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Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai R – Under the Innocent Sky Review

Just as godly as everyone said it was.

The story follows multiple protagonists (the exact number is a spoiler) through their seemingly ordinary but very unique, colorful and entertaining lives. Oddly enough, the vast majority of the time is spent on comedy and/or slice-of-life, but it's consistently laugh-out-loud funny in just about every single scene that isn't meant to be serious (and some that are), which is extremely impressive. This is partly because there are a lot of characters, every single one of them is memorable and unique (often the very way they talk is bizarre enough to be instantly recognizable), and each one comes with plenty of depth and character development, which even plays out differently in different routes, so the VN simply never runs out of material. This also results in you getting emotionally attached to just about all of them over time, even the ones who seemed completely intolerable, one-dimensional or psychopathic at first. It helps that the heroines are still just as moe as you'd expect from Navel.

The plot tying all the protagonists (and a few other characters) together is also quite intriguing. There's a steady supply of hints and reveals about various parts of it all the way from the first few scenes to the climax of the final route, and the resolution of the major conflict (and the heroine-specific conflicts) is satisfying and plausible in all routes. Admittedly, the vast majority of the time nothing really happens to advance this plot, and often I found myself wondering when something would, but the comedy was just too good for that to bother me at all. And because you spend so much time getting attached to the characters, when stuff does start happening to the protagonists later on, it hits hard.

The only real problem I had was that the writing, partly as a result of its complexity and eloquence, doesn't flow quite as well as it should, so it's easy to feel bogged down and have scenes start to drag on too long.

Score: 9.5/10

Polarization: (+0.5/-1)

Technically, the way the plot develops in most routes is somewhat predictable. Personally, I felt it was the good kind of predictable (where you find yourself hoping for or dreading a scene precisely because you know it's coming), but some will disagree. This is especially true in the final route, where the climax isn't so much about new revelations as it is about emotional closure, imo.
And of course, some people may simply be annoyed by the rather huge comedy-to-plot ratio.

Routes/Endings Played: 100% completion, including the new route unique to the all-ages edition.

P.S.: Don't go into this expecting a fantasy story. That's a much smaller part of it than the plot summaries imply.

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  1. Too bad you played R, which is inferior to the original in every way – a lot of good jokes were removed/censored and the new content isn’t written by Jackson. I would recommend just playing the original for anyone looking to pick this up.

  2. For me the new content was just as good as everything else.

  3. what did they remove and censor?

  4. As far as I know, just the h-scenes. Considering how many explicit sexual jokes I read, it seems unlikely they censored anything else.

    Of course at some point I’ll have to get the 18+ version and check for myself so I can figure out for sure which version I want to translate.

  5. It’s up to you of course, but it would be really nice if you were to provide patches for both versions.

  6. We’ll see how feasible that is when we’re seriously considering translating it. It’s gonna be a very long time before we actually look into any of this.

  7. Then, I take it that you will translate this after you finish Rewrite?

  8. Do you guys feel like you’re ever going to do another poll? Or was the last one too much of a hassle?

  9. We’ll probably solicit public opinion on what to translate at some point (maybe soon, maybe not, haven’t decided yet), but it will most definitely not take the same form as the previous poll. Whatever we do next time will involve a lot less hassle and get a much less specific answer. For example, we might do the usual “pick 3” round, take the top 10 VNs from that, then simply not have a final round, instead deciding what to do with those 10 by ourselves.

  10. isn’t Mangagamer interested to bring this VN?

  11. That’s one of the reasons I’m definitely not doing it next. I don’t feel like dealing with that political crap right now.

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