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There probably won't be any translation until January.

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  1. What do you mean? Comyu probably wont get another patch release until January or that you are probably extending your hiatus all the way to January?

  2. @Nier: I’m very sure he means the latter.

  3. Good luck in your new job!

  4. Aw :’c well, gotta keep waiting :3 good luck!

  5. Hey, first time visitor here. Good luck on your new job! Thanks for all the translations you’ve given us :)). Rewrite was so good. happy thanksgiving <3

  6. somehow i think there will be another hiatus in january.. oh well, nothing i can do except waiting

  7. yeah i’m not disappointed at all cuz at least you keep the blog up-to-date. Wish you the best in your job so that you’ll be able to translate again next month ^^

  8. Yo. It’s funny how long it took me to find this post:

    I wanted to ask how that project it going since the link on the post doesn’t seem to work anymore. T.T

    I know that is “working” on translating kirikiri2/kag3 under the name kage-kirie but their site for the wiki seems dead. Since I’m gotten interested, I have been checking the net out. I sent them a comment a month ago but given how they work, I do not expect any answers for a very long time.
    So I’ve been looking other places where this one was one:
    Some person who started it this summer and then stopped after getting this far:

    So I’m quite interested in seeing how far Ixrec has reached. Would be great if it could be put together with the other parts and somehow get something complete that we could use.

    Any chance of those pages/translation being re-uploaded somewhere?

  9. I gave up on that probably years ago partly because I had no clue what I was doing (though these days I’m far more fluent so it’d be quite easy) and partly because after Nagato figured out how to implement real wordwrapping in kirikiri2 it felt like there wasn’t any real point in translating those docs anymore. Since the engine itself is horribly out of date we have no real interest in it beyond hacking, and wordwrapping is often one of the very few non-trivial parts of a VN hack. Plus the amount I managed to do is so tiny there’s no point trying to find it again much less upload it anywhere.

    If I were to do anything engine-related these days it’d probably be more work on Juniper. Even in its current incomplete, unpolished and largely untested state Juniper already does some things better than kirikiri (it works on Linux and Mac*, the scripting language is usable by non-coders, it’s built on UTF-8 from the ground up, the movement and shader* systems simplify a lot of stuff you’d have to code yourself in kirikiri, etc).
    *These two features I implemented but haven’t released yet.

    But if you have a handful of very specific questions that could be easily answered by looking at the docs, I’d be happy to quickly look them up for you. Or if you can identify a relatively small chunk of the documentation that would be so helpful it’s worth the time to tl it.

  10. Oh then it’s fine. I dunno what to ask you to translate and I got no desire to force you to work on something that’s ancient.

    I’m an IT guy too but since I was a little low on the programming experience I was thinking of playing with kirikiri2. (don’t use mac or android so it didn’t matter).

    Just checked Juniper. Sounds interesting. Making your own engine. XD

    I guess, I’ll make some use of Renpy while juniper gets better. (make my Japanese better)

    Thanks for the answer and being so fast.^^

  11. So just out of curiousity because I just got back from Afghanistan, but what ever happened to that Baldr Sky translation I was looking forward to?

  12. So just out of curiousity because I just got back from Afghanistan, but what ever happened to that Baldr Sky translation I was looking forward to?

  13. Well, short story is it’s been stalled for 8 months now.
    Since then no words have been spoken about it.

  14. has the translation started yet? ._.

  15. Just read Inganock, reading Sharnoth now. Excellent games/work. Thanks for your effort.

  16. Hey guys Amaterasu has finally started translated again. Hooray!!!!

  17. Hi there, so I’m just wondering if we are going to be getting anymore updates soon seeing as we haven’t had any news since November of last year :(

  18. @Tempest im not part of the group or anything but considering that all routes except Kagome just hit 100% i’d imagine we will see partial patch 2 any day now.

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