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11eyes ~Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl~ Review

Shounen epic cliche storm. You already know if you want to read this or not.

This game spams more tropes than I could ever link you to. So I won't keep trying. However, most of them are decently well executed, so this game actually rides a fine line between cliche storm and troperiffic, and how much you enjoy it will largely depend on how jaded you are and how much you like this particular genre. In fact, the game almost seems to be a direct rip-off of FSN at times, so how much you liked that is the only indicator you need.

Every character is, at first glance, a cookie-cutter persona you've seen a million times, but it isn't long before each one proves themselves well-rounded and believable. The writing style is also extremely generic, but the author is clever enough and has a large enough vocabulary that this is not a problem at all. Almost before finishing the prologue you can tell how most of the plot will unfold, but a large number of the details or smaller twists remain genuine surprises. Same for the fight scenes: it's usually obvious who'll win, but the fight itself is thoroughly enjoyable, partly because of the surprisingly good soundtrack and skilled handling of cgs and visual effects. Even the slice-of-life filler scenes are consistently amusing.

The bottom line is this: 11eyes does everything very well, but it does absolutely nothing extraordinary.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: Low (+/-1)

As with any trope-heavy work, there isn't a wide swath of plausible opinions. It's simply a question of whether being trope-heavy is a plus or a minus for you.

Routes/Endings Played: All

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  1. Hm, sounds like something I would consider playing but not worthy of the KnD Seal of Awesomeness.

    So I guess this means that you will start playing KimiNozo soon so that you can give it 100/10? :D

  2. I already started KimiNozo, yes. Do not expect me to finish it anytime soon.

  3. Are you gonna review I/O?

  4. I’ll probably play it someday, but expect to wait years if not longer for that to happen.

  5. 11eyes was rather cliched – personally, felt like a weird mix of FSN and Persona for me. I did like the cross eye system or whatever they called it though, somewhat unique aspect in an eroge.

  6. Well, not that I played 11 Eyes, however that cross eye System was sort of present in Trample on Schatten, and it was pretty bad there to be quite honest.
    You swap povs occasionally and encounter random tentacle rape absolutely unrelated to the main story. It didn’t make much sense.

  7. It’s way better than that in 11eyes. The flashback scenes actually add a lot of detail, including an entire romantic subplot, a battle or two you didn’t get to watch in person, alternative perspectives of battles you did see, and so on. Some of them went into annoying shonen repetition, but most of it was quite nice.

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