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Comyu Complete Patch

Download the patch from the usual place.

Finally, we've released a complete patch translating all routes of Comyu. This means all the routes from the previous patch plus Kagome's route.

As before, the images for these routes are fully translated (I checked this time, they really are!), and this patch includes an h-scene enable/disable option in Comyu's config menu.

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  1. Thanks so much for translating this wonderful game for us, dude :)

    Also, hope you enjoy a nice well deserved breather before tackling the Rewrite FD

    One question though, does MG’s recent deal with LS change anything regarding the two projects that follow HF?

  2. > One question though, does MG’s recent deal with LS change anything regarding the two projects that follow HF?

    Long story short, we haven’t figured that out yet.

  3. Can you patch this over the previous partial?

  4. It should be safe to use on top of previous patches.

  5. You’re doing god’s work, Ixrec, my boy.

  6. Many thanks for release. Enjoy a well-earned break!

  7. Another question, does this full patch include fixes of the other routes? As far as grammar, typos, etc? Obviously not for the true route yet since you just released the patch, but I like waiting for V2’s.

  8. Thanks a lot for translating this superb novel ! :)

  9. Thank you so much, you guys are awesome.

  10. We all really appreciate that you take the time to do these translations. Thank you so much!

  11. Thank you very much!

  12. thanks soo much :D been following the progress this entire year cant wait to play this :)

  13. > does this full patch include fixes of the other routes?

    It includes everything that’s been reported in the past and everything our new QCers found (and they did go through the old routes), so yes.

  14. Arrigato! You are our yuusha! >_<

  15. Aww, you are awesome, thank you very much~

  16. Great Work! Thank you guys^_^

  17. yaaay! I can’t wait for you to translate Rewrite: Harvest Festa next!

  18. Thank you very much for the work you’ve put into this guys!
    Keep up the good work :D

  19. Thank you very much for putting a considerable — though the world hardly cuts it, I believe — amount of effort into this patch. As always: great job!

  20. Thank you a Lot. We can’t thank you enough for the effort you make translating this awesome works. <3 you.

  21. Thank you so much!! you’re my hero! TwT

  22. Thank you very much, based Amaterasu

  23. What images are you talking about? Cause the one here is not translated

  24. otsukaresama
    thanks ^^

  25. @asda I meant the images that are actually part of the game, like the chat logs and image boards. Translating the linked images seemed a bit silly since they’re bits and pieces of Akatsuki’s official website, which I doubt anyone cares about (and none of those pages actually exist anymore anyway). If people actually care about this then we can discuss it in the forum.

  26. good work translating another top quality vn, <3 the fast pace + high quality of ur translations :D

  27. Thank you, thank you !

  28. Thank you for all the wonderful work! The visual novel community really appreciates it. :)

  29. Thank you for the translation. This is an incredible VN, and I’m glad I was able to read it.

  30. Thanks for all your hard work translating.

    I don’t understand what you see in the WAB series or why we are wasting valuable and limited TL time to bring them over (this might be because of what a disappointment the last release outside of Forest was). Given that 2 of the next translations are from something where I think the source is likely going to be deficient, we’ll see.

    Thanks for everything though, you brought over some really good stuff.

  31. Thank you so much!

  32. Hey man, thank you so much for the TL, been reading this non stop!

    As a side note, do you know anywhere I can find or by the soundtrack? It’s been driving me crazy

  33. Thank you very much for the translation. I have played it and the game it is a truly masterpiece. One of the best visual novel i have played and i can only apreciate piece of art thanks to your effort guys. Thank you.

  34. @Joho1993: has a couple links to online stores that offer it.

  35. thank you, thank you very much!

  36. Thanks for the translations Ixrec & team!

    Really looking forward to Rewrite Harvest, if that’s your next project :D

  37. Oh God Rewrite is next! :))
    Thanks in Advance for doing the FD!

  38. Thanks for the patch! So is Rewrite: HF! still on track for your next project?

  39. Thx for hard work. What tools did you use for repacking xp3 arcive? Extracting can be done with xp3 dumper/viewer. Tools from tlwiki did not help.

  40. We always have a hacker develop or find tools for us. Any serious VN project ends up needing a real hacker at some point; even when there are existing tools they never do 100% of what we need right out of the box, and usually they just don’t work at all for any VN other than the one they were originally made for.

    If you want to translate Comyu into another language or something I’d be happy to send you our tools.

  41. Yep, thx in advance.

  42. Many thanks for the translation :) about to start Comyu myself haha.

    On another note, I don’t mean to sound pushy, but is Futsuu still making progress in Baldr Sky? If so, do you think we could get a translation progress bar or something?

  43. @EB Futsuu slowed down in the middle of the second route and was inactive for months before formally tweeting that he’d dropped it. That was years ago, see .

  44. Many thanks for the great read! Worth the wait!

  45. Hey, when are u gonna start Rewrite HF?

  46. @Wafuu: When I feel like it. Don’t have an ETA right now.

  47. Good work on finishing this. I’m really excited now that Rewrite Harvest Festa can start (whenever you feel like it). Looking forward to that, good luck!

  48. Now to wait for harvest festa with bated breath :D

  49. if u can u should finish the majikoi s vn the people who have been translating it have gone dark for almost a year now without any updates if u can u should look into finishing what they started they got 65% done translating it if u can pick up this project please do cause iv been waiting forever for it to be translated

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