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Ourai no Gahkthun -What a shining braves- Review

Time for yet another dive into Sakurai's world of fantasy, steampunk and alternative history. And guess what? The series is still awesome.

Everything you love about the past WABs is here. Creative and original setting, very different from previous WAB settings but clearly part of the same WABverse. Distinctive artwork, different from previous styles but still quite memorable and appropriate for the series. Arguably it's less distinctive or less interesting than previous ones, but on the flip side there's no shortage of sprites, CGs or animations. The writing style is also exactly as you remember it, with plenty of fresh arc words to tease you with. Plus, for once copypasta is only a small part of the battle scenes (about damn time), so the fights are even cooler than usual.

The general format of the story is also familiar. Most chapters are still separate episodes about issues surrounding specific characters, with no more than hints for the main plot. The main plot still consists largely of driving questions about the setting up until the very end, when they suddenly get very thoroughly answered by a perfect storm of revelations. Sadly, there are a handful of scenes that overstay their welcome or verge on implausibility, and talking is all too often a free action. But other than that, Gahkthun is amazing.

Score: 9/10

Polarization: (+0.5/-1.5)

If you have any interest in Gahkthun, you've probably read at least one WAB before, so I don't need to tell you what's polarizing about it.

Routes/Endings Played: Linear

P.S. The encyclopedia also makes a return in this installment, and this time it has quite a bit of information that isn't mentioned anywhere else.

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  1. Sakurai has said that Demonbane was a pretty big influence on the Steampunk series, and I think Gahkthun is probably the closest to Demonbane in terms of presentation and themes it covers. People who like one will probably like the other.

    Haganeya, the writer of Demonbane, is actually contributing a short story to the upcoming Gahkthun anthology book as well. Apparently he and Sakurai are pretty good friends in real life, to the point where they go out to see movies and eat together. Eroge writer OTP?

    Anyway I think Gahkthun is pretty much on par with Valusia for me, but most people will probably place it right after Inganock; my taste is a little weird in this regard and I probably like Valusia more than most other people do. Sakurai’s growth as a writer is pretty apparent in Gahkthun and I’m definitely looking forward to further developments with this cast and setting – there’s already a fandisc planned, if you were unaware.

    Now is definitely a good time to be a Steampunk series fan, in any case. Lots of developments for Gahkthun, a novel installment, Sona-Nyl PSP, etc. Sakurai really deserves it so I’m glad to see her finally getting some recognition like this. A bunch of female fans came in with Sona-Nyl and that’s kind of started the recent “boom” so to speak.

  2. I heard about so many little WAB-related things surrounding the Gahkthun release that I gave up trying to keep track of them all. Might try to gather them up at some later date, probably around when I tl the other WABs.

  3. Ixrec, did you pre-order 灰燼のカルシェール ? If not I would recommend you get one (though the ending is not a very pleasant, sad one and the music provided sucks)

  4. I actually tried to at one point and the transaction didn’t work for some reason. Haven’t gotten around to a second attempt.

  5. Can I ask where you ordered 灰燼のカルシェール from? I found it on nitro+’s store and toranoana but as far as I know they don’t ship internationally and would require a proxy, did you use such a service (which, if I may inquire?) to get it?

  6. I didn’t order it, lol. I tried to from Nitro+’s store but it didn’t work.

  7. Yeah I was asking undying12, probably should have specified, sorry for the confusion.

  8. i bought it from otakurepublic, but yeah, it’s really expensive :(

  9. Such is the curse of importing physical goods. Anyways I didn’t know about that site, thanks a lot for your reply!

  10. I hope this means you’ll be translating Gahkthun as well.

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