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Project #3 Progress Announcement

Partial patch for the main routes of MuvLuv Extra has been released. as always

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  1. Hm, looks like I have a new eroge to play… ^_^

  2. Thanks for your hard work!!!

  3. Thanks for the amazing translations you put out Ixrec.

    I’ll be sure to read everything you release but I have to say I’m most eagerly anticipating Saihate no Ima in a few years time. ^^

  4. You’re awesome.
    Thanks a lot!

  5. Thanks for all the time and energy you put into entertaining a poor mono-glot like myself. You might need to announce the change in homepage image, that’s the real news :P.

  6. ARIGATOU for the hardwork translated it.
    This game always my favorit, thx. ;)

  7. The homepage image was in fact changed. You will notice her antenna is now a lightning bolt rather than a heart.

  8. This is excellent news! That’s quite a speed you’ve got there. Just remember to prioritize your health. After all, if you die from overwork we’ll never get to MLA.

  9. lol I always take a break or slow down if there’s ever a health issue. Don’t worry about me.

  10. Not sure if this has been answered somewhere, but do you plan on translating all of the EX routes before starting Unlimited/Alter? (if you haven’t already) Or will the rest of the paths be translated afterwards?

  11. Read the Project #3 Announcement.

  12. What I was asking was whether you plan on translating all of Extra BEFORE Unlimited/Alternative. I already knew it was all getting translated.

  13. Oooh, then yes. Ayamine’s route is already done in fact. I started Sakaki’s yesterday. Both remaining routes should take me between 1 and 1.5 weeks depending on how much my indifference (and oddly inconsistent schoolwork) makes me slow down on them.

  14. Thanks a lot!!

  15. You should stop this project and leave it to Moononymous. He has been working on this for a long time before you even offered it on the polls. And progress wise he has posted multiple times that he is around 60-70% of the way through all three games.

  16. Sorry, but we don’t believe him. He hasn’t posted actual proof of any of this alleged work for years (no, screenshots do not prove anything), and until he does we will continue to ignore him.

  17. Does this patch include the Marimo route?

  18. The Marimo route happens to be part of one of the common route scripts, so yes, it’s in there.

  19. Thank you, you are awesome as always!

  20. Wow Ixrec, you really came through! Out of the 10 or so translators that wanted to pick this up over the last 8 years, you’re the only one who actually posted it up. Good Job! Good Going!

    btw, just wondering, but where do you live?

  21. thanks…
    I can’t wait to see other routes translated.
    I really want to play Ayamine’s route =D

  22. Thanks for all the assorted praise.

    gabgrave: California. At the moment, UC Davis.

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