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Translation Hiatus

As some of you already know, I'll be moving to the UK for my first job in the very near future. In theory I could attempt to continue translating right up until the day I get on the plane, but that would be a very bad idea for obvious reasons. Plus, I've already been quite slow lately, partly because all the things I have to worry about in real life are weakening my focus. So now that there are only a few weeks left before I should be moving, I'm going to officially pause translation until I've finished settling in to my new living arrangements.

Since I've never moved to a foreign country for work before, I can't claim to know how much time I'll need to settle. But I do know my job starts at the beginning of November, and my gut feeling is that I should be translating again a month or so from today.

Just to be clear: Everything I promised to translate (Comyu, Rewrite:Hf, Valusia, Sona-Nyl) I will still translate. This is just a temporary hiatus until I get settled.

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  1. Good luck with your new job!

  2. how long before you get arrested for distributing child pornography

  3. > how long before you get arrested for distributing child pornography
    > uk
    one of the 1st things that crossed my mind when I read you were moving there a while ago

    anyhow, I wish you well!

  4. good luck with your job

  5. Hey, the UK! That’s where I live!

    Hope you enjoy it here, you’re just in time for the miserable shitty weather that’ll last all Autumn/Winter :D

  6. Good luck with your move. We’ll await your return.

  7. No worries! We understand that RL is important :D
    Good luck with your job ;)

  8. Are you almost back to translating again?

  9. Excuse me sorry if it’s too sudden but this is already one month since this post.
    Are you having plan to translate the rest of Comyu in this month or the next month?
    Sorry and thanks if you want to reply this

    PS: Hope you get enough comfortable in your job

  10. Good luck friend, don’t forget about us. <3

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