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Comyu 2nd Patch

Download the patch from the usual place.

This patch translates the Common, Benio, Hisoka, Mayuki and Ayaya routes, ie everyone's except Kagome's. You must read Benio first, but you can read Hisoka, Mayuki and Ayaya in any order. To help you decide what order: Hisoka's is the most "real deal" and relevant to the main plot, Mayuki's is largely a side plot, and Ayaya's is arguably a joke route (in a good way).

As before, the images for these routes are fully translated, and this patch includes an h-scene enable/disable option in Comyu's config menu.

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  1. Hooouuuu!!!

    by the way I’m first >->!!

  2. Cool <3! Ixrec FTW.

  3. Thank you! \Ô/

  4. thx as always!

  5. How come you didn’t change the image?

  6. Thanks for the hard work!

  7. Wonderful, can’t thank you enough!!

  8. Thx !!! I love you guys!

  9. Thanks! I really appreciate this! I owe you one!

  10. Thanks a lot for your hard work!

  11. Thanks a lot guys!

  12. in mayuki’s route, there’s text without translation (chats between comyu’s)

  13. Um This might be a dumb question but if you can pick any route to start after Benio then how exctly do you unlock each route. I managed to unlock two of the routes and it’s kind of obvious which of them is Hisoka from the choices you need to make , but how do you get the third one , and which is mayuki and which Ayas?

  14. Images for these routes are NOT fully translated. At least as far as the net-scenes in Mayuki’s route go they’re all still Japanese.

  15. Thanks for translation.

  16. Thank you! Great job!!!

  17. I know it is not really the place to place it, but still. In Mayuki route part of translated text is showing only in backlog.

  18. Just want to say tks! ^^

  19. This group is the best!!

  20. how large is your translation team? lol

  21. Awesome stuff guys! Best VN group out there right now imo. GL and HF!

  22. Good to see you’re back.

  23. Thanks for your hardwork, almost complete!!!

    keep it up~ and you guys are awesome

  24. 100%! Patch soon? :D

  25. Seems like not soon.

  26. We’re working on it, guys. We need to go over the finishing touches, make sure everything is A-OK, that way when you guys get it, you’ll think it’s really good, rather than just “meh.”

  27. That’s great news Link, any idea on time frame? didn’t want to play until the until the last route was complete but if it’s close I was going to start now.

    Unrelated: I’ve always liked the games Amaterasu translates, they tend to be very interesting to me (except moon. I kind of hated moon.) I just wanted you to know that I greatly appreciate the work you’ve done. I know it takes a colossal amount of time and effort to translate a good VN your doing it for free.

  28. Thanks a lot! I’m grateful for your hard work.

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