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Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora Ni Review

At first this is a typical slice-of-life game set in a rather old-fashioned town, then it turns into a fantasy/action story once the routes begin and the powerful family's secrets are revealed.

The slice of life and comedy in the common route has some fairly silly heroines, a quirky yet nuanced writing style, plus a calm yet mystical atmosphere from both the town and the nice fluffy story to occupy time until the genre shift. Somehow it manages to be a highly immersive and relaxing experience that makes you eager to learn more about the town's secrets after the plot kicks in.

Then, sadly and bizarrely, the actual routes are just plain badly written. More often than not twenty pages will say what could easily fit into five sentences. Some fairly lengthy scenes have no discernible purpose, and several that should have one somehow fail to add the slightest detail to what we already knew. Partly as a result, the story varies between being needlessly nebulous (for most or all of each route you have no idea what the conflict is even about), poorly explained (in one dramatic finale a bunch of named characters died and I still don't understand why), inconsistent (the most powerful person in one route is reduced to a red shirt with a totally different power in another), and weird in a bad way (a couple of the twists would've been appropriate for a Doctor Who episode).

Score: 6/10

Polarization: (+2/-2)

Depends how much the common route's quality means to you when the routes are a complete waste of time.

Routes/Endings Played: All three.

P.S. Strangely, the elaborate and unique kanji multi-meanings underlying several of the names are the one part of the story that is coherent and properly explained.

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  1. New Doctor Who is shit.

  2. Ouch. No wonder it took you so long to play it if the routes were so bad. At least you said on Twitter that you’re enjoying Tenshi no Hane wo Fumanaide a lot more so far. Hope you don’t run into VNs this mediocre in the future.

  3. finished hutami’s route and dropped the game. the character route is just way too crazy…

  4. Well, I won’t tell you to like the game, since you clearly don’t care for the storytelling approach Shumon takes in it, but this page has an extremely detailed summary of everything that happens in the game plot-wise and why:

    I don’t really think the plot is that hard to understand myself, but I seem to be totally alone on that.

  5. Also I can’t edit comments sorry but you did play 異ならぬ世の終わりより, the short story that unlocks after playing all of the routes, right? It’s necessary to actually be able to connect any of the events in the game together since it gives you the basic premise behind what is actually happening.

  6. I did try reading that, but it was about as badly written as the routes, so after the first maybe fifteen minutes of it the text started feeling like unintelligible gibberish and I couldn’t bear to read any longer. I skimmed a few bits later on too, but whatever connection it had to the rest of the game remains completely lost on me.

    I’ll try reading that link and see if it helps.
    *edit*: I’ve read the whole thing, and it has only reinforced my opinions of the story. The stuff I thought I knew matched that site to a t, and the stuff I didn’t understand I still don’t even with that site’s attempts at explaining it.

  7. Even if you don’t care or understand the plot, I didn’t think it was humanely possible to dislike Konome’s route considering its sheer emotional power
    I mean, I can understand the moefags who felt trolled by ItsuSora when it was released and dropped it in unison without giving it a real chance but that’s not the case here
    Well I was wrong, I guess ItsuSora in inherently not for everyone.
    Tenshi no Hane is the most accessible Shumon title in a lot of way so it’s not surprising that you’d like it more

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