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Rui wa Tomo wo Yobu Review

Easily one of the funniest things I've ever read.

At its best, the writing style and characters of RuiTomo are side-splittingly funny. All of the humor feels fresh, much of it could even be called elaborate, and it never once feels forced because the characters play off of each other just so well. Expect Cross Channel-tier vocab spam, run-on sentences, unpredictable callbacks and broad cultural references, yet with significantly more variety and less perversion.

At its worst, the actual plot is marred to the point of mediocrity with failed spot checks, long discussions which state nothing but the obvious, irritatingly predictable "twists" and in some routes rather hollow conclusions. Considering the fact that the actual curses and powers (ie the premise of the story) are genuinely clever, it's a crying shame that more effort wasn't put into fleshing things out. Thankfully, there are a handful of genuine surprises in every route, no breaks in character (at least not for the route heroine), no blatant plot holes, and a handful of the endgame revelations are actually quite impressive. Overall I'd say it averages to "not bad".

This makes actually rating the game rather challenging. While the comedy is undeniably awesome, it sometimes has to take a back seat to a lackluster story. However, most of the time the two aspects of the game are simply competing for attention. It's quite uncommon to go several minutes without a good joke of some kind (and many of the times it does happen are when the plot is actually being interesting). So, this is the end result:

Score: 8/10

Polarization: Mild (+1/-2)

As should be obvious from what I've said before, your personal opinion will depend largely on how much you value plot vs comedy.

Routes/Endings Played: All

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  1. Regarding translation difficulty:

    The humor in RuiTomo would be insanely hard to adapt without loss, but having tried to do so for a number of the hardest lines while playing, I can very confidently say that none of it is impossible (and no, I wouldn’t use any translation notes, when I say “adapt” I mean it).

    This is due in part to the near lack of actual kanji puns (which is what I was told made lossless adaptation impossible, go figure) other than ofc the game’s title. The real challenges come in the form of the aforementioned vocab spam and run-on sentences (did this in CC already, should be no sweat) and a couple types of stylish kanji repetition. Imo, the latter were pretty much equivalent to couplets and alliteration in English, and thus could be adapted as such if my editors and I had sufficient fun with our thesauri.

  2. I didn’t have all that much interest in this game but…”Easily one of the funniest things I’ve ever read” has gotten to me.

    Added to the list, I’m gonna have to try this at some point.

  3. Nice review. That’s how I expected Ruitomo to be all along – funny, but with a mediocre plot. That doesn’t mean I would never play it; it’s just not not on my “must play” list.

    So what do you plan on reviewing next? (unless you just go ahead and translate MLA :P)

  4. Finally got around to making some decisions on what I’d play from now on, so the the VN list accurately reflects this for the first time in weeks. Like it says, I’m playing 11eyes now, then Kiminozo, then either Extravaganza or Forest.

  5. Great. I can’t wait to see the KimiNozo review. -prays that you like it enough to translate it alongside MLA…-

  6. Since quite a few people have asked: no, I will probably not wait until finishing 11eyes and/or KGNE before declaring and actually starting the next project. What you’re all really waiting for is me to finish up the first few pieces of my comp sci homework, since with that out of the way school ought to be a breeze again. Well, that and the rest of the Inganock webnovels.

  7. Hm, now it even sounds more interesting. Thanks for the review and I hope it will be translated some day. (Or better… adapted?)

    Really good comedy is actually quite rare and if you want something constantly great, you have to try quite hard to find something.
    E.g. Kira Kira has the infamous “fuck”-part of the story which is REALLY funny. However it sure isn’t that great the whole time, especially after reaching the second chapter…

  8. There’s a pretty decent chance I will do RuiTomo someday, partly because I’m prolly one of the very few if not the only fan tler who’s able and willing to adapt it well. I also said at least a few times on IRC that I’d prolly tl it “just to prove I could.”


    Weird, I was expecting someone to reply angrily angrily to this saying makoto or Phar or whoever would be totally capable of doing it (forgetting the “willing” part ofc).

  9. GRR, IXREC!!!! Makoto and/or Phar and/or Whoever can translate RuiTomo, so it makes no sense for you to do such a thing!! D:< Translate Reika instead!!

  10. NOOOOO!!!
    Ixrec must translate MLA!!! Makoto and/or Phar and/or whoever else can do Reika and Ruitomo!!!

  11. Forgot to mention that Makoto and/or Phar and/or Ixrec are the ONLY people who would be capable of translating Reika. In the world.

  12. Considering I never review other translators’ work (I’d have to be quite the prick to go to that kind of trouble) I’m now strangely worried someone’s taking me seriously when I threw out those names.

  13. Nah. It’s just easier to use those names than to think of the names of other fan-tl’ers with a similar level of skill.

  14. Well I’d rather see this translated by amaterasu than those other games so it really comes down to preferences. :) (I’m really a sucker for good comedy)

  15. For the record, there’s no yaoi-inducing moments in the game despite the main character being a trap, right? RIGHT?

  16. Pretty much every other character in the game is female, so no, it never comes remotely close to yaoi.

  17. I have no idea who you mean by “maid,” but yes RuiTomo has a trap protag, though you could’ve just checked vndb tags to find that out.

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