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This is probably the only thing I have ever read which I would dare call "flawless." It is that good.

First, Tanaka Romeo's writing style is absolutely insane. It actually manages to make me feel like every single line in the game has a point, and that if you removed any one of them the scene simply wouldn't be complete (this probably isn't true, but it sure feels like it). When asked how to describe it, I usually say it's something like a combination of Shakespeare's elaborate descriptive flourishes and Hemingway's straightforward exposition.

Perhaps more importantly, the characters are all masterpieces. It's obvious from very early on that each of them is a complex person with their own secrets and/or ulterior motives. Thanks to the plot, we even get to see multiple versions of a number of them, the contrast between which is downright fascinating.

Then the plot. For about the first half of the game it more or less stays in the background and lets the characterization do its thing, but the reveals it eventually makes range from the amazing to the downright mind-boggling. I literally read the entire final week in comatose disbelief over the mere premise of it.

Art and music aren't  major focal points of the game, but both are really nice and do the characters and plot justice.

I would go into more detail, but almost everything about this game is a spoiler.

Score: 10/10

Polarization: Extreme (-4)

If you dislike Romeo's writing style, and all of the characters  (despite being masterworks, several of them are unlikable for much of the game), and feel there isn't enough plot early on, your experience could fall all the way to a 6/10. The protagonist is especially easy to dislike since he spends much of the first week being little more than a crazy pervert.

Routes/Endings Played: All

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  1. You may find Moogy’s rant/rave/review of this game to be of interest:

  2. Thanks a lot for translating this with such great care and quality. I’ve just started reading, but I can already tell that it gives off a different vibe from the other games I’ve played.

  3. I love you for translating this game. This is probably one of the best games I’ve played (story wise), and am So glad I was able to play it.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to translate this game! It was a fascinating, at times disturbing, but ultimately moving read, and there’s no way I would have had the same experience without such an excellent job on the translation. I had my doubts about the stellar review, but it’s praise well deserved.

  5. Well CROSSCHANNEL is surprisingly good with plot revolving, more or less, around such difficult topic as human psychology (I’m really fond of this stuff), without unecessary infodumping. It’s a shame that the soundtrack is not very ambitious (although selection of certain songs totally matched things on screen, “Signal” is the example). This novel really deserve better music.
    But leaving it aside, do you know why there is some retranslation project? I enjoyed reading this without any distaste from level of Amaterasu’s translation, so I don’t really know what is a purpose of doing something like this (to be honest – I’m not native English speaker, so maybe there are some sublte hmm errors (?) which are noticeable only to natives, but even in that case I would say that it is overreacting).
    4 the record – your favourite character in this vn?

  6. The current retranslation has absolutely nothing to do with us (and we have not yet contacted or been contacted by this person) so there’s nothing I can tell you about that.

    I don’t really have favorite characters. They’re all good.

  7. The re translation has an updated system and adds the scenes from the Xbox 360 version, a new OP, and is in a more higher resolution (800×600).

  8. I just finished this game and it was awesome. The story may be a bit confusing and vague but I think that’s for the best interest of this game. Giving all things explanations as to why they happen is not always good.

    Thanks for translating this game, I couldn’t imagine other translators for this project without giving me the same impression I had.

    PS. I didn’t dislike Peke-kun at all XD

  9. My most sincere thanks for the wonderful translation.

  10. Thank you for the wonderful translation. I throughly enjoyed reading Cross Channel and look forward to your next release!

  11. Read this vn twice, first time it got me crying and depressed, second time I understood everything.. I didn’t dislike the protagonist at all, that made the vn funnier for me.

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