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BALDR SKY Dive1 “LostMemory” Review

You all know what most mecha stories are like. Baldr Sky is a lot like those, but better.

The most obvious thing to praise the game for is its pacing. There is never a dull moment, and I mean that literally. The story, despite its fundamental unoriginality, has plenty of intelligent and unpredictable characters/factions/events to keep things moving along and keep satisfying you with skilled plot twists at every major turn, as well as a very clever and refreshingly plausible justification for the mecha themselves. The gameplay is integrated seamlessly into the story (sole exception: can't skip battles when replaying) and does a great deal to help immerse you in it, even if you set the difficulty to the minimum like I did.

The game's only huge flaw is the aforementioned "fundamental unoriginality." Inevitably, a number of events are going to feel cliche or predictable partly because nearly everything in the game is a trope of some form and partly because the writing is not quite clever enough to completely work around that. But other than that, the execution is flawless. The vast majority of twists, reveals and battles will satisfy, impress, and more likely than not sadistically tease you about what they can't reveal until you're screaming "Dive 2 where!?"

The three routes work together beautifully, with the sole flaw that some parts of the final route repeat a little too much old content. And finally, there is a large cluster of potentially world-changing secrets entirely withheld from you until Dive 2, but hopefully you saw that coming.

Score: 8.5/10

Polarization: Low (+0.5/-1)

One of the convenient consequences of "fundamental unoriginality" is heavy depolarization, so this subscore should come as no surprise.

Routes/Endings Played: All

PS: Some people find this game very buggy, so be sure to either download the patch, disable DirectX or save really really often.

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  1. Sounds like “Code Geass – The VN” (even though it’s probably far better than CG, your description of greatly executed but unoriginal story + mecha + ending that makes you scream SECOND SEASON/GAME WHERE made me think of that). Oh well, I’ll probably end loving it even if the plot is a bit trite.

  2. Though a fair comparison, I must say I preferred Code Geass because it had more stuff to fill the first season with (no real teasing for R2 imo) and ofc Xanatos Speed Chess, of which Baldr Sky only has a tiny bit right at the end which won’t make any sense until Dive 2.

  3. I suspect that maybe those of us (eg. me!) who have _zero_ exposure to mecha anything outside of the select few eroges that cover it (other Baldr games, a few other titles like Muv-Luv+Alt, Demonbane et. al) found Baldr Sky to be a lot more unique and enjoyable =P

    I suspect this is why plenty of people enjoy Shuffle! when it’s their first eroge, but if you play if after playing something else, noooooooooooooo.

  4. Very true. Nice example btw, since Shuffle! was my first too :P

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