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Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo Review

Much of Sharin focuses on three girls with deep emotional baggage and how the protagonist helps them overcome it. These central characters are all absolutely wonderful. Though they fit certain well-known moe tropes, it's soon clear these are merely their outermost personalities. As you go through the process of helping them, they consistently feel like extremely real people, as they deny their problems or resist help until the very last minute, nearly taking you down with them (and if you make a wrong choice, they actually might).

The setting and backstory are perfect for this, as they give all the characters some shared baggage on top of their individual problems, as well as plausible means for the protagonist to be able to help all three of these girls within a relatively short timespan, and of course something to rattle your brain about in between major events. Then in the end, all of that backstory is revealed in full to create a new, much larger conflict that all the major characters band together on to produce a truly epic and largely unexpected conclusion.

It's hard to say why I can't consider this game perfect. This is probably one of those cases where a lot of little semi-subjective errors eventually add up to an objective imperfection. Things like a handful of scenes taking longer than maybe they should, a couple of developments being a bit on the predictable side, and some of the minor characters' mysteries getting more or less forgotten about during the ending and never explained.

Score: 9.5/10

Polarization: Low (+/-1)

At first glance, one could conceivably mistake this for "boy returns to hometown to make a harem with the osananajimis that all conveniently forgot about him", but that misunderstanding should quickly dissipate, and other than that there's really nothing I can think of which would turn anyone off.

Routes/Endings Played: Harem End

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  1. Actually, for myself, the ending of this game wasn’t all that epic really. Disregarding the insert song scene (one of the game’s hilights for me), chapter 5 would probably have been one of my least favorite chapters of the game.

    Generally speaking though, I agree that this was a very good game, probably among my top 5 for at least as long as I’ve finished Swan Song and Baldr Sky Dive2. I probably enjoyed Sharin more than the other popular AB2 game, even though Sharin’s production values aren’t quite up there.

  2. Shows how varied opinions can be. I think 5 was the best chapter by far, and there are people that think it’s the worst. I thought 3 was the worst by far and there are people that think it’s the best.

  3. tbh I can understand disliking 3 or 5. The “handful of scenes [which were] longer than maybe they should [have been]” and the “couple of developments being a bit on the predictable side” my review refers to were both in both of those chapters.

  4. The fandisk for this game is also good. If anyone who read this vn and like it, it would be worth your time checking it out. The only thing you’d want to read is Masaomi’s route(the antagonist). The other routes are just hentai.

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