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Tsukihime Review

A flawed classic.

Overall, Tsukihime is quite solid. The story is complex enough to be interesting. There are loads of twists, most of which are not easy to predict. The characters have enough depth that they rarely feel like plot devices. Everyone's actions make perfect sense given their characters. The endings have proper closure, both logically and emotionally. Though the slice-of-life isn't great, it's nicely kept to a minimum. I found myself consistently curious as to what would happen next and constantly thinking about details of the backstory.

But there are significant problems. First, several scenes are almost literally copy-pasted between multiple routes. Second, many differences between routes are totally unexplained, making them feel disconnected. Third, all the routes are so end-loaded that I often felt like I was waiting for the plot to start, even when the plot was already moving. Fourth, I didn't find myself caring deeply about the characters, especially in Near Side. I was always curious what would happen to them, but only mildly concerned for their well-being.

Fortunately, none of these flaws are fatal, and I had no trouble enjoying all of Tsukihime despite them.

Score: 8/10

Polarization: (+/-1)

Since a lot of my criticism is about how the routes interact with each other, how important that is to you may be significant.

Routes/Endings: All

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  1. @Ixrec Why don’t you read Little Busters!? Since you already readed Rewrite, I think is a good idea.

  2. I wasn’t too impressed by the Near Side routes, but two things in particular that stood out to me were Kohaku and Akiha’s slow character development between the routes, and Hisui’s true end, which is still my favourite vn ending ever.

  3. Now we wait for Tsukihime Remake XDDDDDD

  4. Are you planning to read Kagetsu Tohya? I personally thought it was quite good.

  5. Will you try to read and review more lighthearted charage and moege VN’s in the future? Don’t you think reading dark and plot heavy ones most of the time can be very taxing?

  6. Yeah it’s flawed if it was perfect they wouldn’t be remaking it.

  7. If you want to read “dark” and plot heavy (which absolutely don’t have to mean the same thing) isn’t it totally not a problem? Not everybody likes fluffy moe/charage and even then plot heavy works can be fun to read, too.

    Let people read what they want to read. (and translate what they want, for that matter, because I have a feeling that desire relates to your comment)

  8. Then Ixrec would be lying when he said he’s willing to read a wide scope of VN’s to give himself more perspective of the medium. If he wants to really be in the know, he can’t just keep reviewing triple A kamige.

  9. You guys might want to look at my wishlist page someday. There’s quite a few moege and charage on there.

  10. I’m probably biased because Tsukihime (the English translation) was the very first Visual Novel I ever read, and it’s still one of my favourite. While I don’t think that it contains the best ever routes, I do think that it’s the best in overall quality.

    While my favourite character is Sacchin, I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t care for Arcueid deeply. Was Ciel the one you had problems to warm up to?

  11. Not to say I disliked any of the characters, but I never cared deeply for any of them. It’s not unique to Ciel, no.

    And to avoid silly confusion, “cared deeply for X” is very different from and not necessarily implied by “liked X”, “enjoyed X’s route” or “was interested in learning more about X”.

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