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Aiyoku no Eustia Review

This is how you do low fantasy.

The setting is fairly original and well-thought out, with several large and interesting parts of it getting explored. The plot does an excellent job of producing plausible, detailed conflicts and investing you in the outcome, and quite a few of the twists are genuinely shocking. The writing is thankfully devoid of unnecessary text, and although the pacing isn't very fast you quickly realize that the time it's spending developing the world and the people in it is completely worth it. Even things that appear overly convenient at first always seem to get a good explanation later.

In fact, the characters are probably the best part. Some of my favorite scenes in this VN were when two characters who strongly disagreed on something tried to explain themselves to each other. The result is lots of meaningful, believable development for most of the major characters. When combined with the good story and setting, that was more than enough to get me excited at every fight, happy at every triumph and sad at every loss. Once I even shed a tear for the death of spriteless minor character. The ending in particular is just about perfect, giving a completely satisfying resolution to everything that had built up to it.

My only serious complaints are that some of the major twists in the first half were pretty easy to predict, and in many chapters there's often a nagging sense that you're just waiting for lots of little things to finally add up to a certain big event you know has to happen eventually.

Score: 9/10

Polarization: (+0.5/-1)

Not a lot to dislike here honestly. I think the biggest problem you might have is feeling that some of the character development happens implausibly fast.

Routes/Endings Played: All, including the omake stories.

P.S. The non-true endings and omakes are all very short, typically five minutes of fluff and an h-scene, so at first I'd recommend ignoring them all and focusing on the main story. It is good fluff though, so don't hesitate to read some or all of them afterward.

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  1. I saw you said the Eustia project was dead on twitter, does this mean you might have an interest in translating it?

  2. I’m not sure how you missed the tweet where I said I did.

  3. Sorry, “It’s been a long time since something got added to the list of potential translation candidates.” right after the Aiyoku no Eustia review tweet should have given sense to me. Probably because i had just woken up.

  4. According to linktriforce007, Eustia is still alive. I’m very confuse but which is the truth?

  5. Linktriforce007 told us it was dead, so I’m equally confused.

    I guess it recently came back to life? It’s better for the community if it is, though, as it means more games for everyone in the long run.

  6. Recent post in that VNTLS links shows that he claims he wasn’t Ixrec’s source, though.

  7. We’ll see where it’s at when the time finally comes for us to actually select new projects. Until then it’s just not worth debating.

  8. I’ll just paste what I have in my logs for us all to oogle:

    [02:18] @Sheeta: link: is the Aiyoku no Eustia tl project alive?
    [02:27] linktriforce007: yes
    [02:28] linktriforce007: but definitely not as alive as Coμ
    [02:29] linktriforce007: I mean, my projects are so alive that I can be active on all of them lol

    [02:50] linktriforce007: Well, sheeta
    [02:50] linktriforce007: New news about AnE’s speed.
    [02:51] linktriforce007: “glacially.”
    [02:51] linktriforce007: as in frozen still.
    [02:51] ~Ixrec: matches the vntls graph

    We interpreted “glacially” as meaning dead, but I guess we should’ve double checked. Sorry if we caused any distress to the AnE team.

  9. My only 10/10 among the VNs I’ve read untralslated. It’s a shame the TL project is barely alive. I don’t understand how August reverted to their regular moeges after Eustia, and I’ll never understand why this makes most of their fans happy.
    Wish I could find something else of the same level. Do I have a chance?

  10. I’d give the whole thing a lower overall rating but I pretty much agree. Some parts of the first half or so of the game weren’t great (especially Eris’s route, the greater conflict in it was okay but I found Eris herself to be neither particularly sympathetic or believable). That said once it got going things were generally good and it had a really well fleshed out setting and whatnot. Also gotta give credit to Lucius, what a great character.

    It’s a pity August seems to have gone back to the standard moege formula, I’m hoping they do more things like this in the future. “Moege company making a story game” is the sort of thing that seems like it would easily fall flat but it pulled together surprisingly well.

  11. I can definitely understand some mixed opinions regarding Eris. I was going back and forth on that for a while myself though in the end I think it did “work” for me.

    It’s also worth pointing out that a huge part of making *good* moege is having good characterization, and lo and behold that’s Eustia’s biggest strength, so it’s not quite as surprising as it might seem.

    And yes holy shit Lucius was amazing T__T

  12. Is there still a possibility you might do this after you’re done with whatever is currently on your plate? For all intents an purposes it is completely dead now, which is a shame for such a great game. I’ve no doubt it’ll be better of in your hands than most others.

    Thanks for your years of dedication with VN translations – you and takajun (before he was spirited away by aliens) tend to produce the highest quality translations which are pleasure to play.

  13. Eustia is also on my short list, so yes it’s a possibility. I heard about it dying so that possibility has been in the back of my mind for some time now.

  14. Great to hear! Best wishes regardless of what you decide to do.

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