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Ever17 -the out of infinity- Review

This is one of the iconic mystery/mindscrew VNs, and for good reason.

The way the game is set up, you have to retrace the plot through four separate routes before unlocking the final "Coco's route". The first four routes amount to a mix of slice-of-life, sci-fi, and stingy hinting about the greater truth behind everything. The SoL parts are consistently entertaining, the sci-fi is usually pretty clever and the hints drove me absolutely insane.

The characters are a mixed bag. Each of them have their moments which can make you laugh or feel sorry, and they all feel entirely believable, but there's simply not that much going on with the majority of them. I'm pretty much neutral on this point.

The real flaw with this game is its persistent tendency towards treating you like an idiot with overly long explanations, profuse weasel words and some gimmicks which simply aren't as cool as it thinks they are. Fortunately, this is primarily the case during the early parts of the routes, and its completely absent from Coco's route.

But what makes the game a legend is the veritable roller coaster of huge reveals and plot twists that bombard you in the final route. This part is presented perfectly, with the very fabric of spacetime (literally) twisting itself to make the developments flow seamlessly and quickly. Some of them I kinda-sorta expected, but most were complete bolts from the blue.

Score: 9/10

Polarization: Mild (+1/-2)

If the characters and the slice-of-life bore you, or the game treating you like an idiot at first really irritates you, it could be as low as 7. On the other hand, if you completely ignore the first four routes (and the scenes from them repeated in the start of the fifth route) you may be inclined to give it a perfect 10.

Routes/Endings Played: All

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  1. Hah, I’m playing this at the moment and I find what you say mostly true. I haven’t gotten the final path yet but the normal routes are pretty entertaining.

  2. The best of the infinity series, as far as I can tell. Never7 confused me too much, Remember11…well…ahh…let’s just say there’s a good reason for why it led KID down the path of bankruptcy. Still working on 12riven, but I don’t think it’ll be better, ever17 is in that protected place in my heart next to Umineko and Kagetsu Tohya and such (I admit that I liked Kagetsu Tohya more than Tsukihime, go figure).
    I do admit that the slice of life wasn’t that great at the beginning, but the true ending makes up for it (especially that scene with the mirror, WHOA).

  3. Originally only played the Tsugumi route. Since I’ve lose my save file and had heard some complaints about the final route I hadn’t felt much reason to play it.

    Thanks for reviewing, now I’ll be sure to continue it soon.

  4. >The real flaw with this game is its persistent tendency towards treating you like an idiot with overly long explanations, profuse weasel words and some gimmicks which simply aren’t as cool as it thinks they are.

    Blame Sora.

  5. More like blame everyone knowing more than the protagonist, even getting bested by an amnesiac kid at some points in the Tsugumi/Sora routes. :P

    Loved this game to bits, I was “lolwut”‘ing all the way through it…

  6. My first VN and Coco’s route is still one of my favorite VN routes. If only the other 4 route hadn’t been so much to get through. But either way when everything comes together this game is really awesome.

  7. I’ve been playing You route and satisfy with her ending, well because this is my first very looooong VN, so I am too tired to play the next route then drop it for awhile. After that continue to Sora route, but not too satisfy as much as You route. Then rest again for a while. I wonder why can’t I choose Coco route from the start, I like her attitude and voice actor, why must finish all route before unlock her…
    Because of those reasoning, I continue with Sara route then Tsugumi route… I didn’t expect this… This route is great and touching. Now I can slightly see why people say this VN is a must.
    Now is the time for Coco route!

    My mind is freaked out! The twist is twisting my brain.
    Can’t help it.
    This feeling…
    I love this sensation!
    The fours route before was nothing compared to this one!

    So for all of you who wondering why this VN is a legend, play all routes! Especially the Final route. If you only play one or four route you may say this is average. But no, you cant say it again after completing all route.

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