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Never 7 -the end of infinity- Review

As part of the infinity series, you know more or less what to expect: a group of effectively isolated characters spend about a week doing slice-of-lifey things while some metaphysical mystery surrounding the events is progressively hinted at and then revealed.

First, the good news. The slice-of-life is great. All the characters interact believably and unpredictably, and while none are exceptionally subtle or complex there really isn't any scene where they fail to be entertaining. There is quite an abundance of choices (especially during the first two days), most of which effectively drag you a bit further into those scenes and make the inevitable route selection feel perfectly natural. However, a few scenes employ rather blatant cliches, and not many of the events can really be called original.

Now, the bad news. That overarching mystery plot you probably came here for......well, it exists, but it barely matters. For a while, the hints are actually not bad, and although clearly unoriginal you'll still want to know what's going on. Then the reveal comes and, while satisfying, it feels a tad forced and/or arbitrary in retrospect. But since it remained an effective vehicle for more great character interaction, I didn't mind at all. Then the climax turned out to be a cluster bomb of timey wimey ass pulls, and I was more or less unable to care for the last hour of the story.

Score: 7/10

Polarization: Low to Mild (+1/-2)

If you care only about the slice-of-life and ignore the plot, this could be an 8. If you do the reverse, this could be a 5. That's about it.

Routes/Endings Played: Yuka's route only. I have since been told the last route is the best, so I may go back and play more someday.

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  1. Do a review of Flyable Heart or Hoshizora no Memoria next.

  2. The Inganock translation takes up the vast majority of my free time at the moment. I’ll be lucky to finish Narcissu 3 and Baldr Sky by the end of the month, and after that I’ve already decided to read YUNO (no offense, but that’s a far higher priority than Hoshimemo or FH), which could easily take over a month on its own if I had nothing else I needed to do.

    Still, Hoshimemo I can guarantee I will read someday, but don’t hold your breath.

  3. Thanks for considering Hoshizora. I’ll look forward to your review of YUNO.

  4. I think both slice-of-life and the mystery plot are good enough, provided you view them separately, which, of course, is not something one supposed to do because the game is supposed to tie up the story in a cohesive way. It’s kinda interesting that the cause/mechanics of the infinity loops are given two answers. I really had problems with it before, but now I guess I learned to appreciate multiple interpretation plots as long as they can make sense.

  5. For me the best route is Yuka’s route. I don’t know which is the last route but if I must mention another good route that is the Izumi Cure route.
    The others not much as good as those two but still entertain to play.

  6. Just noticed you forgot to mark this VN as fully translated in your review list. Also, I think it’s a bit misleading to call Nakazawa the creator of Never7 and Ever17 since the main person behind them was Uchikoshi Kotarou, not him.

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