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G-Senjou no Maou Review

The main draw of this game is the battle of wits between the main characters. And on that point, it delivers in spades, with each major case containing numerous twists, many of which can probably be reasoned out in advance if you are a god or have way too much free time, but for the most part are beyond human ability to predict. Especially in the final chapter, the true nature of what's going on can be simply mind-blowing.

But there is other stuff. Particularly in the first chapter (where else?) there's quite a bit of slice of life content to fledge out all the characters--especially the narrator's--and in that respect it works perfectly well and is consistently interesting and/or hilarious. Many of these scenes even bordered on being critical to plot or character development.

Now the bad news. The characters are all perfectly fine, and certainly qualify as multi-dimensional, but in and of themselves simply aren't that deep. As a result, most of the character's routes (ie, anything but the true end that leads to the final chapter) decline into somewhat more ordinary drama plotlines, all of which are good, but they don't come close to the awesomeness of the main plot.

Score: 9/10

Polarization: Mild (+1/-2)

If you skipped all side routes and went straight for the true ending, I can see giving this a perfect score. However, the fact that the first four chapters technically aren't necessary for any of the mind-blowing events in the final chapter is likely to leave some asking what the point of them is.

Routes/Endings Played: All

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  1. I absolutely loved the music from this game. It had so many amazing themes that fit perfectly into the scenes they were placed upon.

    I agree on the side routes, except for the part where Shiratori’s bored the hell out of me. I never did figure out how to get ….ugh I can’t remember her name. Purple hair, first route girl. I never got her 3rd H-scene, couldn’t figure it out.

    All in all this was a great game and for the most part I agree with this review.

  2. The game started out excellently for me (AB2 + classical music) but it went downhill from there. I probably had too high expectations for the game after SNK and half the time I spent was anticipating all the plot twists (I actually did manage to predict the real purpose of the shares, some of Maou’s little traps and I even guessed Maou’s true identity in chapter two although this was only one of several theories I had which I eliminated as the game went on) which meant that there was never a true moment of suprise for me.

    The characters were good but as time went on it began to feel like Shiratori and Tsubaki were the respective tsun and dere sides of Touka from SNK (and Kanon bears an uncanny resemblance to Sia from Shuffle).

    There were a lot of motifs being thrown around but very few of them got followed up on properly including Haru’s violin playing which got perhaps only four or five sentences in the end.

    The music was top-tier as usual, especially the renditions of Amazing Grace, and the option to show the track playing was a really nice touch (haven’t seen this in a VN before but I may have missed it). I’d advocate that classical music is not really suited for background music but I won’t complain in this case.

    I could go on complaining like this but for every point against this game there’s about 10 in its favour and I’m just a bit sore that it didn’t quite live up to my own rose-tinted recollection of SNK (honestly, I love that game so much); it’s a fantastic game that’s certainly in my top 10.

    I should add that I played with the english translation patch, I can’t play VNs otherwise, which was top quality (although there were a couple of times where the translators used a few in-jokes which might annoy some people). I noticed a special mention to Amaterasu in the credits so thank you for your part in making this game accessible to those of us who don’t speak Japanese.

  3. Pretty much agree with your comments on quality: those are all issues but nowhere near as bad as you made them sound, as you yourself explicitly mentioned, still inferior to Sharin by some margin, etc.

    As for giving us credit, there were a lot of people who worked on GSM but since the original version of the project completely collapsed and their work had to be checked from scratch by someone else. In terms of the final version you actually read, it’s probably mostly thanks to TNA (Sharin translator) that it’s as good as it is. /useful oversimplification

  4. One of my top 3 best visual novel. Very long +- 40h, suspens in all chapter(each time you want to stop, finally you continue because you want to know), good piano and violon music i really liked and not many sex scene for a 40h visual novel. Im agree with the rewiew the best road was haru, other road a more bonus road.

    A very good novel need to be read!

  5. This is one of the first visual novels I’ve ever read and it’s what got me into them. I must say that the remixed classical music is very well done. After playing the game I listened to the originals which were also good.

    As for character routes, I liked Haru from the start and did everything to get on her route. Back in those days I went through visual novels blind(meaning without a walkthrough) and I got to her end. It left me in awe that day at the ending while the epilogue was also good.

  6. This VN was good, but not amazing.

    My main problem with g-senjou is how the side routes are handled. A visual novel is supposed to slowly reveal itself through multiple routes and playthroughs, yet in this VN the side routes had zero relevance (or even plot continuity) to the main story.

    They are all very generic, and maou inexplicably ceases to exist as soon as you enter one of the side routes. The VN is literally better if you ignore the side routes entirely.

    Aside from the poor structure of the side routes, I found the plot to require an enormous suspension of disbelief as it tried to present a serious story yet brought with it all the cliches of the medium.

    Also I laughed at the guy who said it took him 40 hours. vndb lists it as 10-30 and they are slow readers.

  7. I wont complain with side routes, the Haru’s route simply amazing. I meant amazingly good, that “epilogue” really caught me off… Good heroine characters, cunning villain, not so innocent protagonist and top notch music.

    However, “the 8 years long purgatory” relates very well with the shady background of Kyosuke. This VN deserves an anime.

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