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Shuffle! Review

This is probably one of the classic moefests, and still my favorite.

Unsurprisingly, there is a "plot", but only in the sense that I have to put quotes around it; the same way Touhou games have a "plot". If you actually care about good storytelling, you're playing the wrong game.

The characters are all flawless waifus. None of them are just moe archetypes but actual personalities based off the archetypes. Of course, these are glorified and exaggerated far beyond anything conceivable in reality, but that's what you're here for. Each of their routes also provides a significant conflict or failing point, but only just long enough to give the illusion of character depth and not long enough to actually get in the way of the moe or provide annoying real depth. And of course, the art and voices are perfect for these purposes (unless you've seen way too much Nishimata and it all looks the same to you).

There's really nothing more to say here.

Score:  7/10

Polarization: Mild (+/-2)

If you're jaded (or in your own words, "have good taste"), this is a 5/10. If you're a moefag like me, this is a 9/10. That's probably all you really needed to know.

Routes/Endings Played: All

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  1. I agree with you, good storytelling is almost non-existent and I don’t find a strong hook to the game. However, I somewhat liked one route which was, to me at least, funny.

  2. “Score: 7/10

    Polarization: Mild (+/-2)

    If you’re jaded (or in your own words, “have good taste”), this is a 5/10. If you’re a moefag like me, this is a 9/10. That’s probably all you really needed to know.”

    So is it a 9/10 for you or 7/10 x.X

  3. At the time I played it, I fully intended to enjoy it for the moe and nothing else, so yeah it was closer to a 9 for me. But now that I expect a lot more out of visual novels (and did when I wrote those first several reviews), its objective score has to be bumped down to 7.

  4. Okay setting aside plot
    And leaving just the slice of life and the characters what would you give it?

  5. That doesn’t really change anything. The characters are great as moe but flat otherwise.

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