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Project #3 Announcement

To the surprise of absolutely no one, we're doing MuvLuv and MuvLuv Alternative.

To clarify: this does mean the entire text of MuvLuv (all routes of Extra and all endings of Unlimited) as well as the entirety of MuvLuv Alternative will be translated into English.

I will be starting on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010. For now, I will aim for a speed of at least 20 kb per day. Depending on how easy/hard this project and my college classes are, it may very well be increased later.

Edits: We're doing 18+ versions of everything. Fandiscs will not happen.

There appears to be a deluge of misinformation going around regarding the nature of this project. Please correct people or link them to posts like this whenever you can.

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  1. Cool story Ixrec
    How large is the entire text?

  2. See you in 2014.

  3. I’d been wary of getting too hopeful, but it looks like I didn’t have to this time. This is the best news I’ve heard in a while.

  4. @first anon: Rough estimates imply a completion date of late 2011.

  5. Awesome news.
    By the way, will you be doing a side project?


  7. Yes, Yes, YES!!!!
    We all love you Ixrec. :D

  8. @Anon again: I will most likely be doing a side project, though I’m nowhere near making a decision on that.

  9. Thank you and godspeed!

  10. Rui Wa Tomo ;_;

  11. If I met you IRL I’d suck your dick.

  12. You, sir, are a true gentleman.

  13. Ruitomo… ;_;

    2011… hum so you will also take a side project ? (Narcissu ? Ruitomo 0_° ?)

  14. The Narcissu project was recently confirmed as not dead, just so painfully slow it was indistinguishable from dead for years. RuiTomo is probably too long to be seriously considered as a side project. It’d kinda miss the point of a side project if it weren’t a rather short game.

  15. Nice choice Ixrec, I give you my best regards and good luck!

  16. Best of luck guys!

  17. Then why not start a (troll bait) poll to vote for a short sie project. I’m sure you could find some interesting VN (like the other VN by the one who did True remembrance)

  18. You are awesome guys thanks!

  19. “(like the other VN by the one who did True remembrance)” – which has about 300-350KB of text with all script commands stripped out, I believe.

  20. Agilis TL for narcissu 2 has got to be a troll…the dude never even updated the page, and while he says he’ll be starting again (conveniently around the time it was brought up here) after being AWOL for over a year, he still has yet to even announce any solid plans on it.

    As for MuvLuv, congratulations on finally deciding the next project, and I’m sure many are grateful over the decision, as there seems to be quite a lot of MuvLuv fans.
    I myself have never looked into it, the screenshots I have seen are skeptical, so I’m still not sure whether I’ll pick it up. Either way though, I’m sure you guys will do a good job at it ^^

    Thank you for continuing to contribute in the small circle of VN fans~

  21. well Muv Luv is ok with me, i guess. still you have to pick a LOT of side projects if its scheduled to be released in 2011 XP

  22. Thats great to hear! All the best of luck with the translation! A new Alien vs Predator Game, translations for muv luv, this year is looking good.

  23. Do you think you guys can make it work for 64bit windows, seems like the windows doesn’t like the one used for extra/alternative.

  24. “seems like windows doesn’t like the old rugp one used for extra/alternative.”

    Is what it was supposed to say.

  25. @bub
    The launcher was protected with something that isn’t very future compatible. If you install Muv-Luv using our installer then you won’t have a problem since it includes an unprotected launcher. I’ve tested with Windows 7 64bit and Windows XP 32bit and Ixrec has tested with Windows Vista 32bit. It seems to work in all 3 places.

  26. @Nagato

  27. Ixrec, son. I am disappoint.

  28. Btw, for ML:Extra, will you be translating the main charas path only? Considering the lenght of MLA, just doing the main ones may be more practical in terms of release times.

  29. Great news to see a MuvLuv translation. As always, thanks for all the hard work.

    Now confirm that your next project will be KimiNozo!! ^_^

  30. This is awesome news. I bid you good luck and look forward to the translation.

  31. @Nagato:
    Can you please test your installer in Windows XP 64bit and tell us wether it works or not?
    Thanks in advance.

  32. gabgrave
    February 1st, 2010 – 20:35

    “Btw, for ML:Extra, will you be translating the main charas path only? Considering the lenght of MLA, just doing the main ones may be more practical in terms of release times.”

    From the announcement:
    “To clarify: this does mean the entire text of MuvLuv (all routes of Extra and all endings of Unlimited) as well as the entirety of MuvLuv Alternative will be translated into English.”

  33. Awesome. I’m looking forward to it.

    Though make sure you don’t work TOO hard (no one wants to see you work yourself to death).

  34. Just curious, but what’s your estimate for how long each Muv Luv game will take?

  35. Oh yeah, one more thing, any chance you could consider doing Extravaganza’s prequel, Mushitsukai, as a side project? Considering you’ve expressed interest in translating Extravaganza and the game is short it might be a good idea

  36. I’m holding back on any remotely precise estimates until I’ve been tling for a while and have some feel for how fast I can and want to tl given my current college workload and the difficulty (or lack thereof) of the scripts. By “a while” I prolly mean 2 weeks.

  37. @Anon
    I don’t have a copy of XP 64bit but I’m pretty confident it would work. There’s going to be more testing so most problems should be picked up before the first patch is ready.

  38. This will be quite the project. Good luck, have fun, and enjoy it. It’ll be quite a ride.

  39. @DarkFusion: At some point, I will actually read Extravaganza. If it gets an 8, odds are I’ll read Mushitsukai too, and you’ll have your answer then.
    Of course, this means it’s probably out of the running for the side project this time around, but maybe someday.

  40. Thank you and good luck translating!

  41. 2011!? D: Well, at least the fanboys will stop begging for their Muv-Luv. Plus, I’ll most likely get around to playing it eventually. Good luck on the project!

  42. Finally… The Real Deal.

    Thanks for all your work. I really loved Sekien no Inganock.

  43. gjoob although I don’t really like games from age

  44. eh, MuvLuv, not interested. Sorry guys.

  45. ^^^
    Yes, because your opinion obviously makes a difference.

  46. Alright a decision has been made, good choice for the project looking forward to it

  47. Any plans on translating Muv Luv Altered Fable?

    Assuming there’s anything in it worth translating (with fan discs it’s hard to tell)

  48. DarkFusion: Yes, Its the continuation of the real world story that MLA ends with. The ending a bit open for an epiloge, not like ML supplement though. Its good to hear Sumika in hyper mode after MLA too…

  49. “Anon: Yes, because your opinion obviously makes a difference.”

    Let the guy have his opinion.

  50. So I assume that since you are translating all the MuvLuv games, once you finish translating MuvLuv (the very first one) you’ll release that, and then continue on to the next one, and so on until you are done.

  51. @2 IMS: Yes, Ixrec has already announced that.

  52. My universe has just exploded with glee! Or something. I’m an engineer, damnit, not a wordsmith!

  53. Awesome. Very glad you decided to go with this project, Cross Channel and Inganock were excellent and I’m excited to see this.

  54. And we are here to see Ixrec and Amaterasu making history with one of the longest translation project.

  55. All hail Ixrec! You really are not afraid of hardship.

  56. Oh god I’m so late but who cares, HELL YES

  57. I’m glad to see Amaterasu has decided on another project, especially as I’m a huge fan of your Cross Channel and Sekien no Inganock translations. So far you’ve shown excellent taste in projects, so I’ll hope the trend continues into the future.

  58. You might be disappointed by Extra and Unlimited then, but thank you for the praise and do look forward to a very similar level of awesome in Alternative.

    I’ve wanted to read this ever since hearing JAM’s insert song for it.

  60. oh boy~ this is going to be worth waiting every second. good luck with the project.

  61. You sir. Are a man among boys.

  62. Expecting good news from you guys ^^, You guys did great job on Inganock!

  63. Very quick question, which Versions of the games are you translating, as I hate having to get the wrong thing and reget something slightly different.

  64. The DVD-ROM versions.
    In Japanese that should make the exact product names “マブラヴ DVD-ROM版” and “マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ DVD-ROM版”

    Our hacker, Nagato, once used this specific getchu link to answer this question regarding MLA:

  65. Will your patch be compatible with the all-ages version as well?

  66. No, there is only one version specified in the readme that it will work on. Feel free to try it on others but don’t expect much.

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