exe are also translated.

There are also subtitles for the opening video (later patches will have subs for the other videos too), since this engine seems to auto-detect subtitle files. Depending on your setup, it's possible this auto-detection won't work and you won't see these subs. Tell us whether it works for you, so we can find out if it's a common issue or not.

As with most partial patches, this one ends in a slightly evil place (albeit one of the least evil ones) so be prepared for that if you choose to read it.

When trying to install your copy of Rewrite, be aware that it only works on Japanese computers, so don't be alarmed when the installation finishes and the .exe refuses to run. Our patch will fix that.

There's no walkthrough this time (you won't need one this early anyway), but there will be an extremely thorough one in later patches.

Edit: If, after installing the patch, the SiglusEngine.exe file crashes the moment you try to run it, then replace it with this .exe instead:

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  1. Does that website you mentioned in an earlier blog post allow the purchase of rewrite?

  2. Sadly, no. I have since edited that post so it has a brief list at the top of all the worthwhile, reasonably-priced VNs I know of on that site.

  3. Oh hell yes.

    Thanks a lot for deciding to do this. It means a lot.

  4. For those still interested in the legal (but expensive!) route, has stock of the RE for a *relatively* decent price, at least speaking in new physical copies of Japanese VN terms. 7150yen plus around 500-1500 for shipping, I believe. Steep price if you are new to the VN scene but short of buying a used copy while in Japan, that is the easiest and one of the cheaper ways you will find. Buying used off of with a proxy – I like Jshoppers – is also a good idea if you know the process. You may also get lucky with – occasionally they have used copies of the first press for around 4000yen but I have not seen any recently.

  5. Man, thank you sooo very much for this…
    I won’t download now..but when you release someone route..i’ll download for sure
    Congratz with the project, i hope you finish it soon ^^

  6. Btw, why is Baldr Sky progress is zero? It was about 20% last time.

  7. Database error ate the scripts table. I decided releasing this patch took priority over recreating it, so I’ll probably get to fixing it tomorrow.

  8. Hmm, installed the patch and it just crashes before running. Known issue?

  9. The problem has since been solved. Edited post accordingly.

  10. Keep the good work up, you know u rock!

  11. Thanks for the hard work, it’s very much appreciated.

  12. considering that Key/Visual Arts really doesn’t want “baka gaijin” playing their VNs(making Rewrite unplayable in non-Japanese PCs.Charging 1 million to license Kanon,etc…)aren’t you worried that they might C&D on you,Ixrec?after what happened to Eiyuu Senki,I think translators should be more discrete when they are doing projects

  13. They never C&D’d other games like Kanon, Clannad and Little Busters!. I guess they don’t give much of a fuck here. Besides, lots of eroges aren’t playable if your computer is non-Japanese anyway.

    Thanks for your work, Ixrec, but I guess I’ll be patient enough to wait for a complete patch :3

  14. I believe the previous group working on Air dropped it because they received a C&D from Key

  15. I don’t consider C&D’s a serious reason to halt a project in general (though other tlers are free to disagree) because:
    1) as far as I know almost no company issuing them has ever intended to really follow up on them if ignored (the highly arbitrary nature with which they’re sent out basically confirms this)
    2) in principle I like the idea of “respecting the creator’s wishes”, but when that “wish” is for gaijin to never read their work, I have no respect for that at all (though if they want the translation to be official instead, then that’s awesome). Not to mention these are probably the wishes of overzealous lawyers and not the actual creators.

    Also, most of the “groups” who “worked” on AIR were using machine translators, so them getting C&D’d is a good thing.

  16. Thanks for your hard work. You people are awesome.
    Subs don’t work for me by the way.

  17. Air really got C&D’d? Lol, and I thought they just dropped the project.

  18. Well as far as I know, Air’s project has restarted, and this time with Edger as the translator (Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na, Canvas 2). And as far as I can tell, his translations hasn’t been criticised too much, and his translating speed is quite impressive, so we might be looking at a year end release.

    And thanks Ixrec for translating this game! Pre-ordered the LE version the moment it was announced, hoping that someone was going to translate it, and I’m glad it was you who picked it up.

  19. Wow, common patch is already out? Can’t wait for Kotori route translation then. :D

  20. The old AIR group got C&D’d after they contacted the leader of Visual Arts asking for the rights to officially translate it, or so I heard. Considering how atrocious their translation was (they were working off the mostly machine-tled raws from tlwiki) this turned out to be a blessing in disguise…

    Man that was a while ago… I’m working with Edger on the new AIR project now, so AIR fans can look forward to that!

  21. Thank you for the common route patch!!! Just finished playing it :) I have a question: Are you going to release each route as individual patches? I heard somewhere but I can’t remember where that you’re planning on just releasing the common route separately and then releasing everything else in one go.

  22. I believe it’s common route -> character routes -> Moon and Terra.

  23. o god o god o god

  24. Rinali remembered correctly.

    Also my god we are getting a lot of questions about what routes are in what patches. Did no one read my previous announcement or something?

  25. it’s a good time to be a Key fan: Ixrec has released a partial patch of Rewrite. Air is being translated by more competent people. Little Busters got translated a while ago and its EX version is currently being translated as well. Doki will release Tomoyo After’s complete patch next month and also announced they will finish Clannad’s untranslated leftovers. And Kud Wafter’s translation has recently begun.

  26. the first patch is out. ^^
    thanks so much.

  27. Thanks for the patch, it works like a charm. ^^

  28. Despite making the first comment, I realized I never actually thanked you for the work on the patch, so let me rectify that now. Thanks for all your hard work!

  29. *is waiting for Oppai ending eagerly*

  30. Thank you for your hard work. I’m going to wait until the patch is done before playing, but your translation speed is fantastic. This and the Tomoyo After translation are the two I’m looking forward to the most.

    Also, about the C&D on Air: I believe that it was a C&D on a few games and Air just got caught in the mix of it. I think the main focus of it was on another VN because of reasons I can’t recall, can’t remember the name either.

  31. im getting this error when starting up the setup.exe during installation

    モジュールの起動場所が指定されていません。 any tips on this? D:

  32. Sorry, not a clue. I’ve never heard of anyone having trouble with installing Rewrite itself.

  33. ok, maybe my installation files were just corrupted. I copied the installed rewrite from my laptop to my pc with the registry info and it worked : D (maybe it will work without the registry file). anyway thx for the reply : ].

  34. I would like to thank you very much for translating Rewrite. After hearing some bad things about it when it was released, I was skeptical, but I’m enjoying it so much I’m spending almost every moment that I’m not either working, eating or sleeping, reading Rewrite. So far this is definitely the best VN I’ve read in quite a while. Strongly considering buying it, but I’m reserving judgment until I read the character routes – Little Busters totally dropped the ball there, so I just hope Rewrite won’t shift from brilliant to terrible like LB did. Again, thank you very much for the translation.

    The problem was likely that you were running setup.exe directly. You have to run autorun.exe, not setup.exe. If it doesn’t work, that means you have to run autorun.exe as administrator.

  35. @VDZ i ran the autorun.exe as admin nothing happens =/

  36. Geez.. I turn my back for one second after the partial patch and BAM! BIHWNMUIBVOMhorvQMOIUM<WAOU%BMH!1!11!!1! 46% Kotori Route!!! You are unbelievably efficient.

  37. For the record, I’m pretty sure I was past 30% of the Kotori route before the patch was released (there were delays), so it’s not quite that amazing.

  38. Nice, I’m loving the common route so far, can’t wait for the rest of the patch.

    I just have a few questions about the game as a whole though, such as if this game is as emotional (Read: Heart crushing) as Key’s other games. Also, I was wandering if the Moon and Terra routes are like this games refrain, either in that they are considered “true” routes, or if you need to finish the rest of the routes to unlock them.

    Thanks in advance for answering my questions, and also thanks for translating what is surely going to be a truly fantastic game :)

  39. Depending on your personality, either some or all of the routes are potentially heart-crushing at times. But I haven’t read any other Key games to compare with directly.

    Moon is unlocked after finishing the five character routes. Terra is unlocked after finishing Moon. The two routes together contain what is essentially Rewrite’s metaplot, from start to finish, and also qualifies as Kagari’s route since she’s the central figure in said metaplot. It does seem like “refrain” is an appropriate word for them, and “true route(s)” is most definitely an appropriate term. So I think I’ve answered all those questions in the affirmative.

    And you’re welcome. Keep enjoying it.

  40. “For the record, I’m pretty sure I was past 30% of the Kotori route before the patch was released (there were delays), so it’s not quite that amazing.” does this mean the common route patch include about 30% of kotori route??

  41. @ Ixrec
    Cool, thanks for the quick reply and for answering my questions.

    Also, I just got up to the Yoshino song part, and I can’t wait till that gets subtitled. My patchy understanding of Japanese only got about 60% of it, but I was still practically pissing myself with laughter the whole time.

    Oh, and while I’m on the subject of song subtitles, at first the opening movie’s subtitles didn’t work on my PC, but after I installed CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) it worked fine. Just thought I’d tell you as a possible fix for anybody else having the same problem.

  42. oh kinda rude of me @ Ixrec and @ rest of the translation staff

    THANK YOU : ]

    *glad i kept my copy of this game after almost 8 months : D

  43. @Tsun2Yan
    The Yoshino song is subtitled, with karaoke text even. There seems to be something wrong with the subtitles on your PC.

  44. @VDZ
    Yeah, previously my PC wasn’t showing the subtitles for this or the opening movie, and as I just checked then, the subs for this song seems to have been fixed when I installed CCCP as well. So yeah, all fixed now.

  45. @Kirizuna
    It wasn’t supposed to, but we were later informed it had been accidentally included due to an internal miscommunication. I would recommend not reading it since it’ll probably be an even worse place to stop at.

  46. Ixrec, will the next patch be compatible with saves, or is that something you don’t really care to comment on due to the off chance they might not be?

  47. Hey just wanted to say that the subs on the opening video do not work for me. Thanks for your hard work; I can’t wait for the full patch.

  48. I love you. That’s all I have to say, really.

  49. Hey Ixrec thank you so much, enjoying it a lot so far. It’s awesome to finally have a Romeo Tanaka visual novel to read again. Eagerly anticipating the Saihate no Ima translation one day. I don’t think there’s a single game I want more.

    Do you mind clarifying if you still plan to release just one more partial patch (all 5 character routes)? You’ve slowed down a bit so I’m not sure if you’re still trying to hit that ‘6-7 months translation time’ goal.

  50. There will be one more partial patch with the five character routes and then Moon and Terra.

  51. What Rinali said.

    Also I dunno if I’d personally call Rewrite “a Romeo Tanaka visual novel” (except for the Moon/Terra routes, my god those sound like him).

  52. Hi i would like to say the subtitles for the opening not sure about yoshino but yeah
    waiting until all the patches for rewrite are out BEST OF LUCK

  53. ^ Not…sure…what you meant there.

    But if you don’t want to install an entire pack of codecs (although CCCP is awesome), Direct VobSub is one in particular that will handle subtitles well. The icon always pops up in my taskbar when movies play in Rewrite for me, so I that’s how I know that’s the codec you need.

  54. While I doubt you guys are planning on translating the fandisc, do you have any plans to play it when it comes out? I’m curious as to if it’s any good. If it’s worth it (as in adds substantially to the story and/or characters), then I might be inclined to try reading through it with my cruddy Japanese, no matter how hard it is.

  55. Yes, I do intend to play and review it.

  56. Ixrec, are you thinking traslate Rewrite Harvest festa!??

    sorry for my bad english

  57. He stated on the forums that starting a translation project before playing a game is always a bad idea. It’d be nice that if it’s worth it, the group translates it…but as a leecher [general statement including myself], getting your hopes up/putting expectations on a group [for what they should and shouldn’t work on] for something as time consuming as a VN translation project is also a bad idea.

  58. First of all, I wanted to thank you all for the translation patch! The common route was really funny.
    The only problem I had is with the subtitles: I have the CCCP installed here and when I play the videos I can see the subtitles, but I can’t see the subtitles when I’m playing…

  59. ^shirayukin try changing the movie playback settings?

  60. Aw god, this thing left off in an evil place. Ah well..atleast I played my cards right, now im going down Kotori’s route. GO IXREC! AMIGOOOOOOO!!

  61. Just finished and got to the start for Kotori’s route. Common Route was a good read.

    The subs on the movies work for me with CCCP (With LAV Video for h.264 checked) and xy-VSFilter on Windows 7 x64.

    Other than that, thanks for the work, Ixrec and company. I’ll be looking forward to future releases.

  62. :) Nice news, thanks so much so this early patch.

    About the ending sub, there was some line sub that too long and became 2 lines :\ (ano umi wo tooku tooku…) that doesn’t really look nice much, may u guys re-timing it in next patch?

  63. Thanks for the release and everything else you have achieved so far!

  64. Sometime there is a glitch is a message box like this popped up, when the line is too long.

    [2012/07/06 19:55:29.0858]


  65. If you’re getting lines that are too long, that very strongly implies the patch didn’t work properly and your text is as big as in the Japanese version. Otherwise we would’ve seen overflows during testing (or at least more people would’ve reported it). Could you try repatching (and make very sure you tell it the correct directory)?

  66. btw, what happened? there seems to have been no progress ever since this patch came out…is the project stalled?

  67. Pretty much. Sheeta and I agreed to a number of trips for this month so I’ve been in transit a lot, and when I wasn’t I didn’t really feel like trying to translate for only a day or two. Once we’re doing moving around I’ll start up again, and that should be within less than a week.

  68. Yeah this month has been nuts. It’s basically like this:
    – Finals Week
    – Moving to Ixrec’s parents’ house
    – Anime Expo
    – Fun with university paperwork
    – Flight to New York
    – Few days in NY
    – Flight to Dublin, then flight to UK city (to avoid olympics crowd in London)
    – Battle jet lag

    We’re currently packing for the New York flight. Most of it is my fault – I’m just finishing up my year abroad in the US, and I want to see stuff before my visa runs out. Ixrec will be with me all summer in rainy Britain, so lots of work should get done.

  69. i´m finished it now too.
    it really looked good and nice.

    i have a question. is it possible to display the text in mappie better? i mean if you go with your mouse over a “!”, “?” or a person. i had sometimes problems to read it properly.
    maybe another contrast or a better outline of the letters would be easier readable.

    This is what it looks like on my patched version. To me, this is very easily readable so I’m not sure what your problem is. Does it look different on your end?

  71. oh, yours looking different and better.
    here is my “version”:

  72. @Buu-Huu

    Rewrite is a 720p game, and I think you’ve got it at a size smaller than that. Do you have a small moniter? If not, go to the settings menu and alter the size.

  73. i have a bigger one. its recommend to use there 1920×1200. but i also tried other sizes as 1280×720, 1600×900, 1600×1200, 1280×800, 1920×800. i also used the full screen and the small windows game size. but it´s always the same problem.

    but it´s fine then. its not a general problem.
    i also played the whole patch with this problem (and i´m still alife). and it was not always so bad readable. ^^

  74. I read in Doki Fansubs that

    July 12, 2012 at 7:28 AM · Reply

    do you know the name of the group that picked up AIR and i cant wait for this translation

    Clannad Man
    July 14, 2012 at 3:52 PM · Reply

    Edgar & Sheeta (Amaterasu) are working on it, though there has been a delay recently.”

    is true??

  75. there is a project website or a site where i can see progress of air traslation project??


  76. Actually there is a page where you can check the progress.
    It doesn’t look like it’s updated too frequently, though.

  77. I assumed he meant something straight from the people doing AIR, since the pages on tindabox are merely copies of things posted elsewhere, so if the AIR people aren’t posting anything themselves then tindabox can’t possibly have any info.

  78. that moment when the progress percentage changed XD builds up the excitement everytime i visit the projects page : ]

  79. Now I really need a walkthrough, I tried to cover as much of common route as possible, but I’m sure I missed some lines here and there.

  80. It’s impossible to get all the lines in the common route without finishing the entire game first, so don’t worry about it.

  81. I made an amateurish walkthrough. Mainly for myself to let me keep track with my progress. I could share it, but they could wait for an actual walkthrough from the translation group instead. I’ll link it if anyone shows any interest.

  82. Thanks a lot for translating it!
    But, I have some questions about the game as a whole though. Like, to play the moon and terra routes, I have to finish all the five heroines routes, right? But, Akane and Shizuru routes are only avaiable at a second playthough. So, to play Terra and Moon routes, I have to play a second playthough? (sorry for the bad english)

  83. I think you’re confusing yourself with the very vague term “second playthrough”. Akane and Shizuru routes are unlocked by completing the Chihaya and Kotori routes respectively. Moon is unlocked by completing all five heroine routes, and Terra is unlocked by completing Moon. I *think* that answers your question, though I’m still not sure what’s actually puzzling you.

  84. Is the kotori route’s English patch available yet? Cuz i saw ur project prgress where kotori’s route has already been completed. is it downloadable now? >.<

  85. @noobsea

    The answer to your question can be found on the very same progress page that you mentioned.

    “The next partial patch will be released after all five heroine routes are finished.”

  86. @orophin

    Thx for correcting my own careless reading mistake >.<

    By the way, can you tell me the estimated time of when will the patch be completed? I noe it would be a bit difficult to estimate… thanks in advance ^^

  87. I know this is incredibly rude to all the other translators out there, but Ixrec, I love how fast your translations are as well as the quality of them.

    I’m not sure what you do for a living or what all you have going on in your life, but the fact that you manage to get all of this done and in a manner I find timely (whether or not that’s the case is irrelevant imo) is greatly appreciated by myself.

    And this doesn’t just apply to you, it’s for the entire Amaterasu team. Everyone you have working with you is great at what they do and I hope you guys stick around long enough to translate a few more quality games.

  88. @noobsea: The projects page also gives our start date, so with that and the completion % you can extrapolate to a guess for the finishing date.

    @Xfraze: Thanks.

  89. okays.. and yea, thanks for the hard work… seriously appreciate the work from u guys ^.^

  90. Thanks a lot for doing this, guys. I finally got to play this after finally figuring out how to get Japanese-locked games to work on Windows 7. Loved the Common Route and got into Kotori’s route for a bit before I suddenly got Japanese thrown at me. Keep up the good work. It’s a very easy read, unlike other VN translations I’ve come across. Looking forward to more!

  91. Hello kind sirs! I’m sorry if this is totally ignorant, and a pain to even have to answer, but I’m a little lost in this.

    I see the “common route” as complete, and playable. I also read that it was not the “meta-plot” as those options were only available after completing the game once…

    As someone just starting on Rewrite, is the common route, the said and done main plot? Closure is attained and unless you want to 100%, and get all the sub-plots figured out, you’re finished?

    I would love to play this game through finally. I just don’t want to have to stop 1/2 way through. (I in no way mean that as an impatient insult to you guys, btw!)

    Thank you very much. :)

  92. Not to be rude, but most of what you said is so wildly off the mark I am genuinely shocked that you could be so misinformed. Whatever your source of information is, never use it again.

    “common route” is a general term for the portion of a VN before it splits into multiple routes. Typically the common route consists of some slice-of-life or comedy to help get you familiar with the characters, it might introduce the major conflicts and key plot coupons or arc words, and should give you excuses to make a bunch of choices. However, the real meat of the story will take place in each character’s route after they split. So if you play only the “common route” of a VN, that’s equivalent to reading only the first few chapters of a book. It’s not even remotely close to having finished it. Yes we have released a patch that allows you to read just the common route, but that’s far from allowing you to “complete” Rewrite.

    “Completing the game” should refer to reading every route at least once. Plus, the “meta-plot” of Rewrite is in the Moon and Terra routes, so completing Rewrite does include reading the “meta-plot”. Unlocking Moon and Terra is done by finishing all five of the heroines’ routes, but no sane person would consider the game finished at that point when there are entire routes still unread.

    The upshot is you probably don’t want to start until at least the second patch. You’ll definitely get closure on each individual heroine’s story in the second patch because you’ll get to finish each of their routes. And even then, you will definitely want to see the true ending in the third patch because that gives a far more satisfying ending to the overall experience.

  93. I see. I just assumed “common route” referred to the main heroine’s route. Needing to complete every route to attain completion of a VN is new to me. The ones I’ve played (given, this has been a while ago) allowed you to play through, get the main heroine’s route, and “complete” the main plotline.

    I suppose I’m not used to multiple heroines each having an in depth route to themselves.

    I have (since my last post), completed 3 routes of Little Busters, and now understand more about how they work these days. Good VN, though I wanted to play through Rin’s route, apparently you can’t do that until you finish all other routes. Hitting the end of Rin1 really confused me.. lol Silly me.

  94. There probably are a handful of VNs that sort of have routes but in reality the main heroine’s route has by far the most interesting content, so maybe one of those confused you. The best example I can think of is G-Senjou no Maou (four of the routes are just short branches coming off Haru’s story and there’s no real need to read anything besides Haru’s ending). It’s also really common for people to read only some routes when the VN doesn’t have a “true route” to be unlocked by finishing all the others, and in those cases it gets pretty subjective as to what counts as completing the VN. But with something like Rewrite or Little Busters where there is a true route to be unlocked, you definitely need to read the true route to “complete” the VN.

  95. I appreciate you explaining that. I’ve played quite a few older VN’s, but never ran across this before. I thought usually it’s just the “harem” ending you get after beating them all (which I was never interested in doing).

    I will continue Little Busters until I complete the Refrain (true route), and patiently await Rewrite.

    Thanks for TLing this, and I look forward to seeing your work when completed. :)

  96. Which VNs have you played? afaik I haven’t read anything “old” besides YUNO.

  97. Ixrec
    I’ve noticed that the translation has slowed down is something happening or is the projects page not updating.
    I’m real bad at expressing my ideas so sorry if I upset anyone.

  98. I took a rather lengthy break after Lucia for a wide variety of reasons, and right now I’m working on the unfinished parts of the common route rather than the Shizuru/Akane routes, so that’s probably why you haven’t noticed the recent updates (I don’t expect anyone to remember whether I left the common route at 96% or 97%). My guess is it’ll take at most a week and a half before you see progress on Shizuru’s route itself. Hopefully less if I can get my proper habits reprogrammed.

  99. Your the best

  100. Also i did notice the Common Route however not even that has moved as of late

  101. I didn’t have partial script completion implemented back when I did the common route so some of the files with unfinished chunks I marked as finished (since marking them all as unfinished would make the total far smaller than it should’ve been) and atm I’m on one of those files.

    Anyway, just be patient. I shouldn’t have to explain annoying details like this to convince people I’m still translating.

  102. Hey Ixrec, i haven’t seen any progress with Akane route so far, and it’s been quite a while already. What happened?

  103. Like I said on Twitter, we’re waiting for editing to catch up.

  104. Sorry, i didn’t really check it and i can’t find it. Anyway thanks for your reply, i’m more relieved now.
    I have one last question though. Any info on how’s the editing so far? Or any estimated time for the release of the route patch? Thanks.

  105. It’s unpredictable enough that any attempt to estimate it would just be silly. But I can say that it is making significant progress now, so don’t worry about it.

  106. Alright, i’ll look forward for the next patch then, thanks.

  107. I can’t seem to download the patch. It freezes constantly…Please help fix this :)

  108. Tried it myself and it did freeze, but several minutes later it instantly finished. So try leaving it on for a long time in the background and see if that helps.

  109. I had the same problem with the download here, but after waiting the download completed but the file was corrupt…
    However, I got without problems using hospot shield, now I’m wondering why the download won’t work without vpn….

  110. Thanks for the suggestions, Ill try it out.

  111. Hey Ixrec, when you mean you will give a complete thorough walkthrough after you release this partial patch, does this include on how to complete quests, friends and monsters and even how to reach oppai and all bad ending? If so, then that’ll be a good news to hear :-D

  112. Yes it has all of that.

  113. oh thank you very much ixrec and team. I’ve been waiting for this patch to be released. thanks for your hardwork. Hope u guys will continue to give us nice VNs’ translations in the future. ^^

  114. um…. juz a quick question, the next patch will be released only when the terra, moon and oppai endings fin translating?

  115. sorry let me rephrase… does the latest patch includes moon, terra and oppai endings?

  116. No. The latest patch is not a complete patch.

  117. so will your team release another patch for the complete one? sorry i’m just too desperate >.<

  118. lol.. juz wanna confirm it, thank you very much

  119. Awwww I just finished all of the characters routes!! Can’t wait for the next translation patch to play Moon route >.<

  120. hmm..
    the latest patch didnt include moon, terra, and oppai translated..
    so, will be the full patch released for moon, terra, and oppai..?

  121. Wouldn’t be much of a full patch if it didn’t.

  122. Is there an order to read the characters’ route?

  123. It’s up to you. We loosely recommend Kotori first and Akane last but even that doesn’t really matter.

  124. Generally, I always save the best for last especially if there’s a true ending or some sort. Thanks Ixrec for your upcoming Comyu translation. Looking forward to it.

  125. Erm.. sorry to bother you guys here, i need some help >_<
    When I try to run my rewrite it shows up this massage

    anyone could help me?
    thanks a lot :)

  126. [since you asked the same question in the forums, I’ll give the same answer here]

    It says your graphics card can’t handle Pixel Shader 2.0.

    …even my laptop can handle at least 3.0. What are you running?

  127. lol, yeah I asked the same on the forum xD

    “my wrong…
    I checked on the internet about pixel shader type just recently
    and it says that my graphic card (Ati Radeon 9200) is 1.4 Pixel Shaders… No wonder they can’t play the VN.. :(
    I think the only way is to replace my graphic card then… :-\

    But this helps me a lot :)
    Thanks for your help, I have the solution now ;) “

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