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Shinjisougeki Carnival Review

This story revolves around several girls on Rokushiki Island, all from families teaching them martial arts, and the vast majority of the emphasis is on the fights that take place between them as the centerpiece of the island's traditional ceremonies.

The main appeal of this VN is the gratuitously badass action, since the very good fight scenes make up at least half of the total text. They all have a steady flow from initial face-off to final blow, plenty of cool CGs, several unrealistic but cool techniques, and badass music that doesn't get old. Plus every fight feels completely different from the others.

The story and setting are pretty cool and entirely coherent, but often predictable and not terribly complicated. The slice of life and comedy are mediocre, but thankfully they're also extremely brief. The exposition and protagonists' thoughts are good enough to set the stage for all the fights though not much more. Most of the characters are also fairly simple, though they fill their roles well, especially the protagonists. For me the final Tomoe/Kaina battle was a notable exception, since I found their conflict compelling enough that the fight was epic instead of just cool.

Overall, this is a perfect example of focusing on exactly one thing, doing it very well, and thereby producing a short, simple and highly enjoyable (though not amazing) experience.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: (+0.5/-0.5)

The girls all seem to enjoy beating each other to a pulp more than we might consider healthy, which I found weird in a cool way, but others may find it weird in a bad way. Other than that, if you like lots of badass fights, you should enjoy this.

Routes/Endings Played: Linear

P.S. I read the iOS version of this during a recent plane flight. After talking to someone who read the PC version, it seems safe to assume they're the same.

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