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Comyu Common and Benio Route Patch

Download the patch from the usual place.

The images for these routes are fully translated, so you shouldn't be able to find any Japanese unless you start going into the other routes.

I apologize for the huge delays on this patch. There's no specific reason for it other than a hell of a lot of bad luck, the biggest of which was my laptop breaking and me being unable to replace it for over a month.

This patch includes an h-scene skip option. Unlike our a profile patch, we managed to add the option directly into Comyu's config menu, instead of making it a checkbox in the installer.

Also, we had significant difficulties getting Comyu's default font to change. We think it's completely fixed now, but if you see thick letters overlapping each other so much it's impossible to read some lines, please tell us.

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  1. First comment.

    Can’t contain my admiration for saviors of the VN translation scene.

  2. Thank you so much Ixrec, I already bought the game from Japan a couple weeks ago and I also bought Inganock, Sharnoth and Rewrite, I completed Inganock (fantastic game), reached the Chapter 5 of Sharnoth (dont find it as interesting/engaging as Inganock though) and I started playing Rewrite a couple days ago, so thanks and errr… thanks again! (thumbs up Sky High style) and keep up the fantastic work.

  3. Thank you sir, I’ve been looking forward to this one.

  4. Don’t intend to play this until the full patch is out, but I still want to say thanks. You guys rock.

  5. Oh shit.. just when Grisaia was released ><
    Grisaia, Comyu, Grisaia, Comyu.. aahhhh, can't decide. I think I'll stick to Grisaia and play Comyu, when the full patch is out.
    Anyways, as always, thanks for your hard work!

  6. many thanks, but i think i will wait for the full patch XD, still play Grisaia for the time being XD

  7. Don’t think you need to apologize, you guys are one of the fastest (if not the fastest) TL group that I know.

    Big thanks for your work.

  8. Great to hear you’re making progress. I already bought Comyu, though I’ve got lots of other VNs on my backlog, so I’ll wait for the final patch.

  9. Thank you.

  10. Say, any chance of translating the VN “euphoria” after your current VN list and Baldr Sky (Please finish…!) are done? Maybe at least take a look at it and give it a review? Euphoria is one of the lesser-known VN, and appears to have an extremely complex plot.

  11. Have you read it yourself or are you basing this on a plot summary?

  12. Nope. A Japanese-speaking friend read it, and gave me something of a rundown.

  13. In an extremely brief summary, it’s a psychological mystery, with dark sex elements mixed in.

  14. I’ve been told by trusted sources that it’s little more than a torture porn nukige, so I won’t be adding it to the list.

  15. Sigh…very well! Thank you for at least considering the request!

  16. Out of curiosity, how often will you be releasing patches? Will there be one for every route, at certain benchmarks, whenever you feel like it, etc?

  17. This is answered on our FAQ.

  18. キーワード:セクシーな服装企業「対台灣もナナリー近日上陸深センファッション」をもたらす、傘下の婦人服のブランド「EYAMEYANG”し、2月9日の展示を今年の春夏の新型。全体的なスタイルの:勝手に、軽快、快適で、カジュアル、上品とファッションの解釈。生地:天然の合成の茂って糸;手触り素敵なシルクめい閃光粉;メッシュのモザイクと透明なジャカード;様々な色の交差布片など。カラー:白、ベージュ、中性の色調、薄い金色と銀色のアンケートを添えた複雑な感。ユビキタス白い手を新しいスタイルモノクロ、終始優雅で富んだ現代感。同じ色の濃淡が交錯すると不規則な外観を作り出すの大自然。

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