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Gore Screaming Show Review

GSS's claim to fame is basically "plot-driven gore." As a fan of Elfen Lied, I was certainly intrigued by the idea of a visual novel stepping into similar territory.

Sadly, most of the game is a complete waste of time. The first three routes are painfully ordinary and boring (each around 6/10). Although the plot tries to do interesting things in the latter half of each route, they often end up being so predictable it hardly counts as an improvement. I was basically ctrl-tapping through over half the game. The fourth route was a bit better, as a few interesting things actually did happen and several hints were made, though most of them were never followed up on, so that's more of a 6.5/10.

On the other hand, the final route (Yuka's, and in many ways Gore's too) is actually very good (7.5/10). Their backstory, while far less epic than I'd hoped, is well-told and makes everything she does surprisingly believable, instead of a mere half-hearted excuse to rape everyone with tentacles. The protag's efforts to undo the damage result in a rather typical but still fairly touching story with a fair number of genuine surprises and clever twists, both in the bad and good ends.

Score: 6.5/10

Polarization: Low (+/-1)

If you play only Yuka's route (or simply wipe the other four from your memory) then the whole game is effectively a 7.5. Thankfully, her route is effectively independent from the others; you'll lose nothing by skipping the first four. However, if you're so sick of the game by the time you get there that you can't even bring yourself to care, then it could fall to a 5.5. There's really nothing else polarizing about this other than the obvious issue of whether you can handle the gore.

Routes/Endings Played: One ending for most routes, all endings of Yuka's route

PS: The ero content in this game is very high quality, so if that's why you care about GSS then you won't be disappointed. If you didn't already know, it includes lots of perfectly consensual sex on top of the bizarre fetishes like masturbation, gangrapes and what I can only describe as "explosive tentacular dismemberment". (for the record, I never felt physically sick, but still, WOW...)

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  1. cool story bro

  2. Since when is masturbation a “bizarre fetish” in eroge? :|

  3. By the standards of eroge with genuine plot (i.e. non-nukige), and thus ones which are of any interest to me, it is pretty unusual. And if you consider GSM a nukige, then my reviews are probably meaningless anyway.

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