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Introduction to this Blog

This is the official blog of Amaterasu Translations. All posts here are either original content by Ixrec or Nagato, or copies of posts on our forums (which were probably written by Ixrec or Nagato, lol).

At the moment (not counting stuff copied from the forum), Nagato's only post is in the Programming category. Everything else can be safely assumed to be Ixrec's.

The Amaterasu category contains all need-to-know information and announcements from the translation group. Most of these are copied from the forum, though some are or may be modified later. Generally speaking, anything in these posts is something you are expected to know (or be willing to look up without anyone telling you to). Since I try to keep the number of posts in there to a minimum, and there still are very few, this shouldn't be hard.

The Visual Novel Reviews category is, atm, the majority of this blog's content as well as the original reason it was created: for me (Ixrec) to formally review all the VNs I've played. This post is the need-to-know stuff that applies to my reviewing style, and this post has the need-to-know lists of what I have reviewed, what scores they got, what I've played, what I am playing, and what I will play (and I do update it every few days). Aside from those two, every post in the category is an actual VN review.

*on 5/5 I revised all my old reviews, adding the routes/endings I played to each one and rewriting a few minor things*

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